Recap: ‘Walker: Independence’ Season 1, Episode 12 “How We Got Here”

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Tonight’s episode of Walker: Independence showcases the backstory for so many of Independence’s residents, and we get an answer to what happened in that barn after episode 11. Let’s dive in!

Gus and Calian

The episode starts with Gus writing a letter to his wife, Aubrey, as he prepares to die. There’s an arrow in his knee. Calian comes around the corner holding his bow, and we see the two meet.

Calian takes him back to his tribe and says they won’t kill him; Calian said he spoke to the elders about him staying, but it will take time. Later, Calian arrives with a letter and says he has news for Gus from Louisiana; his wife Aubrey was killed.

Gus arrives in Independence to visit the Sheriff to turn himself in for desertion. The Sheriff offers him a job as the deputy and says it was Calian’s idea.

Kate Arrives in Independence

Kate arrives in Independence off of a stagecoach, with a letter to investigate the town from Allan Pinkerton. She knocks door to door to try to find employment when she runs into Kai.

Kate goes into Hagans next, where she sees Nathaniel Hagan yelling at the dancers. She gives him advice on how to talk to them.

As she does, she gets a flashback to a woman who comes up to her, when mayhem breaks out and the woman was shot. Kate is shown crying over her body.

She tells Nathaniel she needs to be careful with people, and she talks about the show. She tells Hagan she’ll help run the show for a dollar a day and free room and board.

Later, Kate comes across Gus as he’s hanging up posters, and we see how the two meet.

Hoyt’s Backstory

On the wanted posters that Gus is hanging up is Hoyt. A flashback happens where we see Hoyt as a young boy with his mom, Stella. Stella was much like Hoyt; loved playing the game and stealing. They enter the Side Step where she steals, and as they’re leaving, they’re stopped and Stella is taken away.

It flashes back to when Hoyt is an adult, and he pulls up to a railroad. As he’s there, a man appears (Jared Padalecki) and asks if he needs a partner (robbing the train). Hoyt says he works alone and they draw their guns, and Hoyt shoots the man, who falls off his horse. As Hoyt goes over to him, he sees a badge on the man, and he coughs, signaling he’s not fully dead. Hoyt drags him off, and later we see Hoyt has his coat on. Hoyt goes into town and Lucia sees him. He tells Lucia there are some good memories, and some not so good there.

Hoyt runs into Kai, who he asks to make him some priestly garbs. They have tea together and talk.

Abby and Tom

Tom and Shane are playing dice when their Aunt Theresa arrives. She tells them how Liam got married and how she wants to get rid of Liam. She tells Tom that he could replace Liam and he could take care of Independence.

In Boston, Abby is getting ready to leave for Independence with Liam; we see Tom in the background, and he sees Abby, meaning he knew it was her the whole time.

Tom is seen watching her throughout different periods, and Shane joins him. Shane calls him out for falling in love with Abby, and he sets off to kill her and Liam. Tom goes after them, and you hear multiple gunshots.

The Barn

Gus enters the barn and sees Shane torturing Tom. He draws his gun, and Tom tells him to shoot Shane. Shane says Tom is the killer, and they fight for a gun. Shane shoots Gus, and Goes goes down. Shane also goes down. Tom goes to help Gus up, but Gus stops and handcuffs Tom, saying that no one is above the badge. Shane gets back up and hits Gus over the head and helps Tom. Shane says he had to kill him.

The finale of Walker: Independence will air on Thursday, March 2 on The CW.

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