‘The Winchesters’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 11 “You’ve Got a Friend”

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Let’s get straight into it. We start off the episode with our regularly scheduled Dean quote:

“Being a hunter means always being on the move. No matter how hard you plan, no matter how hard you work, at a certain point, we all run out of road. It’s what we do at those crossroads that defines us.”

Dean (Voiceover)

John’s Covered in Blood

Carlos, Lata, and Mary clean up the clubhouse in the aftermath of the last episode. They commiserate over everything they lost, but hey. They have the Akrida research.

They hear a noise. It’s John, who shows up covered in Kyle’s blood.

Developing A Plan

John explains to Mary, Carlos, and Lata what happened on his end of the last episode. Millie gave him a junk car and told him to lay low, so he went there. Carlos says all the cops in the area are looking for him.

After some brainstorming, Lata remembers a bracelet that belonged to Maggie. It can tell when someone’s harboring a deep secret (like being possessed by an Akrida, for instance). Carlos and Lata go look for it.

John blames himself for what happened to Kyle, so Mary talks to him. She says the Akrida played their hand. Now, the two of them know how far the Akrida are willing to go to get rid of John. He’s a threat, and he’s doing something right.

Finding the Bracelet

Carlos and Lata look in Maggie’s room for the bracelet. They talk about how now, the Akrida aren’t going after John themselves. They’re using the law to do their dirty work.

They find a picture of Lata and Maggie, and that reminds Lata that Maggie used to have a secret stash of toastettes. They find that and, with it, the bracelet.

Lata explains that the bracelet was made by Erebus, the god of secrets, darkness, and shadows. You put the bracelet on, and presto. Monster vision. Lata picks it up, and it goes on her wrist automatically. But she can’t get it off.

A shadow follows them as they try to leave, and it blows out the lights in the house and locks them in. They’re stuck.

Betty Takes John to the Slammer

Betty finds Mary and John as they’re trying to skip town. She’s been following John for weeks, ever since Kyle reached out.

John goes with Betty, clad in handcuffs. Millie and Mary try to find a way to prove John’s innocence. Millie asks if Betty could’ve been possessed by an Akrida, and Mary says no. She saw the hurt in Betty’s eyes. It was hard for her to arrest John.

Millie suggests they give Betty the monster talk and make her their cop on the inside.

A Detective Sucks

At the station, Betty brings John some water. Detective Klett comes in and is instantly unprofessional.

It’s gotta sting, being busted by your ex. Sorry, I mean she must’ve known this was coming, right?

Detective Klett

Klett lists off John’s record, and it isn’t pretty. John says he didn’t kill Kyle, even when Klett brings up Kyle’s journal entries that the Akrida wrote. Finally, Detective Klett says he knows John didn’t kill Kyle. Because he did. It’s the Akrida who was possessing Kyle in a new host.

“Detective Klett” slides a picture of Dean over to John. He says, “I wanna know who this is and why he’s helping you.” John has no idea who it is, but he spent his time as a prisoner of war learning how to take the heat. He won’t talk.

The Dark, Cold Room

Latika and Carlos are hostage in the house, unsure if the bracelet held the monster or if the bracelet found the monster. But Maggie didn’t hide the bracelet because it holds people hostage. Whoever wears it has to be pure of heart. In order to free them and get the bracelet off, they have to reveal their “dark secret,” or the shadows will swallow them whole.

While pushing Lata out of the way of the shadow, Carlos gets taken to a dark, cold room with a window, a bed, and a lantern. Carlos tries to light the lantern and fails. Lata yells for him in the house, and Maggie appears behind her.

Betty Falls Through, Mary Takes Charge

Skip Bolen/The CW

Millie takes Betty to the clubhouse. She sees Mary there and is instantly miffed. Mary starts giving Betty the monster talk, but she doesn’t believe it. Millie tells Betty her own stories (see: the seance and the vampires at the bank heist), and Betty’s a little more receptive.

Millie and Mary go into the specific situation at hand (i.e., John didn’t kill Kyle. An Akrida possessed Kyle, and he killed himself).

Betty is angry that they want her to play make-believe. She doesn’t have time for this. John’s being moved to state prison tonight because someone high up (the Akrida, definitely) thinks he’s a flight risk.

Betty won’t listen to Mary and Millie. She won’t check to see if Kyle has holes in the back of his neck. Mary’s furious. They tried Millie’s way. They’re going to try her way now.

Mary’s going to storm the precinct. Mary and Millie debate on if this is a good idea. Mary’s going to stake out the precinct to find openings. Millie’s going to call Carlos and Lata. Bracelet or not, she’s breaking down those doors tonight.

Lata Gets Taken, Too

The shadow speaks to Lata through Maggie’s appearance. She says Lata knows exactly where Carlos is. Maggie shared everything with Lata, and it hurt her that she didn’t share everything back. This is her chance to right that wrong or Lata and Carlos won’t see the sun again.

Lata gets taken to the same room as Carlos, but it’s too cold. Carlos is losing lucidity. He starts to come to, but he’s out of it when Lata lights the lamp easily and brings him to the fire. Carlos tried everything, but there’s no way out. The room is only getting colder and darker.

Carlos asks how she got the lamp on, and Lata says it was muscle memory. This room was part of her old home.

“Detective Klett” Interrogates John

His name is Jeff Beck. It’s only one of his aliases. He also goes by Eric Bloom.


John lists off some fake information about the guy in the picture (Dean). “Detective Klett” quickly realizes John’s full of it, and he hits him.

John says their only job when they got captured in the war was to not tell the enemy anything. And yet, the Akrida were telling him everything.

They played their hand (John listened to Mary). Nothing on this earth can harm the Akrida, but “Detective Klett” is terrified of this guy. He’s a threat to them, so he’s not of this earth, and that’s why he’s scared.

The Akrida says John showed his hand, too. Now they know that he’s not useful to them. He knows nothing. Later, the prison van transport is going to crash with him inside and kill him.

Lata’s Dark Secret

Carlos tells Lata to spill her secret before they turn into popsicles. Lata doesn’t want to, but they don’t have time. Carlos tells her that, whatever it is, it’s going to be okay.

Lata tells her story. Her family had a housekeeper who practically raised her. Her name was Sania. Once, Lata snuck into the housekeeper’s quarters with some food that was made for her father’s guests. They ate it, and her father found them. He accused Sania of stealing food. He was going to hit her, so Lata hit him with the same lamp that she and Carlos were currently using to keep themselves warm.

Carlos tells Lata that she didn’t do anything wrong. Now, her darkest secret is out. But they’re still stuck, and there’s more to the story.

Lata’s dad brought her inside and told her mom. Her mom was disappointed in her. She left her family and never looked back. She left Sania, who her dad blamed for Lata leaving. So, he locked her in the dark, cold room without any heat, and she froze to death. And now they’re there, living through what he put her through.

Carlos hugs her, and the lamp glows bright until they’re back in the kitchen. The bracelet comes off.

They don’t have much time to celebrate before Millie comes in and asks if the bracelet works. Lata says, after everything they went through, it better. They head to the precinct.

They Get Away

John fights the Akrida-posessed officers the whole way out.

Before we say our goodbyes, I can tell you one more thing about the guy you’re looking for. Whoever he is, I hope he gives you hell.


Mary gets stopped by Betty, and Mary punches her (someone had to). They argue until Lata puts the bracelet on Betty. She sees green beams of light wherever there’s an Akrida and finally believes.

John gets taken into a police van, but Mary pretends to hold Betty hostage to cause a distraction. Mary, Carlos, Betty, Millie, and Lata get John out of the van and take out the Akrida. They all go except Betty. She’s going to stay as a cop on the inside. Carlos punches her, so it looks like they got knocked out, too.

Betty’s Redemption

Betty says the police bought the story. She gives Mary the bracelet back and says she’s sorry. John gives her the Akrida tattoo. He thanks her for everything, and Betty gives them advice on how to get out of town without being seen.

Lata’s Last Secret

Lata tells Carlos she doesn’t want the truth bracelet to be the only reason she shares things with him. She tells him the truth about her parents: they’re not dead.

As far as Carlos is concerned, her parents are dead to him, and he has nothing but love for her. However, Lata’s nervous. Will Mary and John will feel the same way? Carlos offers some wisdom:

If you need time to tell them your story? Take it. Because it’s your story to tell. But I can almost assure you, they won’t love you any less. Same as me.


Mary and John Leave

Mary and John leave town. John keeps seeing what happened to Kyle, and Mary reminds him it’s not his fault. The only way they’re going to make the Akrida pay for what they did to Kyle is by finding a certain someone.

She shows a picture of Dean, and they drive down a familiar road. It looks like the one from the pilot, but who knows?

The next episode of The Winchesters, “The Tears of a Clown,” will air Tuesday, February 28 on The CW. Check out the rest of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps, here.

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