Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 3, Episode 11 “Past is Prologue”


Walker returns from a two-week hiatus to an episode with tensions high with Bonham, Liam, and Stella, while Cassie and Cordell investigate Grey Flag and more. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode of Walker!

The Walker Rescue

August, Bonham, and Abeline are eating breakfast when August asks about the Walker Rescue. Bonham is upset, and Abeline asks August to give them a second to talk. Abeline calls Bonham out for avoiding Liam and Stella.

Stella shows Liam a mockup of the rescue logo, which features three yellow horseshoes. Bonham and Abeline come into the barn and Bonham sees the logo. He gets back that it isn’t the current brand, and walks out.

Abeline and Bonham talk later, and Abeline talks to Bonham about patching things up with Stella and Liam. She says she’s on his side and she gets it, but that maybe he needs to be a better example and make this a teaching moment.

Bonham walks into the barn to see Liam tending to a horse. He tells Liam that he was hurt that he wasn’t included. Liam says it was never his intention to hurt him, and he knew he overstepped and he wanted to do it for them. Bonham brings up the logo again, and Liam says the writing was based on his Granddad’s signature, and the horseshoes were Stella’s idea – three of them – to mark the past, present, and future of their evolving family and business.

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Kelly and Larry

Kelly arrives at Larry’s office, surprising him. She tells him she has something to tell him, and the two go get lunch.

At Larry’s house later, Kelly tells him that she got a new job where her home base will be there in Austin. She asks Larry what he wants to do, but he needs time to process it. They talk about trusting each other and how things are different now.

Later, as Kelly comes down the stairs, Larry gives her a key to the house. She laughs and says she already has a key, but he says it’s a symbol and that they’re at a good point, where they can put themselves first, and wants to live together, and for everything.

Trey’s Job Offer

Cassie sees Trey as he’s getting ready to go golfing. She’s worried about him, but he assures her he’s fine. Trey meets up with someone he met through the VA, Andrew, and he offers Trey a job. It’s for a consultant, security involving veterans’ causes. He gives Trey a file and says to give him a call if he can solve it.

Trey solves the file and calls the number on the card to speak to Andrew. Someone answers the phone and Trey tells the results, and Trey passes the test. The man tells him someone will be in touch shortly for the next hiring steps.

Cassie and Cordell

Cassie arrives at Ranger HQ to see Cordell, who she sees is hiding the Charlie and Bravo files from her. He tells her about finding Tommy, and not sure if his story is true. They decide to prove Tommy wrong.

Back at Walker’s, Cassie and Cordell go through the people from his Marine unit. They find some inconsistencies in the accident reports, such as Turner being spooked by a horn, but in a flashback, we found out he was deaf due to an accident. For Robert Ortiz, the report says a heart attack. Cassie and Cordell decide to go visit his widow, who before kicking them out, mentions a military contact before his death. Cordell tells Cassie about the guilt of being in the Marines and Cooper’s death and needs a minute to process it.

Cassie and Cordell talk about the reports again, and they decide to call Tommy. His phone number is not in service anymore, so they decide to go pay him a visit. When they arrive, they see blood on the ground outside of his house. They go in and see Tommy in a chair, with a serious wound and bleeding. They realize it just happened, and see a man run out of Tommy’s house. Cordell stays with Tommy and Cassie chases the man, which makes a car chase. As the two cars go at it, the man’s car flips over and Cassie goes to the flipped car to see the man on the ground, dead. She finds a file with Tommy’s information on it, as well as a symbol that ties it back to Grey Flag. Cordell arrives at the scene and tells Cassie that Tommy’s dead. They cover the man’s body and decide that now is the time to call in Larry, because Grey Flag is clearly targeting Cordell’s unit, and he’s the only one left.

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The Reveal

At the end of the episode, Larry ignores Cordell’s texts — and he’s in his car. Someone gets in, and we see it’s Trey. Trey says he wasn’t followed and he swapped cars. Trey asks if they pulled it off and if everyone bought Larry firing him. Trey said he thinks he has his in with the guy at the VA. Larry tells him to be careful.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8/7c.

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