‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Most Dramatic Season Yet

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The CW

The season 3 trailer for Superman & Lois has been released by The CW.

Set to premiere in less than a month, the trailer teases the most dramatic season yet. Clark upgrades his fortress to one that is available to the whole family, including Jonathan (played by Michael Bishop). Jordan and Sarah seem to still be on the outs, Lana finally makes a decision on her and Kyle’s marriage and Lois may be … pregnant?! Not only that, but she’s missing and everyone is working to find her. As the trailer ends, Lois is screaming for Clark as the Daily Planet crumbles to pieces.

Season 3 of Superman & Lois picks up a week after the defeat of Ally Allston. Clark and Lois are working at the Smallville Gazette together and enjoying small-town life. However, Lois’ work-life balance is put to the test when an undercover assignment reveals a deadly foe that promises to change the Kent family forever.

Meanwhile, the Kent boys get pulled in opposite directions as Jordan discovers what a superhero identity really means, and Jonathan searches for a purpose beyond the football field. John Henry is haunted by his doppelgänger’s past, leading to dangerous consequences for him and Natalie. Lana and Kyle redefine their family post-separation, while Sarah explores her and Jordan’s future now that she knows about his powers. General Lane has also reclaimed his post at the Department of Defense, only to face his own conflict in working with his grandson, Jordan.

Season 3 of Superman & Lois premieres Tuesday, March 14 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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