‘The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill’ Review: An Enchanting and Magical Historical Fantasy Novel


The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill is an enchanting historical fantasy weaving the magical world of Fae with the lives of two sisters as they navigate very different societal expectations. As Alaine runs the family farm and makes small fairy bargains to ensure good weather or prosperous crops, her younger sister Delphine begins her journey as a young socialite away from the farm. When things turn dark for Delphine, Alaine begins to push the boundaries of the bargains she’s been taught from her grandmother. Safe, small bargains grow as she tries to better Delphine’s situation. As the prices the sisters must pay to make their bargains increase, the story explores the extent one will go to for family, love, and the power of sisterhood.

On Prospect Hill, you can get nearly anything you want from the Fae — if you know how to ask and if you can pay the price.

Author Rowenna Miller deftly weaves the fantastical with the historical to create a read as magical and enticing as the Fae themselves. She raises the stakes slowly, expertly exploring how far women are willing to go when society pressures of the Gilded Age bare down on Alaine and Delphine, two sisters trying to make their own way in the world. While Alaine focuses on the family farm’s financial situation, newly wed Delphine is set on fitting into her new role in the upper echelons of society. Delphine quickly discovers that her husband isn’t the man she thought him, and the sisters must find a way to free her. The journey of each, though different, is seamlessly told as the narrative alternates from sister to sister. Miller’s imaginative world will draw readers in from the first pages.

Fans of historical fiction and fantasy won’t want to miss this one, with elements of both creating an utterly realistic world in which the Fae are just a step away. The exploration of family bonds and the lengths we’ll go to for our loved ones grounds this story in a way that quickly makes Alaine and Delphine completely relatable and perfect protagonists. While both flawed in their own ways, the love between these sisters is palpable and readers will quickly be rooting for them as the stakes grown even higher and more dangerous.

The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill will be available March 28 and is available for preorder now!

Brianna works full time in the publishing industry, passionately building books to bring to the masses. Her first fandom was Harry Potter, which she joined at age 11. Her love for books took her abroad to earn her Masters Degree at University College London, after which she lived in New York City, and now resides in Austin. She loves all things fandom including Supernatural, Doctor Who, and more. Ever the introvert, she can usually be found reading, playing with her dog, listening to music and practicing yoga. Brianna joined the Nerds and Beyond staff in 2018 where she unites her love for all things "nerd" with her passion for writing. Find her on Twitter here: @bookbag09

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