‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 “Cry Wolf”


Following last week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, the search continues for a missing Iris while Owen works with an unlikely ally to plant another bug at the Honor Dogs clubhouse. Check out everything that happened this week below!

Call of the Week

The team is in for quite the unique call when a man tells 9-1-1 that his girlfriend fell off a cliff at a nearby park. The team arrive to repel down and discover that the “girlfriend” was never alive to begin with. She’s a sex doll. Dispatch is able to reach the man’s therapist who informs them he has attachment issues. The man babbles about how he was planning to break up with her so the team decides to lean into the man’s delusions and hauls her up the cliff. Nancy and T.K. perform CPR vigorously in front of the man before “calling it” and letting him know she didn’t make it. He’s not nearly as torn up about it as one might think, but seems ready to move on. Somehow, the team doesn’t crack a smile the entire time.

Owen Goes Rogue

Kevin Estrada/FOX

O’Brien takes Owen for a ride to his niece and great nephew’s house where he tells Owen that his nephew was pulled into the Honor Dogs. His real mission in going to the clubs is trying to locate his nephew to pull him out so he can come home to his wife and son. Owen understands trying to look out for him and agrees to keep his contact with O’Brien from the FBI while also trying to get any information that he can. Owen meets again with the agent where he’s given a new bug, but when she leaves to retrieve it Owen spots a photo of O’Brien’s nephew on a nearby investigation board and steals it. She returns with the bug and he quickly leaves.

At the clubhouse, Owen and O’Brien work together as Owen has filled O’Brien in on everything the FBI believes the Honor Dogs are doing (including stealing explosives). O’Brien takes the bug to the office to plant when Owen is sent to distract another member with pool. After losing many, many games Owen remarks that he’s a better shot than a pool player anyway. The guy quickly challenges him, drunk as he is, and offers to take Owen to a secret range (one that he can get into drunk). Owen, O’Brien, and the club member arrive at ranch complete with shooting range and several barns they hope to search. After showing off as a crack shot, O’Brien remarks that the man should be passed out drunk by now. Naturally, the man immediately does pass out.

Owen and O’Brien now freely wonder the compound looking for anything that resembles the structure in the photo of O’Brien’s nephew. They find it and subsequently find the missing explosives. Owen is ready to leave and tell the FBI immediately. The FBI meet with him in the parking garage (again) where Owen is arrested for stealing government property (aka the picture). Back at their office, he promises he saw what they need. Agent Kacey informs him they did raid the compound and found nothing. Owen mentions that he and O’Brien both saw it and that’s when she informs him that O’Brien is not only a true Honor Dog but a founding member. Owen has been played.


Kevin Estrada/FOX

Carlos and T.K. both meet with an investigator who is in charge of the search for Iris. T.K. has to tell her that he visited with Iris the day before she went missing to discuss the divorce but doesn’t full explain their conversation and it causes a rift between the couple as Carlos stresses over Iris.

The next day, Grace gets a 9-1-1 call from Iris who has stolen the phone of her captor. Grace tries to get information from her but Iris says the man who took her is sleeping on a mattress in front of the only door in the room and the windows are boarded up. She does know she was in a car trunk for 11 minutes and Grace calls Carlos to let him know what’s happening. Together she works out the likely neighborhood where Grace is being keep. S.W.A.T. and P.D. are on the scene as the sweep the abandoned houses in the neighborhood. They hear screaming and finally find Iris knocked out with a huge gash on her head. Oddly, no one is in the room with her.

At the hospital she recounts what she remembers to Carlos and the investigator, yet in the hall the investigator tells Carlos she believes this was a schizophrenic episode. There were drones deployed in the area and no one was seen leaving the house before or after they found Iris. Carlos comforts Iris as she realizes this could have been all in her mind and the investigator doesn’t believe her. He reassures her that he does.

Later that night, Carlos calls T.K. to let him know he’s going to stay with Iris at the hospital overnight. In reality, he’s returned to the abandoned house determined the investigate further. Inside, he notices a hidden panel in the closet and uses his knife to open it. Inside he find a tunnel that he follows (without backup!) to a neighboring house. He begins to search it but is knocked out by a shovel to the head.

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