‘The Winchesters’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “Cast Your Fate to the Wind”


Directed by Kristin Windell and written by Rachel Lynett, this week’s episode of The Winchesters follows Carlos, who brings the gang together to help him discover why a group of Vampires has landed in Lawrence. After weeks of sorting through the Men of Letters clubhouse, Latika finally gets her hands on vital information. John sees a scary glimpse into the future and enlists help from Millie, and Mary finds herself struggling with the balance between feelings and action when it comes to John.

Highway to Hell

This week’s episode begins with an armored transport vehicle cruising down an ominous-looking highway in the middle of the night. The two men in the front seat engage in conversation, and it seems to be a typical night delivery for them, but it turns out to be anything but. Heading straight for them is a station wagon, and before the armored truck can hit its brakes, both vehicles end up in a deadly crash. The truck drivers make it out of the wreckage alive, and the man driving quickly checks on the passengers in the other vehicle. They didn’t make it. So it seemed, weirdly enough, he realized the other driver was already cold. The man yells for an ambulance and suddenly becomes violently attacked. The passengers in the station wagon were vampires and were following the semi. Whatever the truck was delivering, they wanted. Quickly the other two vampires begin searching the back of the truck when one of them finds a strange-looking box. We quickly learn they are looking for an amulet, which is missing from the box, but they do find directions on where to find it.

Girl Interrupted

The scene jumps to Mary and John leaving a quaint little coffee shop with the picture of Dean in hand. John notes how cool the car is, wishing he had followed him when he handed him the letter, while Mary makes a cheeky comment about how good-looking the mysterious man is. The two lovebirds share a kiss when they get interrupted by Mary’s reporter friend Kyle who is noticeably surprised to see her with another man, creating some awkward tension between them. Kyle leaves, and Mary and John continue on their walk, discussing the dynamics of their relationship, and are interrupted yet again. This time it’s Carlos on a walkie-talkie with a lead on vampires.

Carlos and Latika are at the crime scene, pretending to be insurance representatives from the bank. Carlos sits down with the surviving armored vehicle driver, who witnessed everything that happened, and Latika goes and investigates the truck. Carlos and the driver begin to speak in Spanish to keep their conversation private, and Carlos reassures the driver that he believes him. Mary soon arrives at the scene, and Latika explains the situation to her. She also explains that the bite marks didn’t match the ones on Maggie, now revealing how she died. Latika also discovered that the Men of Letters and the amulet are connected. The armored truck was carrying items from a recently closed bank, and the lock box the vampires searched had the Men of Letters symbol on top with the initials RJM on the bottom.

After leaving the scene, the gang finds themselves under the Men of Letters morgue. Latika had spent weeks doing an inventory of what they had and discovered a locker room where they would keep their most important artifacts and the kicker. Each locker had initials for each member, and Latika found one with the same initials from the lockbox. They learned it belonged to Rafael Rude Markham and contained the missing amulet. John touches it and sees a glimpse of a vampire killing him.

The Ursitoare

While continuing their search for information at the clubhouse, Latika discovers that the amulet is the gem of The Ursitoare. The Ursitoare are the Romanian Gods of fate. Legend tells of a gemstone blessed by the Ursitoare with the ability to show the future and set in an amulet. The gem had been missing for centuries until the Men of Letters recovered it at some point. Carlos and Latika get to work to seek out an expert who can tell them more about the rare and ancient gem. Mary seeks out John scared for his safety, worried that the vampire he saw in his vision is the same vampire that attacked the armored truck. John does his best to keep Mary’s fear at bay but lets his guard down after she leaves, the same worry weighing heavy on his mind.

At the garage, Betty visits Millie and expresses her concerns about John. Betty had been the on-duty cop at the scene of the accident and recognized Mary. When she asks Millie about John’s friends, Millie gives her a cover-up story, telling John’s former girlfriend that they were from the community college. Betty doesn’t let it go and asks about Mary, even bringing up her RAP sheet. It’s clear that Betty still has strong feelings for John and has good intentions with her worries.

They find lore expert Diana who explains that the visions it shows are real and must come to pass. Latika asks why vampires would be after it, and Diana suggests they are a group of vampires called the ll Soarta who worshipped The Ursitoare. The lore suggests that The Uristoare told the ll Soarta if they sacrificed enough blood for them, they would reward the clan with a stone carved from their rib. Promising longevity, it told them who to turn, who should die next, and who should replace them. Diana also explains that the amulet doesn’t always show you the future but the next fated moment in your destiny.

Things start to become strange when Diana begins to panic and asks the gang to stay when they start to leave. Mary’s hunter instincts kick in, and the vampires who had been looking for the amulet appear from the back of the shop. The vampires had threatened experts like Diana for years. And when she found out about the existence of The Uristoare stone, she had no choice but to tell the clan. However, that didn’t stop them from killing her anyways. As a battle breaks out, the vampire leader takes the amulet and sees the same vision John had earlier.

Mother Knows Best

At the clubhouse, Mary calls on John’s mom Millie, to stay with John while the rest of the gang search and hunts down the ll Soarta. The idea of staying behind upsets John, but Mary also knows he is scared, and both agree it’s for the best.

Mary, Carlos, and Latika return to Diana’s. Mary creates a distraction to get the cop’s attention while the other two look around. But the cop she smoked out was Betty, who already is suspicious of the young Campbell, and made it loud and clear to her, even threatening Mary. The good news is while searching around, Carlos and Latika found Diana’s ledger and may have learned where the vampires are holding up.

Millie and John are still at the clubhouse looking through the Men of Letters inventory and having a much-needed heart-to-heart, Millie opens up to John about Betty visiting her and why and even confronts him about his relationship with Mary. John tries to deny that Mary is his girlfriend, but his mother knows better.

No Way Out

Mary, Carlos, and Latika end up at a house, which they believe is the vampire nest. Upon entering the nest, they find scattered paperwork indicating that the vampires knew Markham had a safety deposit box at the bank. They also find a map layout of the Men of Letters clubhouse that the vampires took from the bank heist with a way for them to get inside and avoid the wardings and sigils. They realize leaving John at the clubhouse didn’t keep him as safe as they thought. Mary jumps on the van radio to warn John and Millie, but it’s too late. The Vampires secured entry into the clubhouse.

With no way out, Millie and John have to find a place to head within the clubhouse, and Latika suggests the vault room. The two Winchesters begin running to safety while being chased by the very vampire fated to kill John. Mary, Carlos, and Latika finally make it back to the clubhouse, only to find the place guarded by two other vampires. Carlos, the savvy hunter he is, uses his luscious locks as a weapon, drowning his hair in holy water. The technique proves effective as he enters a two-on-one battle, slowing down the vampires and giving Mary time to get into the clubhouse.

Reality starts to set in for John. The flooring in the vault room is a red carpet, just like in the vision the amulet showed him.

Dead Man’s Blood

On her way to Millie and John, Mary comes face to face with three more vampires. With her machete in hand, the hunter goes in unafraid, executing each monster one by one. But down the hall, two more await her, stronger and more aggressive, slowing the hunter down. Meanwhile, the vampire fated to kill John enters the vault room, ready to fulfill the prophecy. Mary finally reaches them, but it’s too late. The vampire already bit John. Something bizarre begins to happen. The vampire starts to gag, unable to move, allowing Mary to decapitate him. But happened? Dead man’s blood.

John had Millie kill him. John knew that if he died and the vampire drank his blood, it would stun him. Millie was hesitant, rightfully so. The only way for the plan to work was to jump-start his heart again. To do so, Millie used faulty wiring to electrocute her son, but when she and Mary attempted CPR, it wasn’t working, or at least not right away. After their final attempt and ready to give up, John jolts awake, gasping for air. Mary pulls him and embraces him as they share a deep and passionate kiss solidifying their relationship with everyone.

The episode closes out with Betty and Kyle sitting in a diner as they discuss the hot-button issue of Mary Campbell. They have been working together to dig into her history and if Betty wasn’t suspicious enough. Kyle hands over case files for not just Mary but Latika and Carlos. But right before the credits roll, the back of Kyle’s neck shows three Akrida puncture holes.

Winchester Stupid Count: 3

If you have been following The Winchesters podcast, On The Road Again, you’ll know of our newest segment. All season, we’ll be keeping track of moments our lovably hardheaded Winchesters have thrown themselves into danger or generally made some questionable decisions, knowing them the count will be high by the end of the season. Without ado, this week’s incidents include:

  • John is introduced to a supernatural and ancient amulet and the first thing he does is touch it.
  • Mary looks at John’s photo of Dean and thinks he’s cute. Ma’am, that is your child (even if you don’t know it yet).
  • John died on purpose to save himself and his friends. You know, the family business.

The Winchesters drops new episodes every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find more coverage of the show here, and be sure to check out On The Road Again, Nerds & Beyond’s podcast covering all things The Winchesters!

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