‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 “Pass Through Fire”

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Last episode, Vox Machina retrieved the Deathwalker’s Ward. Vex’ahlia died during the quest but was brought back by Vax’ildan’s pact with the Raven Queen. Will they head straight on to find the sphinx’s mate and continue their artifact quest? Read on to recap episode five, “Pass Through Fire.”


In a picturesque mountain town, a tall, red-headed woman walks from one of the ornate buildings toward the long bridge out of town. A young child chases after her, begging her not to go. This is a young Keyleth and her mother, Vilya. She shows Keyleth how to pass her hand through fire. Fire cannot live without air. Vilya leaves Keyleth with some advice: to listen to the wind, her power.

On the Mountain

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Keyleth is atop a mountain, arms full of branches. She stops to listen to the wind.

Vex’ahlia sits by a campfire, recounting the tale of her resurrection to the rest of Vox Machina. Vax seems distracted and off.

On the ridge, Keyleth is still listening to the wind, so much that she doesn’t notice a dropped branch from her arms hitting Percy on the head.

Pike calls Keyleth’s name, making her jump. Keyleth confesses that they are very close to Pyrah — the city where the Ashari guard the rift to the Fire Plane, and one of the last places her mother was seen alive. Pike proposes they should go there, but Vax shuts the suggestion down. The people of Tal’Dorei are depending on them. Keyleth dejectedly excuses herself to collect more wood.

The group realize that Grog has been gone for longer than relieving himself in the woods should take. Scanlan volunteers to find him, tossing the broom he was holding to Vex for firewood. It’s the broom he grabbed from Gilmore’s shop, and Vex notices a word engraved on the handle.

Grog has found a sheltered spot to do his business. He pulls out Craven Edge. The blade responds when he addresses it. Grog asks Craven Edge if it could ever be full. Their private moment is interrupted by Scanlan.

Grog asks Scanlan to play him a tune to cover the sounds of what he’s up to. Under cover of the noise, Grog returns to his conversation. He loves how strong the blade makes him, but he wants to know what’s in it for Craven Edge. The sword explains that blood feeds it.

That night, Vox Machina snores while Vax keeps watch. The fire flares, and an eerie face appears. Vax is hit by a vision. He sees dragons over a besieged city. Dropping to his knees, Vax finds handfuls of raven feathers. When he looks back up, he’s in front of a huge, black stone door. It opens, and a ghoulish, undead creature screams through the gap.

Vax cries out as he jolts back to the campfire, waking up the rest of Vox Machina. He tells them that he must have dozed off and dismisses Keyleth’s offer of help, going to stretch his legs.

Outside, Vax tugs at the Deathwalker’s Ward. The armor won’t come off.

In the morning, Vox Machina continue hiking. Scanlan’s height isn’t ideal for deep snow. After watching him, Vex approaches and tosses him the broom he gave her for firewood the day before. She asks him to read it — and whoosh! The broom shoots upward.

Vex tries to get Scanlan to tell her the command, but he won’t share without her owing him a favor. When she declines, he flies off. From above, he sees a volcano. It’s smoking and very much not dormant, despite Keyleth’s assertion it should be. If it’s erupting, then Pyrah and the Fire Ashari could be in big trouble. 

Vax stands by his earlier decision. The Fire Ashari will have to deal. Frustrated with Vax, Keyleth transforms and flies off toward Pyrah.

Tal’Dorei might be relying on them, Vex points out, but Keyleth would drop everything to help any one of them — especially Vax.


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Pyrah is chaos, with flaming beasts filling the sky. A shout draws Keyleth’s attention. It’s her father, Korrin! He came to help Cerkonos, Headmaster of the Fire Ashari, when Pyrah was laid to waste. The rift to the Fire Plane was torn open the dragon that besieged the city. Keyleth and her father try to close to the rift. Others aid them — including Kima and Allura! Last seen protecting Uriel in Emon, it’s a relief they’re alive.

The rest of Vox Machina arrive in Pyrah. They look for Keyleth but get waylaid by flying fire beasts. Grog gets to work with Craven Edge. Vex asks Scanlan again for the word to make the broom fly. He reminds her that he’ll happily tell her, for a future favor of his choosing.

Craven Edge is displeased when he and Grog discover that the fire beasts bleed lava. Vox Machina fight their way on through Pyrah until Kima and Allura find them.

Keyleth surrounds the rift in ice, earning praise from her father, but the ice only holds for a few seconds before bursting.

Grog argues with Craven Edge — it’s not his fault the beasts have no blood! The sword demands Grog find some, right then. Grog is alarmed as he looks up, his eyes falling on Pike.

Vex needs higher ground, prompting Scanlan to finally give her the broom command.

Korrin and Keyleth are losing control of the rift. Finally, Vox Machina, Kima, and Allura arrive. Together, all of the magic users attempt to close the rift, but a fireball blast from one of the creatures slams into Keyleth’s father.

As Pike heals Korrin, Keyleth confesses that she hasn’t finished her Aramenté trials. She’s too scared. The wind blows around them, bringing Vilya’s voice: “Listen to your power.”

Keyleth approaches the rift and reaches out, growing more confident as she convinces herself.

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“I am Keyleth, an Air Ashari, like my mother before me. I was made to pass through fire.”

Keyleth appears in the Fire Plane. Flames rise around her like armor, and the beasts fall, sizzling to nothing. With a blast of magic, she seals the rift.


Keyleth kneels before Cerkonos. Her fire trial, part of her Aramenté, is done. Cerkonos warns that Keyleth should be careful who she trusts — Thordak was freed by someone posing as one of their own.

Allura and Kima will stay and help rebuild Pyrah before stopping by Syngorn, telling Pike that the whole Elven city bugged out when the dragons arrived.

Nations Will Quake and Tremble

Umbrasyl lands on a hoard of gold tribute. The goliath herd paying it are reluctant. Umbrasyl angers, telling them that nations will quake and tremble under the reign of the Chroma Conclave.

“A reign that will be sadly short-lived,” announces a familiar voice. “Unless, that is, you care to hear what I have to say.”

Dr. Anna Ripley steps into view, holding the same magic orb she spied on Vox Machina with. Umbrasyl makes a considering noise.

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