‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 12 “Death Notice”

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This week The Rookie started the episode with a fun cold open with the officers, bruised and filthy, getting into an elevator with Kelly Clarkson at a hospital. The episode also features a mini Castle reunion with Molly C. Quinn returning as a guest star.

Lucy Lessons

After learning that Tamara knows about her and Tim, Lucy talks to her about how things are going, and it makes her think about how they haven’t had sex yet. When she gets to work, Lucy tells Tim that tonight is the night they’re going to. Shortly after that conversation, Grey asks if they can ride together because Angela and Nyla need Aaron.

Lucy is apprehensive about riding with him because they’re dating. She thinks that he’s treating her differently because of it and tries to prove it with “Lucy Lessons.” The “lessons” are her doing things Tim would normally call her out on, but he’s not. Tim tells her that she’s not a rookie anymore, so those choices are hers, and he doesn’t have to correct her.

On patrol, they arrest a guy, and Lucy hides one of his belongings to the point where he notices and calls out that they’re missing. Lucy swears they were there, and Tim helps her look high and low. He refuses to report it as he should, to Lucy’s dismay. When he shows up later, despite their date being canceled, she tells him she didn’t lose them. She gave them to the suspect when he left the building, but she hid them to prove the point that he can’t be impartial toward her.

A Choice

The Lucy Lesson leads to a discussion about one of them leaving the station if they stay together. Lucy insists that it be her since there’s no open sergeant position elsewhere, but Tim tells her that they don’t need to decide anything right now. They realize that they’ll see each other a lot less if they do this, but Lucy still tells him that she’s putting in a transfer request in the morning.

Tim goes behind her back to talk to Grey about changing his job instead. He takes a desk job as a sergeant elsewhere. Lucy pushes that he won’t be happy there, but he insists that this is what he wants. The conversation about it is cut off by a makeout session that gets brought to Lucy’s bedroom.

Missteps and Threats

Angela gets a tip about an arms dealer and pulls Nyla and Aaron in to help out with staking it out. At the end of the stakeout, Nyla realizes that Angela was looking into this because the guy is working with Elijah Stone. Rightfully upset because Angela isn’t supposed to be near this case, Nyla tells her to get out of the car while she tails Elijah. Once she leaves, Angela realizes that a guy has been following her. She approaches him and learns that he’s employed by Elijah to follow her.

Elijah’s lawyer shows up at the station later, threatening legal action for harassment. Once she leaves, Angela apologizes to Nyla before breaking down about how scared she is right now.

Everyone’s Favorite Psychopath

Nolan’s favorite prisoner, Oscar Hutchenson, is back when his daughter, Ashley, needs a kidney transplant, and he offers to help if she pays him. Nolan puts a stop to the payments before they begin, though. At the hospital, things don’t go smoothly with an orderly that had been wronged by Oscar years ago, attacking him and Ashley’s boyfriend stealing medicine from patient rooms, and overdosing. Celina manages to put Oscar on edge, though, by telling him that death is coming.

Right before surgery is supposed to happen, Oscar manages to sneak in food which causes the surgery to get pushed back 12 hours. Bailey stops by with an overnight bag and some stuff for Celina. She threatens Oscar before she leaves after he tries to get in her head. Nolan goes to check on Ashley and finds her leaving. He talks to her and gets her to stay.

Oscar’s doctor is acting weird the next day and tells Nolan and Celina that another doctor will be supervising the procedure. Celina looks into the doctor and learns that he’s not a doctor. He actually did jail time with Oscar. On the way to surgery, Celina distracts him so Nolan can talk to the other doctor. She confesses to him that three men broke into her house and took her family. The men told her that she had to kill Oscar during surgery or they’d kill her family.

When they get in the elevator, Nolan pulls his gun on the man, and they manage to get enough information for Tim and Lucy to go to where the family is being held hostage and save them. Once they’re safe, Oscar tries getting out of the surgery again. He ultimately agrees when Celina and Nolan threaten to call everyone he ever wronged and tell them where he is.

Baby #2

While on a stakeout, Angela doesn’t feel well and leaves Nyla for a moment. She grabs a pregnancy test, and it comes back positive. Back with Nyla, she tells her about it, and Nyla mentions that Angela just said that she didn’t want another one.

Angela accidentally puts her doctor’s appointment to follow up with the positive pregnancy test on her shared calendar with Welsey, who questions her about it when she gets home. She tells him that she’s pregnant, and while he’s excited, he knows that she didn’t want this right now. They talk about it a bit before she reveals that he now also has an appointment for a vasectomy.

The Rookie will be back on Tuesday, January 24 at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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