‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Recap: Season 16, Episode 6 “True Conviction”


Criminal Minds: Evolution returned from its mid-season break with a tumultuous episode that simultaneously answered questions while leaving so many others. Keep reading for everything that happens in “True Conviction.”

Wheels Up


The episode opens with the aftermath of the explosion, the BAU has lost connection with JJ and Luke but Penelope reestablishes the connection to their body cameras. JJ begins to move around, but Luke is still offline. Prentiss tells Deputy Director Bailey that it’s “time” and they all head to the elevator to take the jet to Georgia.

On the scene, medics arrive and head straight to Luke who looks worse for wear. Elias isn’t far from the explosion, watching as he talks to his wife, letting her know he’s going to be away from home for a few extra days. He plugs Falls Lake, North Carolina into his GPS and a flashback takes place.

Elias appears as a child, thrown into a room the size of a broom closet with a dead cat. Periodically, he was brought food before eventually being let out of the room. His uncle warns him he has different rules here and that he better adhere to them.

Can You Prove That?

Deputy Director Bailey calls Prentiss to let her know the Attorney General plans on closing this case unless they can prove that Sicarius is still at large and Benjamin Reeves wasn’t the killer. They are dealing with an incredible case of political assassination, but if she can bring him anything, he’ll make the case for them.

Falsely Committed

They found a half dozen photos from the scene, including a photo of Maria Jones who had passed away over 20 years ago but her boyfriend, Silvio, had confessed to the murder at the time. Unfortunately, Silvio is scheduled for execution just 48 hours later, so they must move quick to interview him.

They don’t get anywhere at first as he refuses to give up any information and the team begins to think he’s protecting Sicarius. That is until Tara steps into the room and starts telling her own story about coming out, never thinking that the love of her life would turn out to be a woman. The photos they discovered in envelopes addressed to Silvio were of his secret lover who was also part of Silvio’s gang. He didn’t want anything to happen to him if he confessed who really did it. He refuses to speak anymore so they track down Juan, now going by Samuel Ortiz, to see if they can get more information from him. Turns out he was with Silvio the night of the murder, they were at a gay bar together. It was their first public outing as a couple and he has the photographic evidence to back it up.

Sticky Situation

Rebecca is furious when she finds out that the team is investigating Silvio, as she was the lead prosecutor on his case that got her elected DA and recruited by the DOJ. She warns Tara that if they take this case all the way, it won’t just be her career at stake — it’ll be her and Tara’s relationship.

As Tara shows Rebecca the photos, she still doesn’t believe there is any way that Silvio isn’t guilty. However, Tara would bet her life on it. So, Rebecca makes the call to the governor and finds herself under review.

Take a Walk to 2nd Street

Penelope gets a call from the police station where Tyler is currently being held on bail for drunkenly punching a man after being released from the FBI’s custody. Penelope presented him with a DNA match proving that Alison was one of the bodies identified in the container. She brings him back to her apartment, deciding to work from home to keep an eye on him. After seemingly hitting a dead end in the case, Tyler makes her a cup of tea and they chat.

Eventually, he tries to kiss her but she dodges him and asks him to go on a walk with her instead. They pass Alison’s job and Penelope notices that Oak Street hasn’t always been there. She hands Tyler her keys and calls for a cab to head to work, but before she dashes off she gives him a kiss. Once she’s back with the team, she makes note that all the victims have some sort of connection to a “2nd Street.” Luke says that’s not possible because Allison doesn’t, but she does. In 2005 Oak Street was an extension of 2nd Street. The dots connect and they realize they’re more than likely dealing with a father given the cooldown periods between killings. And that’s exactly how they’re going to catch him.

I Told You, I Don’t Need You Anymore

Michael Moriatis/Paramount+

Elias heads back to where it all started — his uncle’s house. He jolts awake and says it took him long enough to return and asks if he’s there to kill him. Elias says he already took care of that by slipping toxins into his IV. He’s just here to watch him die now. Elias blames his uncle for making him this way. He could have been normal — he went to school and met the love of his life, and started a family. His uncle laughs, because this is who they are in their blood. He reminds him of why he was put into his uncle’s custody in the first place. Choking, he realizes that Elias is Sicarius, but they’ll find him soon enough. Family is the killer after all.

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