‘Ghosts’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 11 “The Perfect Assistant”


This week’s episode of CBS’ Ghosts introduced some new characters for us to have very big feelings about. Also, Thor gave the birds and the bees talk. There’s a lot to process. Let’s get into it.

Finding the Perfect Assistant

The episode starts out with Sam and Jay interviewing prospective assistants. So far, according to Sass’ analysis, the candidates are all duds.

Sam and Jay’s interview with a candidate named Freddie, however, is going very well. He’s got an education in Hotel Management and a can-do attitude. When Sam and Jay ask why he wants to work there, he says he recently moved back to the area and wants to, “learn from the best.” Alberta appropriately laughs.

But regardless, he read the piece on them in Sipper from season 2 episode 8, The Liquor License, and is excited to be a part of the Woodstone team. As Flower says, Sam and Jay have picked a third.

Bjorn’s Being Bullied


When talking to Thorfinn, Bjorn shares that he’s being bullied by other ghosts in Henry and Margaret’s mansion. Thor’s shocked by this. Who would ever bully such a mighty viking?

The answer? The 1950’s housewife ghost in the Farnsby mansion, Judy.

Thor goes through a few stages of grief trying to process this, mostly landing on denial, anger, and maybe bargaining. He asks Pete and Flower for advice. Pete says he should tell Bjorn to use his words, to which Thor adds, “to inflict violence!” Flower explains how that’s definitely not what Pete meant, but Thor thinks it’s even better! He leaves to tell Bjorn to continue the cycle of violence like the wonderful father he is.

There’s a New Ghost in the Car

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

We also meet the ghost that’s stuck to Freddie’s car, Jessica. She died in a car accident, so now she’s bound to it for eternity. She can walk five feet away from it, but that’s all.

It’s fine, though. Freddie delivers food a lot and she likes smelling it. She and Sass actually bond over the fact that they both love smelling pizza. They bond over a lot of things, actually.

When Jess meets the car ghost, she talks about how wonderful Freddie is. Jessica agrees! There’s just one thing: he’s the one that killed her. It was a hit and run. She flew through the windshield and he dumped her body in the woods. Yikes.

Sass tells Jessica she looks great for a victim of blunt-force head trauma. The chemistry between them is palpable.

Talking It Through

Sam tells Jay about Freddie’s tragically murderous history, but Jay’s more invested in the fact that car ghosts exist. Are they trapped inside the car? Is there a barrier outside of it? He wants answers.

After throwing around some ideas, they decide not to call the cops. What would they say? A ghost said Freddie murdered someone? Instead, they decide they have to fire him. It’s the right thing to do.

Bjorn’s Therapy and Thor’s Growth


Pete offers Bjorn some of his own advice, telling him to, “communicate honestly. Tell her how her behavior is making you feel.” Unfortunately, Thor overhears this and assumes Pete is trying to take over fathering his son. He insists that they talk about it after he watches Housewives.

Flower mediates the conversation, making sure Thor knows that Pete just wants to help. Thor guesses that Pete thinks he’s a better father, but that’s not the case at all. Pete’s dad was a distant tough guy like Thor, always telling him to fight fire with fire. Pete never wanted that, though. He just wanted to be seen for who he is.

Thorfinn then has the extremely original and not-at-all plagiarized idea to accept Bjorn and let him be who he is. He tells Bjorn, “I will listen and accept you for who you are, my son!” 

Bjorn is happy to hear that because it turns out that talking works! Judy was just bullying him because she had a crush on him. They’re dating now. When Thor finds out, he starts giving Bjorn the birds and the bees talk. Bjorn has fathered children, but this is a great dad moment for Thorfinn. No one’s gonna ruin it.

Finding Out the Truth

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Jay and Sam make up a lie that they’re firing Freddie because he drank a soda that Jay literally told him that he could drink. It’s gaslight central.

When Sass finds out Freddie and Jessica are leaving, he says he’s sad they didn’t get to know her better. He asks about Jessica’s ghost powers. She says she can set off the car’s alarm since she has the keys. All the ghosts begin to question her. If she was hit by Freddie’s car as a pedestrian, how does she have the keys?

She lied. Freddie didn’t kill her. She drove into a telephone pole and Freddie bought the car used. She just wants Freddie to keep delivering food. She gets to see the world and smell delicious things that way.

The rest of the ghosts decide not to say anything to Sam about this. If Freddie leaves, Sam can talk to them more since she won’t have to pretend she can’t hear them for eight hours a day from Tuesday to Sunday. Sass actually only agrees because Jessica asks him to. Seriously, their chemistry is no joke.

Actions Have Consequences

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Things go bad because of the ghosts’ decision pretty much instantly. Freddie calls his mom sobbing because he thinks picking up food is all he’s good for.

A guest complains to Sam that she needs kosher food, and Sam explains that she didn’t know because Freddie downloaded all kinds of systems on the laptop and didn’t have time to teach Sam how they work before he was fired. Also, Jay and Sam have to cancel their romantic date night since Freddie isn’t there to manage the BnB.

The Truth Comes Out

That’s the last straw for the ghosts. They come clean to Sam about their lie and their reasoning. Sam explains that, after a while of training Freddie, she actually would’ve been more available for the ghosts than before! That, Hetty explains, was not communicated clearly.

Sam tells Jay they need to get Freddie back. Jay agrees even before he discovers that Freddie isn’t a murderer.

Getting the Perfect Assistant Back

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Freddie won’t answer Sam and Jay’s calls, so they start ordering dozens of burritos in hopes that maybe one of the delivery drivers will be him.

Eventually, after far too many burritos, Freddie is the delivery driver. He sees how hard they worked to talk to him and agrees to be their assistant again for the mere price of 3 burritos.

Once he knows that Freddie is back for good, Sass says he’s going outside to get some “fresh air.” He’s definitely going outside to flirt with Jessica.

Something wonderful could be blossoming there. We can’t wait to find out during the next episode of Ghosts, airing Thursday, January 12 at 8:30 pm ET/PT.

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