‘Walker’: Questions We Have Going into the Rest of Season 3

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After an almost two-month break, The CW’s Walker is set to return on Thursday, January 12. It’s been a whirlwind of a season so far, and it’s not even close to being done. With the return of the series coming, let’s take a look at questions we have going into the rest of season 3.

Cordell and Liam

The first half of the season has had a strong focus on mental health, particularly between Cordell and Liam, who were abducted by Grey Flag. As the story develops, it doesn’t look like the story with Grey Flag is over. Will we continue to see how it affects these two? Will they continue to show how they deal with it, or will Cordell’s denial that there’s an issue cause a conflict, within the family or his role as a Ranger? Will Liam open up his own business with equine therapy as he was hoping for a few episodes ago?

Stella and Augie

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Stella and Augie have had quite the storyline this season, too. From Stella’s journey with not going to college, losing Emily’s car and getting it back to Augie throwing a party at the Side Step and getting it shut down, as well as how Cordell and Liam’s abduction affected both of them … what’s next for these two? It’s obvious that the relationship between Stella and Cordell is strained after Cordell placed all of the blame on her for Augie’s party. She was left in jail overnight and subsequently moved out afterward. How do the two of them repair their relationship?

After the events of Thanksgiving dinner with Augie’s truth being revealed (and you know… saying that to Abeline), how do they start to repair their relationship? What happens with Augie; is he finally going to learn or will he keep going down this path, especially with the way he left things with Abeline?

Abeline’s Health

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

This brings us to our next question; is Abeline alright? At the end of the episode, we see her collapse outside of the Walker ranch and that’s how the episode ended. Now, thanks to the promo for the new episode, we see her being rushed into the hospital … but what happened? Does she recover, and if so, what long-lasting effects will this have on her?

Cassie and Kevin

Kevin Golden (Jake Abel) was introduced recently as the Chief of Staff to the Mayor. He and Cassie are seemingly getting closer, and he spent Thanksgiving with everyone at Walker ranch. However, knowing this show and the writers, how is he going to tie into the bigger story? Is he somehow involved with Grey Flag? At the fundraising event, he did have the residue of the nerve agent on his hands, but miraculously no one else he touched at the event got sick? Suspicious … (this show makes us question everything. It’s a testament to the writers!)

Geri and Hoyt?

Odette Annable (Geri) took time off to welcome her baby girl (Congratulations!) For Geri’s storyline, she tells Colton that she needs to go take care of some things, and it’s revealed she’s carrying a folder with Hoyt Rawlins’ name on it. What’s going on with that? We’re intrigued.

Trey As a Ranger

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Trey became a Ranger this season, and we’ve seen him excel at it. Will that continue, or are we going to see some more conflict with him being new?

Cordell, Cassie, and the Evidence

Cordell and Cassie peeked into some evidence against Grey Flag when they weren’t supposed to. At Thanksgiving dinner, Cassie let slip a comment referring to evidence that Cordell was not happy with in front of Captain James. Will this come out, and what kind of consequences will it have? Will it be considered tampering with evidence and mess up something with their case?

Cooper and Grey Flag

Throughout this season, we’ve seen Cordell’s flashbacks to his time in the Marines and with Sergeant Cooper. Fan theories have run wild that we haven’t seen the last of Cooper presently. Is he still alive? Is he part of Grey Flag and that’s why they’re targeting Cordell so hard?

Grey Flag

Speaking of Grey Flag, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them, either. What else is going to play into this season? How and who else are they connected to, and what do they want?

There are so many questions, and I’m sure even more will pop up as the season progresses. We can’t wait to see what happens! Make sure to watch Walker when it returns on Thursday, January 12 on The CW. You can catch up with all of our coverage, here.

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