‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Silent Prisoner”


Following the events of The Rookie, The Rookie: Feds picks up where they left off. The agents of Garza’s team are on the hunt for their missing suspect that has a list of details about all the current undercover agents.

The List of Agents

There’s a list of all the active undercover agents in the wrong hands and the team has to get it back because all of the agents are at risk. They manage to hack the person who had its Cliptalk account and learn where she was planning to go. They go after her and get into a shoot-out. The suspect ends up getting hit by a car when she walks into traffic while trying to get away.

She doesn’t have the list on her and has the money from the trade-off. Brendon and Laura go to the hospital to see the guy that Tim arrested to get more information out of him. After pushing a bit, he reveals an approximate location of where his partner was going to exchange the list. Simone and Carter go to the location to look into it. They find a camera there and a phone starts going off. They answer it and the person who has the list tells them that they need to release a prisoner or he’ll reveal the identities of the undercover agents. He also tells them that he’s blown the cover of one agent already and he’ll keep revealing a new one every day if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Garza’s Surgery

ABC/Raymond Liu

After collapsing in the last episode, Garza was brought in for surgery. There’s a complication and he has to have another surgery. It goes well and Elena stays with him while the others work the case.

Undercover Agent Jason

While working the case, there’s an alert that an agent named Jason has sounded an alarm that his cover has been blown. By the time they get to him, he’s been stabbed and the guys who attacked Jason are gone. Brendon puts pressure on the wound while Laura goes after the suspect. She manages to catch him and bring him back but Jason passes when she’s gone. The suspect is claiming that he didn’t do anything and didn’t know that Jason was an agent which upsets Brendon who fights back about it all.

After it all, Brendon finds a lead on the phone that sent the message exposing Jason. The phone was dumped and a security camera caught their face. They put a bolo out for the man and Simone sees him at the hospital when visiting Garza. She goes after him as he tries to kill the suspect that is in recovery at the hospital. They get into a fight and Garza comes to her rescue and knocks the guy out with his IV stand.

Antoinette’s Dating Life

After an uncomfortable run-in with Antoinette, Brendon talks to Laura about not knowing what’s going on with them. They’ve gone out for coffee a couple of times but nothing further.

Later, when leaving after a hard shift, Brendon asks Antoinette out to dinner but she’s not paying attention and doesn’t hear him. Carter walks up at that moment and asks if they want to walk out with him. Antoinette goes but Brendon decides to stay after being discouraged by her not listening to him.

When they all meet up at the hospital later for a lead, Carter and Antoinette show up together. Brendon asks why and they say that they were getting coffee. He’s clearly upset by this and keeps pushing for more information. When wheeling Garza away, Brendon starts talking to Laura about it and Garza wonders allowed if Carter and Antionette are seeing each other.

After the case, Brendon and Laura see Carter and Antionette in the lab laughing together. It’s very clear to them that they are seeing each other.

Prisoner Number 43602

ABC/Raymond Liu

Carter, Simone, and Tracy put the prisoner whose release was requested in exchange for the list of undercover agents in an interrogation room. The guy is pretty young and it’s clear from his record that he intentionally got himself arrested. After some digging, they figure out why he’s scared enough to get himself locked up and the identity of who wants him released. He tells them that he’s got a lot of money in bitcoin in a secret account and what the guy wants is the password more than he wants the prisoner himself.

Tracy lets them give the password to prevent any other covers from getting blown. She’s not happy about it but she doesn’t want to risk another life. They know who his arms dealer so they wait for him there and manage to catch him when he shows up.

Changes with Cutty and Simone

ABC/Raymond Liu

After working on the case together, Simone invites Nolan over to eat. While there, he accidentally reveals to Cutty that Simone is thinking about renovating his house. Cutty isn’t happy about it, especially since she wasn’t supposed to stay there long-term. Simone leaves to visit Garza who gives her more of Cutty’s perspective.

She talks to Cutty later and he tells her that in the end, he’s giving her and her kids the house anyways. He invited Nolan back over to talk to them both about the details of the renovation.

The Rookie: Feds will be back on Tuesday, January 10 at 9 pm EST. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show here!

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