Illumination’s ‘Villain-Con Minion Blast’ Coming to Universal Orlando Resort: Put Your Villainous Skills to the Test

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Universal Orlando Resort

In Summer 2023, Universal Orlando is unleashing Minions onto guests in the resort’s newest attraction, Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast. The location will open in the park’s new Minion Land on Illumination Avenue of Universal, along with a new Minion Café and other fun surprises that Illumination has in store from other Illumination films and franchises.

In Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast, guests are transported to the biggest criminal convention on the planet: Villain-Con. There, they can compete to become the newest member of The Vicious 6, the supervillain group from Minions: The Rise of Gru.


In Villain-Con Minion Blast, guests who are up for the challenge will grab an interactive blaster and step onto a motion-based pathway. They’ll work their way through the attraction, working interactively through various scenes where they can earn points by blasting a variety of items and causing as much mayhem as they can. There’s also tons of minions, obviously. The world can’t get enough of those.

It’s thrilling to know that Universal Orlando and Illumination are teaming up to make crime legal and fun at the theme park — in this attraction, that is.

More details about Villain-Con Minion Blast and Minion Land will be revealed in the coming months.

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