‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 9 “Take Back”

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In the winter finale, the Greys take on the Big Apple, Celina is stuck in a tough situation when someone dies in custody, and Lucy has to follow through on breaking up with Chris.

New York, New York

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Grey and Luna go to New York to visit Dominique. They can’t get ahold of her when they arrive, though. After stopping by her dorm, they learn that she hasn’t been seen since the night before. After dinner, she went to a church, and when there, they learn that she had left with a friend.

They go to see her friend and learn that when the partying started getting out of her comfort level, she left. They find the security camera footage of her getting into her ride-share car and then manage to find the driver. The driver gives them some information about where he dropped her off, but when he drives off, Grey sees that his tail light is out, which is what he taught Dominique to do if she gets taken.

They call in what they know to the detective working the case and follow the guy. Instead of waiting for the cops to arrive, though, they go in to find Dominique. After some fighting, they’re able to get to her. Right after it’s all taken care of, another officer shows up and apologizes for being late.

Genny Moves To Town

Tim’s sister, Genny, finally is moving out to L.A. after her divorce. Nolan is helping her set up her security system when she realizes the charm bracelet that is really important to her is missing. Nolan investigates it and learns from the movers that one of her kids threw it away.

Nolan stops by again later. He and Genny drink wine while he asks about how it went with her kid. She admits that it went bad because the kids think that she was the reason for her divorce from their dad when she isn’t.

Endings and Beginnings

Tim is acting as Watch Commander with Grey out of town. While in his office, Chris stops by to ask his opinion on a house he’s looking at for him and Lucy. They’re interrupted as Lucy shows up. She steers Chris away, and when he’s gone, Tim asks her how breaking up with him is going. She says that she’s trying to figure out how to do it. Tim lets her know that it’s okay if she’s changed her mind, but she insists that she hasn’t.

While riding with Aaron, Lucy tells him that she’s trying to figure out how to break up with Chris. He offers to roleplay it with her to help, but when she tries, Aaron breaks out the dramatics, including tears.

At the end of the shift, Lucy tells Aaron that she doesn’t need any more practice and she’s just going to go break up with Chris. Back at her apartment, she struggles at first to do it but ends up blurting out a phrase Tim suggested. Chris immediately gets that it means she wants to break up. She pushes for them to talk about it more, but Chris storms out.

After the breakup, Lucy goes back to the station and sees Tim. She tells him about the breakup. After some messing around, he asks her out again, and she says yes.

Unexpected Parts of the Job

ABC/Raymond Liu

While driving around, Nolan and Celina see a man walking out of a shop and pulling a ski mask off. Celina pursues him on foot while Nolan drives to try to cut them off. The suspect attacks Celina leading to a fight before she manages to arrest him.

Due to the fight, they bring the suspect to the hospital to be safe. The hospital clears the man they arrested and Celina, so they head back to the station. When they put him in a cell, another inmate immediately attacks him, which leads to an all-out brawl when Nolan tries to stop it.

Tim runs in and manages to get more people to help get it under control. Nolan and Celina go to the hospital again to make sure they’re okay. When they go to leave, the guy that Celina arrested is wheeled in with Tim accompanying him. He’s coding when he’s brought in, and they aren’t able to bring him back.

Tim and Nolan walk Celina through the protocols with this because they don’t know the cause of death yet and if it’s in any way related to untreated injuries from the arrest. She gives her gun and badge to Tim before they go back to the station.

At the station, Welsey and Chris show up to conduct an interview for the state. Chris gives Tim a hard time about the way he handled the situation when he tells them that Nolan is with her despite Tim getting it cleared by Internal Affairs for him to be there as her union rep even though he’s her T.O. The pair go and talk to both Nolan and Celina. She hangs around at the station after and is struggling with the possibility that she killed the man. Nolan tells her about the officer-involved shooting that happened when he was a rookie in an attempt to express that she knows how she feels.

Later, they determine that he died due to another inmate stomping on his side and rupturing his spleen.

The Baby

While looking into the case with Celina, it’s revealed that the man who died has a baby. The station works on finding the baby, which is kept in a soundproof box so the man could work and care for the baby. After a lot of digging, Lucy and Aaron manage to track down his hotel room and find the baby, who is safe and healthy.

The Rookie will be back in January, but at a new night and at a new time! They’re moving to Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST so you can see them again on January 3, which will be a special crossover episode with The Rookie: Feds. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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