‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 8 “The Collar”


After some time away, The Rookie came back for a big two-episode winter finale! In the first part, metaphorical and physical bombs are everywhere.

Hotel Nolan

Celina is still staying at Nolan’s after her sleeping struggles but is almost moved out. She and Bailey are hearing things at night that they can’t figure out, though. Celina suspects that someone died on the property but doesn’t find anything. While telling Nolan about it, she asks why he and Bailey haven’t made any commitments to wedding plans, and he dismisses it as they’re enjoying the engagement.

Later, Bailey FaceTimes him while she’s crawling under the house. She’s trying to figure out the noise but only manages to find a creepy clown doll, which she has waiting on their bed for Nolan. When he comes home, she also shows him what was causing the noise, which is a coyote that she’s got in a kennel because she thought it was a puppy …

The Collars

A woman speeds past Nolan and Celina while they’re driving on patrol. They get her to slow down, but she refuses to stop. Nolan notices there’s a bomb strapped around her neck, and the woman explains that a man put it on her and said that if she stops driving, it’ll explode.

She takes off, and they follow while calling it in. Nolan sends a video of it to the bomb squad, and they determine that there’s no GPS, so she’ll be fine if she stops the car. They get set up in an empty lot and convince her to stop. Everything is fine until she unlocks the door for the bomb squad, and it detonates.

Celina and Nolan tell the victim’s mom about her passing while Nyla, Angela, and Aaron get video footage from the victim’s home. They see her being taken and believe that it’s someone she knew that did it. While they’re doing that, Tim and Lucy find another bomb.

The guy with the second bomb turns on the radio while talking to Lucy and learns that someone else had this happen to them, and they died. He immediately pulls over in a panic and cuts the bomb off with sheers that he found. The bomb doesn’t go off, and he tells Tim and Lucy about who did this to him. The man, Richard, has a vendetta against the company that this man and the woman before worked at because his sister worked there and was kidnapped and killed while working abroad.

The other officers go to Richard’s house and find him sitting outside. Nolan arrests him, and they learn about a third bomb. They figure out that the third bomb is going to the business that Richard’s sister used to work for. Nolan clears the building and finds the CEO strapped to the bomb. He’s live streaming the whole thing because Richard wanted a public apology for his sister’s death, and Celina is in the shop with Richard trying to get him to give her information on disabling the bomb. He tells her he will if the man apologizes, but Celina realizes that the man is lying when he tells her how to disarm it, and she tells Nolan to do the opposite. Luckily, it works.

Detective Thorsen

When Aaron starts showing an interest in being a detective, Grey signs off on him riding with Angela and Nyla to try it out. They give him a case and tell him that he has five questions that he can ask to figure it out. He runs through the questions over the course of the shift and only ends up asking four. After he gives his answer, Angela and Nyla tell him that he got it wrong. He’s confused as they explain that he missed a vital question that explains that it wasn’t a typical homicide like he thought. In fact, it was an animal that killed the victim rather than a person.

The Next Step?

To Lucy’s surprise, Chris wants to move in with her. He catches her off guard by asking about it and FaceTimes her when she’s riding with Tim to say he’s at an open house. Tim presses on if they’re moving in together, and Lucy shies away from the question and explains that he just sprung it on her.

Later, Chris calls and tells her he found a great house, but they need to respond now. Tim sees that Lucy is struggling and pretends to yell at her about talking to Chris on shift. Lucy thanks him for the out, and Tim tells her that if she doesn’t want to move in with Chris, she should just tell him. She admits that she doesn’t get why she doesn’t want to move in with him, though. She explains that their relationship is great, and they never fight. Tim presses on if it’s because it’s not worth the bother of fighting and follows up with that she “deserves someone who is worth the effort.”

When Chris sends even more listings, Tim asks if she loves Chris, and Lucy can’t say yes. Tim tells her that Chris loves her, though, and she struggles more before starting to say, “He’s just not …” but stops after she looks at Tim.

After the shift, Tim and Lucy talk. He pushes about her being unhappy with Chris, which leads to her admitting that it’s a safe relationship. She blurts out that if she dates Tim and it goes wrong, it’ll ruin her most important relationship. They go back and forth with Lucy not wanting to risk it, but Tim manages to convince her that it’s worth the risk. After that, Tim asks Lucy if she wants to go to dinner. She immediately replies with yes, but takes it back before asking if she can have time to break up with Chris first and if he can ask her again later.

A Spoiled Jack

Wesley has to take Jack to get his shots for the first time because Angela is busy at work. He struggles because he’s worried that Jack will associate the pain with him and goes overboard with buying him toys to make up for it. Angela reveals to him that she always takes him to get ice cream after when she brings him, which is why he handles it so well for her.

Stay tuned to our next recap, the second part of the winter finale. The Rookie is on a brief hiatus now! It will be back in January on a new night and at a new time. The next episode is a crossover event with The Rookie: Feds, and it will be on Tuesday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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