‘Tulsa King’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “Visitation Place”

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Warning: This recap contains spoilers.

In this week’s episode of Tulsa King, Dwight and Armand iron out the details of their joint misunderstanding, Stacy tries to move on, and tensions rise in town over the sales of nitrous oxide balloons.

A misunderstanding

Despite his initial hesitation at the end of the last episode when he saw that Armand has kids, Dwight still decides to walk up behind Armand in his driveway in the morning with a gun held to his back. He walks him inside of the house, gun pointed at him as he kneels on the floor in his kitchen, and demands to know if Chickie sent him there to kill him. Armand is baffled, because he hasn’t seen Chickie in over 20 years, and he thought Chickie sent Dwight to kill him (so he was just trying to take him out first, because he has a wife and kids to worry about).

Armand goes on to drop a bomb on Dwight: he tells him that Pete set him up in prison, because they thought that he would flip during his 25-year sentence. He tried to warn him, but he couldn’t get through. Afraid that they would kill him because of what he knew, Armand skipped town 19 years ago.

His wife is concerned and upset when she comes home at the tail end of their discussion, and later, her and Armand have it out as he finally tells her truths about his past that he’s been hiding — things he wanted to forget. She’s angry, because now she doesn’t know what to believe if he’s been lying to her all these years.

Open for business

Dwight drops in at Bred 2 Buck, where Mitch shows him that he was able to get the nitrous oxide that he asked him to covertly order for him through the bar. Bodhi, Tyson, and the crew haul the canisters to the festival in town and start selling balloons, and they’re approached by two guys that ask them who gave them permission to sell them — it’s their territory.

The next day, Tyson reports back to Dwight that they sold through all 10 canisters. Dwight instructs him to stop by and see Mitch to get more, because the festival is still going on. When he hands him money as a bonus for his work, Tyson jokingly asks for one of his rings, too, and Dwight obliges.

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Elsewhere, we see that the gang that Stacy and the ATF have been keeping an eye on are the ones who seem to think they have a monopoly on the nitrous oxide sales, and they’re furious that Dwight’s crew is encroaching on their business. So the next night of the festival, they storm right up to Bodhi, Tyson, and the boys and start beating them up. They take their tanks and their cash. When they regroup back at the bar, Mitch tells them that they’re a local biker gang, but Dwight doesn’t want to give up just yet.

While Tyson’s dad was unimpressed over his new pinky ring — because the only types of people that wear them are “monsters and the British aristocracy” — he’s beyond angry when he sees the signs of the fight his son was in the night before. He doesn’t want him working for Dwight.

Meanwhile, Stacy …

While Dwight’s off pursuing his latest business venture, Stacy’s clearly attempting to move on to greener pastures, especially after she briefly talks about dating with one of her co-workers. She meets a man at a bar and goes home with him.


Brian Douglas/Paramount

Mitch strums on an acoustic guitar (check out Garrett Hedlund’s music here!) as he sits across from Dwight and tells him that he’s got the bar covered for the night, he just needs to know when they’ll be back. But despite the fact that Mitch wants to help, Dwight doesn’t want to see him get busted, so he encourages him to stay back and work his magic at the bar instead.

Sans Mitch, Dwight manages to string together the ultimate ragtag crew, including but not limited to his enemy-turned-friend Bad Face, Armand, and Tyson’s dad, Mark (who storms into the bar, nearly gets into an argument with Dwight, and then declares that he’s coming — “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”). Despite the fact that it’s 8 men versus 12, Dwight and the boys manage to come out on top as they start a wild brawl with baseball bats.

Saying goodbye

Despite his radio silence for 25 years, Dwight finally calls his sister Joanne. However, it’s a somber conversation when he learns that his brother has lymphoma. She FaceTimes him later from the hospital so he can say goodbye before he passes.

Episode 4 of Tulsa King is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Catch the next episode on Sunday, December 11, and stay tuned for our weekly episodic recaps. In case you missed it, the series was recently renewed for a second season.

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