‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “Standoff”

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In a special Thanksgiving episode of The Rookie: Feds, the team is faced with a kidnapping and hostage situation. Welsey from The Rookie is involved, and Angela makes an appearance to try to help him.

Amber Alert

A little girl and her father are kidnapped while eating breakfast. It’s revealed that they kidnapped them because the dad works for the DA’s office, and they need him to get access to the building. They keep the little girl, though. Laura and Brendon focus on helping find her. They work with her father, who was found locked in a van outside the DA’s office, and find out that the kidnappers let her take her stuffed animal with her. The stuffed animal has a nanny cam but only works when connected to the home wifi. They find a way to mimic the home wifi and drive around in the area where the dad thinks they dropped her off.

After a bit of driving, the video feed starts picking up. They narrow down to what building it is and get SWAT to help breach the apartment. There’s nothing there, though. When looking at the video feed again, they see that the guy is moving the girl. When he does, he gives enough of their location that they realize he’s in the basement. Laura catches him as he’s putting the little girl in the trunk of a car. She tells him to put his hands up, but instead, he reaches for his gun, leading to Laura shooting him. While she’s going after him, Brendon gets the little girl out of the trunk.

Deal Gone Wrong

ABC/Raymond Liu

When an opportunity to strike a massive deal arises, Welsey takes advantage of everyone being gone for Thanksgiving to work it out in private. He calls his team into the DA’s office to work on it. While they’re discussing the deal, a couple of armed men show up. They’re working for the prisoner that Wesley was trying to work the deal with. Laura is already at the location following a different lead and realizes what’s going on and goes in with Brendon and Carter. They manage to shoot one of the guys, but they all get away and lock themselves away with the DA staff members they’re now keeping hostage.

Garza shows up with backup, and they try to negotiate. The prisoner says he’ll trade a few of the deputies he has held hostage in exchange for a medic coming up and working on his guy that’s hurt. Simone convinces Garza to go up pretending to be an EMT along with another actual EMT. They’re stopped at the door with the prisoner thinking one of them is a fed. He mistakenly sends the actual EMT away, assuming he’s the agent.

Inside, Simone treats the guy the best she can, but there’s major damage from the bullet that will need surgery to repair. The prisoner agrees to let the guy go but takes Simone in exchange. Simone is placed in the room with the hostages. She shares a message with Welsey that Angela asked her to pass along before beginning to find a way out. The guard with them seems to be struggling, and she uses that to her advantage. She and Wesley talk to him and get him to agree to help them as part of a deal that Welsey is drafting.

Simone gets his gun and goes out of the room while Welsey works on getting the other hostages out of the room and to a tunnel system where police will find them. They don’t make it far before getting spotted, but Simone makes her move at that moment and reveals that she’s an FBI agent. They’re close to a shootout when the other agents burst in. The prisoner is arrested, but Garza is forced to let him walk due to him having a little girl kidnapped. It’s not hard to find him again, though, when they know the little girl is safe.

A Change of Pace

Rather than spending time at one of the Hollywood parties that he was invited to, Brendon comes to work with Laura at the call center. They don’t actually get to do it because of the kidnapping case, but Laura presses him on why he isn’t going to go to the parties. Brendon tells her that his training agent was working, so he was too, but she doesn’t buy it.

She presses for details on the party as they work, and Brendon doesn’t give up much. At the end of the day, she approaches him about it and asks why he really didn’t go. He explains that now that he’s working for the FBI, he doesn’t share the same things in common with his old friends.

Simone’s Family

Simone’s kids come to visit for Thanksgiving. When they arrive, Simone learns that one of them failed their midterms and kept it a secret. Before she can talk to them about it properly, she gets called into work.

After she gets home, Simone talks to her daughter about it, who confesses that she doesn’t want to be a lawyer, which is why she failed them. She’s struggling with not knowing what she wants to do, and Simone comforts her about it.

After the talk, there’s a knock on the door and Simone reveals that she invited some people over. One by one the members of the team show up to eat with Simone and her family.

The Rookie: Feds will be on next Tuesday, November 29 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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