‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 8 “What’s Your Fantasy?”


In this week’s 9-1-1 episode, “What’s Your Fantasy?”, we learn that others’ fantasies can be for the better, for the worse, or even downright dangerous. Also, we get a rare Jee-Yun/Uncle Buck interaction that would melt even the coldest of hearts.

Just Fix It!

We see Tyler trying desperately to satisfy his boss’s every whim while planning for a large corporate meeting. The boss, Gavin, is not happy with anything: where the guests will be sitting, the shape of the tables … nothing Tyler does is good enough. Gavin tells Tyler over and over again to fix it. While most people have to deal with similar situations at their work, we see that Tyler has a very difficult time dealing with Gavin. With every interaction they have, Tyler fantasizes about killing Gavin, whether it be through electrocution, pushing him out of a window, or something else as equally imaginative and frightening.

One morning, Tyler has arrived with everyone’s coffees. When Gavin drinks his (after loudly complaining that Tyler took too long to deliver it to him), he begins to choke on the coffee and ultimately collapses to the floor unresponsive. When other workers in the office notice what’s happened, Tyler quickly realizes that this isn’t a fantasy he’s envisioning, but rather real life. His boss is dying … was it Tyler’s fault?

The 118 arrive, along with Athena, who is there to talk to Tyler after hearing his concerning 9-1-1 call about possibly killing his boss. Upon arrival, Tyler admits that he constantly fantasizes about killing Gavin, because he is so hard on him. Tyler then tells Athena that Gavin has a significant allergy to dairy, and he’s afraid he gave Gavin the wrong coffee, although he might have given it to him intentionally. While Athena is questioning Tyler, Bobby and Chimney determine that Gavin suffered a heart attack and was not poisoned with milk. Athena tells a grateful Tyler that he won’t have to be arrested for murder after all.

Later in the episode, Tyler hands Gavin his notice to leave the company. He also hands him a letter of recommendation that he requests Gavin sign. “‘He’s a real life saver’?” Gavin asks incredulously. Tyler reminds him that he’s the one who called 9-1-1 when Gavin collapsed. Gavin signs the letter, and Tyler is free.

Girls Can Be Heroes, Too

Jack Zeman/FOX

This week’s episode starts out at the local Renaissance Faire, where the townsfolk are dressed in their best early century garb, practicing their swordplay and jousting moves while eating a seemingly endless supply of turkey legs. Two sisters are running through the crowds, one who is enamored by the goings-on of everything and the other who is … not. The older sister, Harriett, is trying to convince her sister Dottie that girls don’t need to rely on knights in shining armor to rescue them and that they don’t have to be damsels in distress. To prove this, Harriett dresses up in a knight’s suit of her own, complete with head-to-toe armor. Unfortunately, a family of bees is residing in the armor, and Harriett begins to get attacked.

The 118 arrive to assist and find an unconscious Harriett on the ground. After spraying the area with a heavy foam to drown the bees, Chimney and Hen realize that Harriett is so swollen from the stings, that her armor cannot be removed. So Buck begins to saw off pieces of the armor so Chimney can start an IV, and Harriett eventually regains consciousness.

As they are carrying Harriett to the ambulance, Hen overhears Dottie tell her sister that she was right: after seeing Hen work so hard to save Harriett, she knows that girls can totally be heroes, too.

Later, Hen and Buck are at the Faire, and Buck wants to outfit Jee with her own sword and shield. Echoing Dottie’s words from earlier in the episode, he tells Hen that he wants Jee to know that she doesn’t need to rely on anyone but herself and that she can be her own hero.

Uncle Buck to the Rescue

Chimney and Maddie have realized that their apartment is just too small for their growing family. Jee needs her own room, and her parents need a little more privacy. They bring Jee to Uncle Buck’s apartment for the day so they can go house hunting. Maddie seems a little concerned at first leaving her with Buck, only because he doesn’t realize what an energetic busy-body she has become. But he tells her not to worry and that everything will be fine.

Approximately 2.3 microseconds after Maddie and Chimney leave, Buck’s apartment is in a total shambles, thanks to Jee’s redecorating talents. In a precious and hilarious montage, we see the destruction take place: every square inch of toilet paper is now everywhere in the apartment except on the toilet paper roll. Every piece of food, every crayon, practically everything that Buck owns is where it shouldn’t be. Fortunately, Maddie and Chimney eventually return from their (unsuccessful) house-hunting trip and rescue Jee from Buck. Or rather, Buck has been rescued from Jee.

May and her Superpower

Jack Zeman/FOX

May has returned home from school during a brief break. She has also brought Darius with her to dinner at Bobby and Athena’s. Darius is visiting from Stanford and is considering transferring to USC later in the year. He explains to Bobby and Athena that his parents think there are “too many distractions” at USC (read: May) and is unsure what his plans are for the moment.

A few days later, Hen is having drinks with Athena and is asking how things are. Athena tells her that she’s concerned for May; she’s doing well in school, but she seems to still be having trouble “fitting in.” Hen reminds Athena that May has something practically none of her cohorts do: real-world experience dealing with life-and-death situations. May is more mature because of that. Athena says that she wants May to realize that her experience isn’t something that should hold her back — her experience is in fact her superpower.

One night, May and Darius visit some friends from school. In the house that seems to have about a dozen roommates, everyone greets everyone, and drinks are passed around. But there is one guy, Erik, who seems to have no interest in getting to know anyone. He is upset that there are people there he doesn’t know, and he storms out of the room. A few days later, May arrives at the house to meet with Darius. He isn’t there, so she lets herself in and runs into Erik again, who is still sitting on the same couch, fuming that his silence has once again been disrupted by someone he doesn’t know. May tries to make nice with him, asking him about his major. Erik tells her that he isn’t a student, because post-secondary education “…is a myth propagated to keep young people too distracted to see what’s really there,” which apparently is nothing at all. When May calls his beliefs “bleak,” he again storms out of the room and hides in his bedroom.

When May sits down, she notices that Erik left a notebook on the floor. She opens it to read it and learns very quickly that it is some sort of manifesto detailing plans of destruction. She runs outside and immediately calls Athena, who tells her to stay away from Erik and wait for her to get there. Unfortunately, Darius arrives and sees a very upset Erik looking for this notebook. He accuses May of stealing it, and Darius tells him to calm down. Erik then grabs Darius by the throat and threatens to harm him.

Erik calls May using Darius’ phone and tells her that she needs to return his notebook; otherwise, he will kill Darius. May starts to talk to him and asks him what is really the matter. What does the notebook mean? Erik tells her that it’s about the “female conspiracy” to keep men down, and he needs to do what he can to right it. Meanwhile, Athena and the police are trying to locate Darius and Erik inside, so they can enter and rescue Darius. May keeps Erik on the phone and, in an attempt to reveal his location, she tells him that the house is surrounded by SWAT and that he should look out the window to see for himself. When he does this, Darius makes a break for it, and Athena and her squad are there with guns drawn on Erik. He is arrested, and Darius is saved.

May’s experiences with life-or-death situations is her superpower, indeed!

9-1-1 won’t have an episode airing next week but will return on Monday November 28th. While you wait for the Fall finale to air, check out our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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