Thursday, March 30, 2023

Photos: Louden Swain Celebrates ‘Feelings and Such’ with Release Party

MUSICLOUDEN SWAINPhotos: Louden Swain Celebrates 'Feelings and Such' with Release Party

Louden Swain is gearing up to release a brand new album, Feelings and Such, this upcoming Friday. On October 29, the band hosted an album release party for fans at The Woodshed Studios in Los Angeles, where they played the brand-new album in its entirety.

The band — which consists of Rob Benedict, Billy Moran, Michael Borja, and Stephen Norton — also had fun and played a few fan favorites such as “Amazing”, “Comeback Kid”, “Taxi Driver” and “Mamma’s Jam”, complete with tanks and wigs to transform into the “Norton Swains” after drummer Stephen Norton.

Feelings and Such is set to release this Friday. Louden Swain still has some autographed copies of the album available, as well as merch on their website, here.

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See photos from our staff photographer Liz Larson below!

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