‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Reaper”


This week’s episode of The Rookie: Feds follows a case that they work with a hitman in LA. While working on the case, we learn more about Brendon’s child, see a softer side of Carter, and see Simone make a hard choice.

The Reaper

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When a lead for a major hitman pops up, Garza asks Simone to go undercover at a jail as a prisoner to follow it. The hitman’s girlfriend recently was arrested and he wants Simone to get close to her and get all the information that she can. He sends Carter in with her as a guard. In there, Simone quickly gains the girlfriend’s, Zorra, trust when she sticks up for her. She gets her to talk about her relationship and give enough insight to get more details on the virtually unknown killer.

Simone blows it when she tries to snoop on Zorra’s phone. She loses her advantage and Carter has them pulled from undercover. Before they leave, they’re on the phone with Garza to inform him. They’re currently going through the belongings of Zorra and The Reaper from the apartment where Zorra was arrested. With the information from Simone and what they know, they look at the shoes and realize that Zorra’s are worn out as you’d see from a sniper whereas her boyfriends aren’t. While they’re connecting the dots that she’s actually The Reaper, she’s in the process of escaping. She steals a guard’s uniform and sneaks out.

They follow a lead where Simone learned from Zorra about a place where she went to dinner last week. The security cameras give them enough information to find details on how Zorra’s boyfriend is. They’re also able to figure out where he is. While Carter, Laura, and Brendon hunt him down, Simone and Garza figure out who Zorra is going after. They learn of money being transferred to her by someone who could want someone powerful dead, and they’re in a building that’s right in the area. Brendon figures out what building Zorra has to be in and he and Laura go after her. Meanwhile, Simone has Carter make a call from the boyfriend’s burner phone to Zorra and then patch her in. She talks to Zorra and tries to get her to give up. She stalls her long enough for them to learn that they were wrong about who she’s targeting and for Brendon and Laura to get to her. After some fighting, they manage to catch her.

An End

ABC/Raymond Liu

After finishing being undercover, Simone gets a call from Cutty about Dina being cozy with her ex-fiance at a music showcase the night before. She’s shocked to learn that Dina was even engaged. Cutty explains that they separated about a month before. Later, Simone confronts Dina about it all. Dina explains that she planned to introduce Simone to her ex but Simone canceled on her at the last moment. After talking about it a little more, Simone tells Dina that she doesn’t think that she can date her and do the job. She follows up with that she really likes her but the timing isn’t right.

The Right Thing

While undercover at the jail, Carter gets recognized by someone, Jasmine, that he arrested a few years ago. She asks him to get her out in exchange for keeping his identity. She’s in on a low-level charge but her bail is set super high because of previous charges. He tells her that he’ll try to figure something out.

Once he’s back from undercover, he calls Jasmine’s daughter to talk to her about paying her bail since he’s gotten it lowered to the $5,000 that it should have been to begin with. She agrees and brings her mom back to visit him once she’s out. She gives him tickets to the strip club to repay him and Garza tells him that he did a good thing by helping her, especially after she didn’t have any power over him when he wasn’t undercover.

Doing What’s Best

ABC/Raymond Liu

While driving to follow a lead, Brendon gets a call from The Rookie‘s Lucy Chen about his dad breaking into his storage unit. The LAPD arrested him for the break-in and his dad told them to call Brendon because he was not actually stealing it. Brendon asks if they can keep his dad until he’s done with what they’re working on.

At the station, Brendon confronts his dad about it and his dad informs him that he was just trying to get some stuff to sell because he’s tight on money. When Brendon presses him on why he’s stealing old Vampire Cop stuff for money, he tells Brendon that he has cancer and needs it for treatment. Lucy interrupts at that point and Brendon asks if she could remove the charges. She offers to drive his dad home when Laura tells him that they have to get back to the case and can’t make the stop. Brendon agrees to her terms of a signed Vampire Cop shirt in exchange for the favor.

Laura tries to get Brendon to talk about his dad after it all, especially with his cancer diagnosis clearly being a lie. Brendon asks her to leave it alone because his mom left when he was a kid so his dad is the only parent that he has. She comes back to it later and points out to him that this relationship isn’t good for him. He’s had to act as the parent rather than the child and his dad is using him. He feels that he owes it to his dad who gave up everything for Brendon’s acting career. After the talk, Brendon does talk to his dad but cuts him off.

He gets strip club tickets from Laura after Carter is gifted them by Jasmine. Brendon brings the tickets to Simone to see if she wants to go, but she declines. They end up staying in and hanging out.

The Rookie: Feds won’t be on next week, but will be back on Tuesday, November 15 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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