Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 12-13

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We have made it to the end of Nerds Rewatch Manifest! In the two-part season 3 finale, Ben and Saanvi get closer to figuring out what really happened to 828, and the Tailfin plays a big part in saving Cal. Meanwhile, Eagan, Adrian, and the passengers are up to no good, and a Calling foreshadows someone’s death. But who’s?

“Mayday: Part 1”

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  • We start back on 828 yet again during the turbulence, but no one is paying attention to Michaela, except for Bethany. Blood seeps in from the ceiling and the walls, and Michaela desperately tries to get people to listen to her.
  • Olive apologizes to her parents about Angelina, and Grace admits to feeling horrible she didn’t trust her.
  • Michaela tells Ben about the Calling and how Bethany was the only one who heard her.
  • At Eureka, Cal tries to talk Vance into letting him touch the Tailfin. Vance calls Ben and tells him about Cal. Ben and Olive hack into Ben’s ankle monitor so they can take it off and he can get Cal.
  • Jared confronts Michaela about her quitting, and Zeke is adamant that Jared still has feelings for her.
  • Ben and Grace show up at Eureka, and Cal shows them a drawing of the Tailfin, telling them it’s dangerous. Cal starts hurting and shows them the burns on his stomach, so Saanvi does some testing and gives him medication.
  • Michaela and Zeke visit Bethany, but she is less than willing to help with the Calling. After some convincing, she gives in and tells them about the Calling. She heard screaming and saw someone trying to open an emergency door. Eagan, of course. It was like he was going to kill them all.
  • Eagan is (once again) being difficult at the precinct, trying to talk Jared into letting him go. The precinct has taken in three 828ers now, including Eagan and Adrian. Adrian believes the end of times is nearing.
  • Vance temporarily pauses testing on the Tailfin until they prove that it has no interference with Cal’s burns.
  • Michaela pleads with Jared to let her talk to Eagan even though she quit, and he lets her for a few minutes. She asks the 828ers in the holding cells if any of them had the Calling, but neither of them did. Eagan did, but he’s not so much talking. After Michaela gets under his skin, he says he was trying to save the passengers. He felt they were all in danger, so he opened the emergency door. Then he saw it: a small beaked blackbird. Eagan points out that people out of their seats were getting the Calling, and by his count, there were 17 unoccupied seats, including the crew. He tells Michaela the seats that were unoccupied.
  • As Ben gets ready to test the Tailfin, he gets a Calling in the water, and he sees the Tailfin and Cal is drowning. His hand starts glowing. He tells Vance they don’t need to destroy the Tailfin; they need to return it. Could this be bringing us closer to 828’s disappearance?
  • Michaela has Olive dig up anything on Noah’s Ark and ravens while she and Zeke check out the flight manifest. Olive later tells them that Noah is responsible for the flood, and Michaela figures he was an agent of the apocalypse. Not only that, but Adrian was out of his seat. Unfortunately, the passengers have been released from jail.
  • Ben and Grace get ready to take Cal to the hospital, but Cal doesn’t want to leave the Tailfin. Dr. Gupta continues testing on it.
  • Michaela gets another Calling on the plane, telling Eagan they need to find Adrian. She finds Adrian, his eyes bloody. Meanwhile, Adrian and Eagan have rounded up some passengers to begin a revolution. Zeke tells Michaela he felt him in her Calling, and Adrian was filled with guilt and shame. Michaela thinks the Calling isn’t about a passenger dying but rather a passenger killing.
  • Vance tries to order Dr. Gupta to stop the testing, but Gupta only cares about completing the mission. As Grace and Ben talk to Gupta, Cal goes towards the Tailfin. He tells Grace he has to show them and runs towards the Tailfin. When he touches it, he disappears.

“Mayday: Part 2”

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  • Once again, starting on 828 before the plane departed, Angelina tries to make conversation with Adrian, and in the present, Angelina is with the other passengers. Eagan, meanwhile, updates two passengers on Eureka, telling them it’s time to take action.
  • Everyone at Eureka is freaking out over what had just happened with Cal and the Tailfin, and Dr. Gupta is just guessing what to do. Even though the NSA heard about Cal’s disappearance, they want testing on the Tailfin to continue. But Vance is all in to do anything to save Cal.
  • Drea interrogates an 828 passenger, and while doing so, Michaela gets another Calling on the plane, filled with blood.
  • Olive and Grace find some of Cal’s drawings, which turn out to be a puzzle. And at Eureka, Ben, Saanvi, and Vance try to convince Gupta and Dr. Zimmer to take the Tailfin to the ocean.
  • Drea, Michaela, and Zeke find out where Adrian, Eagan, and the passengers were, but they are already gone. They did, however, find the passenger list.
  • After Olive figures something out about one of Cal’s drawings, she restores it to its original picture; a dragon. Dr. Gupta realizes that Cal’s trying to send a message to her after seeing that he wrote grandmother in Sanskrit. The map is a constellation of where she would look up at the sky to see her grandmother.
  • They discover that it’ll lead them into the heart of an electrical storm.
  • Michaela, Zeke, and Drea find maps and addresses of the passengers’ attack plan. And it’s for Vance’s house, and his son is home sick. Michaela calls Ben, who tells Vance about Eagan and Adrian’s plan.
  • Adrian tells Angelina to go to her guardian angel.
  • Jared talks to Eagan and Randall, and Zeke gets the feeling that Eagan’s having second thoughts.
  • Ben and Saanvi get out closer to the storm, but the boat captain doesn’t want to go in further because it’s too dangerous. Saanvi goes out to the deck to try to release the Tailfin, and when she does, she falls in, the Tailfin following in, as well as Ben to save her. The Tailfin disappears.
  • After taking down Eagan and Randall and saving Vance’s son, Jared and Michaela have a heart-to-heart where Jared confesses his feelings about her and about Zeke, and Zeke tells Michaela they should talk. Michaela, however, gets another Calling, and she finds Adrian on the plane. His hands are bloody, and he tells Michaela he can’t let Ben destroy the path. Her brother has lost his way.
  • Ben and Saanvi are back on 828, even though Saanvi stopped getting the Callings, though she might be redeemed. Ben sees Cal in his seat, and Cal says there’s still a chance. Michaela walks down the aisle, hopeless, saying she thought she had stopped the killing. Before Ben is able to find out where Cal is, Cal says he has to go. This is the way it has to be.
  • Angelina gets to the Stone house and traps Olive in the basement. Michaela, meanwhile, sees blood leading to Angelina’s chair with a prayer book on it. Angelina walks into Grace’s room and tells her she needs her guardian angel. Grace tries to stop her, and Olive is desperate to get out of the basement.
  • Angelina gives Eden a baptism in the bathroom and later leaves with her. Someone appears in Cal’s room and grabs Art, the dinosaur, from his closet. He finds a bloodied and dying Grace on the floor of the master, having been stabbed. Cal, now five years older, places Art under her head. Cal tells her he knows what they need to do now, and Grace dies.
  • As if that wasn’t enough for you, at Eureka, Dr. Gupta is about to leave when Captain Daly appears in 828’s cockpit, pleading for help. He disappears again, along with the salvaged plane.

And there you have it! We have completed Nerds Rewatch Manifest, and season 4 finally premieres in one week! Rewatching the series from the start makes me so excited for what’s to come for the final season, and even grateful that we get one more season. And rewatching the season 3 finale gives me the chills all over again, seeing the different cliffhangers and wondering just what will happen. Soon, we will finally have our answers.

Don’t miss season 4 part 1 of Manifest releasing next Friday, November 4 only on Netflix! Check out the rest of our Manifest coverage here.

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