Disney’s New Series ‘The Santa Clauses’ Drops New Trailer

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With the Christmas season around the corner, Disney+ has decided to give viewers a little gift. The new series The Santa Clauses has released a trailer that will make fans of the original films feel nostalgic. Tim Allen is back as Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus, joined by Mrs. Claus, Elizabeth Mitchell. Check out the trailer below to see how the spirit of Christmas might be in danger!

The trailer starts with a sight that fans of the original movies will easily recognize. It’s Christmas Eve night, and a fireplace appears out of nowhere. Soon we see Santa Claus emerge, but that is where the picturesque scene ends. Met with the screams of a woman asking who he is, Santa is convinced the kids he once knew have all grown up and lost the belief in Christmas.

With the realization that it is time for him to retire from being Santa, it seems to be back to the regular life of Scott Calvin. The entire Claus family is along for the ride and gets to experience many new and exciting things. This relaxation doesn’t last long though as elves at the North Pole begin to disappear. Scott realizes he may have acted too soon in retiring and clearly picked the wrong replacement. With the support of his family behind him, he heads back to the North Pole to try and save Christmas!

The Santa Clauses has a talented cast that will bring back many beloved characters. Eric Lloyd and David Krumholtz join the franchise again as Charlie and Bernard. Alongside our old favorites are many fresh new faces that will be a breath of fresh air. The Santa Clauses will be available to stream on Disney+ November 16.

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