‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “Announcement”


In this week’s episode of Andor, “Announcement,” the galaxy begins to feel the unfortunate side effects of the attack on Aldhani as the Imperial Security Bureau cracks down on Rebel activity. Cassian briefly returns to Ferrix, but as he embarks on his next adventure, he finds himself caught up in the crossfire of the Rebellion regardless.

Syril Karn bides his time

We open with Syril Karn, who still appears to be downtrodden after losing his job as a Deputy Inspector. His mother questions his choice to wear a brown suit to his interview for a position with the Bureau of Standards. Meanwhile, a news report discussing the robbery of the Imperial Armory on Aldhani. Later, Karn’s interviewer asks about what happened on Morlana One, to which he explains how important upholding the law is to him. They discuss expunging his record, and he’s then offered a job.

The Imperial Security Bureau reacts

Wullf Yularen addresses the team at the Imperial Security Bureau in the wake of the attack on Aldhani. New Empire-wide measures that will be taken include a tribute tax equal to five times the amount stolen from Aldhani for any sector harboring partisan activity. If anyone is caught using a local custom, festival, or tradition as a cover for Rebel activity, they’ll be punished with permanent revocation of Imperial tolerance. As per Emperor Palpatine, the ISB will be taking the lead going forward. Dedra isn’t pleased with the outcome, as she feels that the ISB is playing straight into the Rebels’ hands. Dedra puts in a request for a Multi-Sector Data Blend to further investigate the Starpath Unit, and she strictly asks for a confidential report.

Blevin tells Major Partagaz that he wants to lodge a charge against Supervisor Meero, as he believes she is overreaching. Upon questioning, she admits that she used the Imperial Emergency Act to gather data across multiple sectors without official sanctions. Dedra explains that she believes there is a focused, organized Rebel effort to obtain highly restricted Imperial military components, and she has proof now. Blevin’s plan backfires — Partagaz reassigns the Morlana sector to her.

The Rebels can’t hide forever

Mon Mothma arrives to pay Luthen yet another visit under the guise that she’d like to exchange the gift she purchased for her husband. She questions if Luthen’s Rebels were responsible for what happened at the garrison and asks him if he’s aware of what he’s done. Palpatine won’t hestitate now. But that’s what Luthen wanted, they need the Empire to overreact and force their hand.

The assistant from Luthen’s shop, Kleya, covertly meets up with Vel. Kleya tells her that the money has been moved already, but they’re worried about the trawler. Vel confirms that it’s buried and gone for good. Vel is concerned about Cinta (who’s still on Aldhani), though Kleya reminds her how dangerous it is to send and receive messages. Kleya then informs her that Clem, whose true name is Cassian Andor, is now a loose end. She instructs her to find him and kill him.

Building alliances


Mon Mothma chats with an old friend at a party, Tay Kolma. She says that she wants to tell him something that only three people in the galaxy know about, because she needs his help. He warns her that she may not want to tell him if it’s something political, because he’s grown weary of the Empire. This means that she can trust him. She takes Tay aside and reveals that the Mon Mothma people think they know is a lie.

She explains to him that the Grand Vizier has infiltrated her Separatist Coalition meetings, and her driver is an ISB plant who reports on her secret humanitarian programs. They’re watching her. She tells Tay that she’s raising money for a “Chandrilan charitable outreach program,” and she needs to access her family accounts. Mon also warns him that Perrin knows nothing of what she does, and he is not to be trusted.

Back to Ferrix


Maarva is surprised when Cassian comes home, and she anxiously informs him that it’s not safe for him there, because Ferrix is now under Imperial authority. She also lets him know that Timm is the one who turned him in, though it doesn’t really matter now that he’s dead anyway. Cassian tells Maarva that they’re leaving; he has enough credits to get them anywhere.

Cassian goes to find Bix, and we learn that they used to be together, hence Timm’s jealousy. She comes outside and warns him that he can’t be there, because anyone that sees him will turn him in to the troopers. The people of Ferrix blame him for what happened — he’s the one that two Corpos and then came home to hide. When he asks Bix for more information about the buyer (Luthen), she tells him she doesn’t actually know anything about him. Cassian gives Bix the credits he owes to people in the town, and then he leaves.

The Imperial presence on Ferrix brings up old memories for Cassian, back when he stood with his adoptive father Clem while stormtroopers marched through the streets. He remembers when they hung him in the square on Rix Road. When he returns to Maarva’s, she announces that she’s not going to leave with him; she’s staying for the Rebellion. If there are heroes brave enough to take on a whole Imperial garrison on Aldhani, she’s brave enough to stick it out there. Maarva tells him she’s never loved anything the way she loves him — but he can’t stay, and she can’t go. She also implores him to stop searching for his sister, because there were no survivors on Kenari.

Caught in the crossfire of the Rebellion

Cassian has made his way to Niamos, where he’s now apparently shacking up with a woman named Windi (and he’s going by the name Keef Girgo). When she wakes up, she asks him what he’s doing, and though he has the shower running, he’s secretly rummaging through a box in the bathroom. As he makes his way through the town, we see that it’s now overrun with shoretroopers. One of them stops Cassian and accuses him of being “a part of it.” The Rebellion. A KX enforcer droid restrains him.

Cassian is brought in for sentencing. They charge him with civil disruption, anti-Imperial speech, fleeing the scene of anti-Imperial activity, and attempted damage to Imperial property. He tries to assure her that he’s just a tourist, but the judge tells him that he’s got enough trouble without a resisting judgement charge. He’s sentenced to six years.

Episode 7 of Andor is now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Episode 8 will premiere on Wednesday, October 26. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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