Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 8-9

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We are back with the next two installments of our Nerds Rewatch Manifest series, with episodes 8 and 9 of season 3. After discovering a new and possible link to 828, Dr. Gupta, Saanvi, and their team of researchers at Eureka try to figure out what this all could mean, but it could have dire consequences as a secret Saanvi’s been harboring endangers her. After Ben and Michaela help another passenger, the two are hesitant to work with Eagan again, and Angelina begins to overstay her welcome at the Stone household, much to Olive’s dismay.

“Destination Unknown”

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  • Ben undergoes testing at Eureka, and a unique genetic marker is found in him that was also found in the controlled group of deceased returnees — sapphire.
  • Ben gets a Calling where he sees fire on the photos of several passengers.
  • Saanvi tells Ben that they got a package from the Vatican: a fossilized piece of driftwood.
  • Michaela touches a tarot card on the ground, and it burns her as if the volcano on the card came to life.
  • Ben figures his Calling and Michaela’s Calling are … wait for it … connected. They figure it has to do with Roman Numerals and the 21st row on the plane. Ben sees a photo of Rachel Hall, who was in 21E, and wonders how she’s endangering the lifeboat.
  • Dr. Gupta and her team of researchers begin their experiment and research on the driftwood.
  • Ben and Michaela do some research on Rachel Hall, who is now Rachel Evans, after finding out her husband married her sister while she was gone.
  • They find Rachel, hoping to help her, but all they’re left with are more questions about why the Calling warned them about her.
  • Grace and Angelina check out potential restaurants since Grace wants to start a little cafe with her dad’s recipes to honor her brother. And when Eden is fussy, Angelina takes her, and she immediately calms down.
  • At Eureka, it’s discovered that a peacock has the same anomaly and is from 6,000 years ago. It’s also found that the driftwood came from a dormant volcano.
  • After talking to a neighbor’s cleaning lady, Ben and Michaela find out that Jonas, the husband, is abusive, and Rachel’s been trying to save her sister from him.
  • Saanvi realizes that the dormant volcano is believed to be the final resting place of Noah’s Ark, which has connections to everything related to 828 and the driftwood and sapphire. She wants to tell the passengers about their discovery, especially Ben, but Vance and Dr. Gupta warn her not to since they have to understand 828 first.
  • Michaela tries to talk Hannah into letting her help, while Ben follows Rachel, who has set out to kill Jonas at his work. Ben tries to intervene, and after he talks to her, she gives him the gun. Police show up, and Rachel and Ben are both arrested.
  • Ben believes it is his duty to save the Lifeboat, but he gets into an argument with Michaela over it.
  • Angelina plants herself more in the Stone family.
  • The volcano in Cal’s snow globe erupts, and he has the fire Calling.


Peter Kramer/NBC
  • Michaela gets the dark cloud Calling again and assumes it’s about Ben, but since Eureka won’t let him back, it’s not.
  • Angelina tries to mention to Olive she’s happy to help with babysitting Eden, but Olive doesn’t take it so lightly since Eden is her sister.
  • Water is overflowing in the garage, getting the 828 research wet, but Grace doesn’t see any water. It’s a Calling. Ben soon sees the dark clouds. Eagan rings the doorbell, drenched in water.
  • Eagan says he saw a lion in the Calling, and it almost ripped his head off. Ben figures it has to be about Eureka. Olive offers to help, and Ben tells her to go to Astoria to do some research.
  • Grace doesn’t like that Ben wants to work with Eagan, considering that he kidnapped her husband. But Ben has a plan to keep his enemies close and understand what he knows.
  • In a Calling, Michaela sees tears of blood in her reflection. She thinks Saanvi could be in serious trouble at Eureka, but Ben isn’t able to reach her. Meanwhile, at Eureka, as Saanvi continues testing on the driftwood, blood is streaming down from her eyes.
  • Ben and Eagan see a lion in the garage, its eyes bleeding, and just as it comes at them, it disappears.
  • Michaela gets to Eureka and finds Saanvi clearly not well with her bloody eyes.
  • Olive was able to find a Chinese Buddhist myth of a lion crying tears of blood, and it tracks up to the Calling. Ben figures a lie at Eureka is endangering their lives.
  • Michaela demands that Saanvi tell her what she’s hiding, and Saanvi tells her about the driftwood and Noah’s Ark.
  • While Zeke holds down the fort during dinner with Jared and Sarah, Sarah helps Beverly and Zeke senses that she is truly good.
  • Ben finds Al-Zuras’ journal in the water in the garage, which is glowing.
  • Michaela senses that there is something else and confronts Vance.
  • When Olive gets home from Astoria, she finds Angelina taking pictures and dressed completely like her, hair and all.
  • In the journal, Ben sees a picture that eerily looks like Saanvi, and another picture shows a boat sinking, with everyone on it drowning. Eagan thinks Saanvi made a hole in the Lifeboat, and they are already going down.
  • Michaela pleads with Saanvi, who is worsening, to tell her what she’s hiding. She confesses to killing the Major, and she gets better. Ben’s garage, meanwhile, is as dry as it should be.
  • Olive tells Grace about Angelina and her worries. She later catches Angelina at Astoria with Levi, the guy she’s been hanging out with.
  • Michaela tries to make Saanvi feel better by justifying the Major’s death and the Calling wanting her to come clean. Saanvi tells Michaela that as a cop, she has a responsibility to turn her in. Michaela suggests she get better first, and then they can talk.
  • When Ben tells Grace about the Callings and Al-Zuras’ journal, she wonders if the people in the boat were pushed rather than jumped, suggesting that the Callings may be telling him to push someone else off the Lifeboat.
  • Little tremors of earthquakes are discovered around Eureka, and Dr. Gupta shows a video of the driftwood, which disappeared and returned 37 milliseconds later.

Catch up on our Nerds Rewatch Manifest series here and stay tuned to episodes 10 and 11 next week! Season 4, part 1 of Manifest drops on Netflix on Friday, November 4. Check out the rest of our Manifest coverage here.

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