‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Eye”

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In this week’s episode of Andor, “The Eye,” Cassian and the team reach the point of no return as they embark on their perilous mission to rob the Aldhani garrison. While they’re ultimately successful, the exact measure of that success is arguable, considering the losses they suffer along the way.

The calm before the storm

The crew wakes up at their camp the next morning, and Nemik is full of anxious energy as they prepare for the heist. He still struggles to get a read on Cassian (and what fuels him), and he blatantly points out the fact that “Clem” likely isn’t his real name. Taramyn locks in a signal on their fieldcomm so they’ll be able to stay in contact with Vel and Cinta. As they head out, Skeen tells Cassian that Taramyn used to be a stormtrooper, which explains his mannerisms.


Disguised in Imperial uniforms, Taramyn runs the team through their cover plan again as they await the passage of the Alhandis, who are making their trek to watch the Eye. They blend in as escorts following behind the pilgrims. Lieutenant Gorn watches carefully as they arrive and assigns them, Squad Three, to the return escort with the Commandant and his family.

And so it begins

Vel and Cinta swim underwater and sneak up onto the base to complete their part of the mission — placing devices to shut down all of the Imperial comms when they’re ready. Cinta can see that Vel has now grown visibly nervous, and she hesitates to send the signal to the men to tell them to move on to the next step. On the ground, they grow concerned until Vel finally radios over the comm. Taramyn, Skeen, Cassian, and Nemik escort Jayhold and his family inside, where they finally drop their cover and raise their weapons. They hold them hostage, and Vel and Cinta make their way inside to finally reconvene with them.

Jayhold tries to tell them that he can’t open the payroll vault for them because it’s locked with a code from the airbase. However, they only need his hand to open it, and once they get down there, they’re able to blast the trays free. With their weapons held at the ready, the Rebels instruct the Imperial staff to quickly help them load the credits onto the ship.

Caught in the crossfire

Outside, the comms across the base are shut down, which isn’t necessarily suspicious because it could just be a result of interference from the Eye. However, one of the guards manages to tune his comm to the team’s frequency, which is now the only one working, and he overhears what’s happening inside. He and a group of soldiers go running down to the vault to intercept them.

Jayhold is shocked when he realizes that Gorn was in on the robbery, despite his seven years of service there. When the other guards arrive to investigate, Gorn attempts to act as if everything is fine, but the situation erupts into a firefight when Jayhold falls to the ground. Though Cassian, Vel, Nemik, and Skeen make it onto the ship with the stolen credits, Taramyn is shot and killed in the crossfire.

The escape


The pilgrims’ singing quiets down as the meteor shower begins, covering the sky in a brilliant display of light and color. Cassian pilots the ship as they go to make their escape from the vault, but Nemik is crushed in the process when everything goes flying as they take off. Though TIE fighters attempt to pursue them, they’re unsuccessful, and Nemik helps Cassian navigate his way through the wild chaos in the air. Cinta watches from down below — she didn’t escape with them.

Loss and betrayal

Once they clear the planet, Skeen is angry because he believes Vel wants to give up on Nemik (who’s not doing well). They make a detour and bring him to a doctor. Cassian and Skeen sit outside while the doctor works to save Nemik, and Skeen estimates that they stole at least 80 million credits. He suggests that the two of them take off with the money because he has a place to hole up if Cassian can pilot the ship. Cassian learns that the story about Skeen’s brother was a lie. Skeen continues to try and convince him, but Cassian opts to kill him instead.

Cassian walks inside of the hut, blaster raised, and he learns that Nemik, unfortunately, died on the operating table. He tells Vel what happened, though she’s hesitant to believe Skeen would betray them. Cassian firmly tells her that he’s taking his cut, and he gives her Luthen’s kyber crystal. In return, she hands him Nemik’s manifesto.

The word of insurrection spreads

Major Partagaz tells the staff at the Imperial Security Bureau that nobody is going home. Following what happened on Aldhani, he wants every Star Sector and Planetary Emergency Retaliation plan ready for presentation that night.

Mon Mothma is in the middle of a meeting with the Senate, though the delegates all appear to be distracted as news about what happened comes in.

Elsewhere, Luthen remains undercover at his shop. A man jokingly asks him if he has any pieces from Aldhani and mentions that there was a big Rebel attack the night before. Luthen excuses himself to step into the back of the shop, and he laughs in relief.

Episode 6 of Andor is now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Episode 7 will premiere on Wednesday, October 19. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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