‘LOTR: The Rings of Power’: Leon Wadham Discusses Kemen’s Father and Where He Goes Next at NYCC

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While diehard Tolkien fans are well aware of Pharazôn and all that he brings about to Númenor and Middle-earth, his son Kemen, played by Leon Wadham, is a new addition brought into the lore via the Rings of Power series.

Ar-Pharazôn was the last king of Númenor and one of Middle-earth’s most dastardly villains. He brought about the fall of Númenor in his quest for power and eternal life, much under the influence of Sauron, as well as the Change of the World, which ushered in the Third Age of Middle-earth. We can already see these seeds being planted in the series as Pharazôn has begun his crusade of gathering support and power in opposition to Queen-regent Míriel’s decision to aid Galadriel and Middle-earth.

All signs point to Kemen following this unsavory path, but is there hope for him coming in the form of a budding relationship with Elendil’s daughter, Eärien (who was also created for the series)? Wadham dished on what he knows to us at NYCC.

“I mean, everything is in place for him to become an absolute monster, but there’s still a chance that he could be redeemed. His connection to Elendil and his family means that he could be tipped.”

As for his hopes for Kemen? He’s still enjoying the mystery of it; not even he knows if his connection to Elendil is enough to wipe out his desire for his father’s respect.

“He’s got this deep desire for his father’s respect, for his approval. But if he gets it, he’s doomed. So, the best thing for him, for everyone really, would be for that relationship to kind of be severed, finally. But all he wants is for him [Pharazôn] to take him in properly! So, it’s a really fun thing to play, and I’m really curious to see where it goes next.”

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1 finale airs Friday, October 14 exclusively on Prime Video. The series has been greenlit for a season 2, and production is starting in the UK.

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