Nerds Rewatch: ‘Manifest’ Season 3, Episodes 6-7

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We are halfway through our Nerds Rewatch Manifest series, and things are getting intense! In the sixth and seventh episodes of season 3, Jace, Pete, and Kory’s Death Date come to fruition, and Grace and Angelina deal with the aftermath. Meanwhile, Ben’s role at Eureka upsets passengers, who take matters into their own hands.

“Graveyard Spiral”

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  • Michaela and Jace fight, but Jace hears Cal’s voice in his head, which throws him off. Michaela falls over a cliff, and Jace leaves to find Cal, thinking he’s his last chance. Michaela calls for Zeke, and the two slowly but surely get back to the top of the cliff, despite Michaela’s dislocated shoulder.
  • The last chance Calling and the papyrus Olive and Angelina have been studying about the trials are all connected.
  • Tarik’s house is vandalized: tires are slashed, and “ET go home” is spray painted on the garage door.
  • Jared checks out Kory’s hospital room, but he’s escaped. Ben has a hunch he had a Calling and assumes he and Jace are headed for the lake.
  • Tarik, Grace, Cal, and Eden hide in a cellar that Tarik and Grace would hide out in all the time when they were growing up. Ben later gets to Tarik’s house, not knowing that his family is hiding out. They come out from hiding and are about to leave, but shots are fired from all sides. Pete points towards the roof, where his brother is.
  • As Tarik, Grace, Cal, and Eden are running away, Tarik decides to find their dad’s rifle in their old shelter, despite Grace’s pleas. Meanwhile, Pete feels the need to stop Jace on his own. Jace sneaks up on Tarik at the shelter, and Pete pleads with his brother to put the knife down. Jace stabs Tarik and tells Pete that if he kills Cal, they can’t die since he was there when they died the first time and when the plane came back.
  • Pete tries to stop Jace from killing Cal, and the two hear Cal’s voice in their head.
  • Grace finds Tarik bleeding out, and he dies in her arms. Ben gets to the shelter and sees Tarik. Grace comes out, her bloody hands holding a rifle, ready to fight.
  • Olive finds the missing papyrus in Ben’s bag (that Eagan stole).
  • Kory finds Cal and warns him not to speak the rythme that he’s been telling Eden. If he can find him, so can Jace. And sure enough, he does.
  • Grace finds Jace, determined to kill him. Ben comes out of the cellar, trying to stop her since this is part of Jace’s last trial. Jace begins throwing up water, drowning, and dies. While it seems Pete and Kory beat their Death Date, Olive puts the remaining papyrus pieces together. The last trial isn’t about each person. They all came back together, and they are all being judged together. A black shadow comes from Jace’s body and splits into two, taking Kory and Pete with it and killing them.

“Precious Cargo”

Peter Kramer/NBC
  • Jace, Pete, and Kory’s bodies are being held at Eureka, likely for observation and examination. Ben, meanwhile, partakes in testing. The methheads have distinct markers like the passengers.
  • Inverted dark clouds loom over New York City, leading multiple people, including Michaela, to be entranced by it. It leads her and several passengers to a building, Eureka, and they see Ben outside.
  • Angelina feels heartbroken over Pete’s death and feels it’s time for her to leave. She feels useless, like she hasn’t been helping people, despite being friends with Olive.
  • Michaela confronts Ben about Eureka and tells him about the Calling. He tells her he has nothing but faith in the Callings, but she isn’t giving up so easily.
  • Michaela’s hands glow, and simultaneously, a group of passengers come up to Ben, whose hands are also glowing. Ben is tased, and he passes out. Michaela tries to find Ben after her hand glows, but he isn’t anywhere to be found.
  • Ben wakes up in a basement but is unable to find a way out, especially with a dog in the way. Eagan comes down and wonders what Eureka is all about, and Ben tells him about the NSA investigating 828.
  • Michaela enlists Drea’s help and brings up Eagan and her suspicions, but they have trouble tracking him down.
  • Saanvi’s research at Eureka leads her to find sapphire on every subject that returned.
  • Eagan and two of his guys come down as Ben tries escaping and tie him to a chair, so he doesn’t leave. Eagan interrogates Ben about Eureka.
  • Michaela gets an email about a refrigerator sent to her old email address, and she realizes Ben might be trying to send her a message about where he is. When they get to the neighborhood, it takes them a while to find the exact house since they all look the same, but they are successful in doing so.
  • Cal’s afraid Grace is trying to erase Tarik since she’s been going through his stuff.
  • Saanvi and Logan bring their research to Vance and tell them that all the events they’ve been going over are connected with the sapphire.
  • Michaela and Drea find Ben, who assures his sister that it was all a misunderstanding. But Michaela and Drea arrest Eagan anyway.
  • When Olive makes one last case to Angelina to get her to stay, Eden begins fussing, and Angelina takes her from Olive, immediately calming her down.
  • Eagan makes bail, much to Michaela’s dismay, and Ben is waiting for him outside. Ben wants him to enforce the Lifeboat, what connects them all, among the passengers if he looks into Eureka.
  • Saanvi’s ready to leave Eureka, but Dr. Gupta tells her she may have found a breakthrough in 828. She found sapphire on another piece much older than the plane.
  • Outside of Eureka, Ben sees the inverted dark cloud from earlier.

Stay tuned to episodes 8 and 9 next week, and be sure to check out the rest of our Manifest coverage here! Season 4 premieres Friday, November 4, exclusively on Netflix.

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