‘The Rookie: Feds’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 “Face Off”


Following the series premiere, Simone and Brendon learn about getting confidential informants, while Garza and Carter are forced to confront some of their personal issues.

Simone’s Help

On the way to work, Simone witnesses the aftermath of a drug deal. She chases the guy down and arrests him at the cost of a dent in Cutty’s beloved car. In the interrogation room, Simone charms Anton into being an informant for the FBI. Through Anton, they learn about a lead to a possible major arms dealer.

When Simone comes home, though, Cutty isn’t happy that she’s using a local kid as an informant. They fight about their differing ways of helping the community. In the end, when things are resolved with Anton and the charges are dropped because of his help, Cutty and Simone make up and hug it out. The moment comes to an end when Cutty notices the dent in the car despite Simone getting it fixed.

The Mix-Up

At a local hotel, Brendon speaks to a worker about being his informant. They work out a deal, and the guy tells Brendon about a councilman that meets up with sex workers at the hotel. Laura asks Garza about how to proceed; while he’s explaining that they shouldn’t pursue it themselves, Brendon has taken it into his own hands and confronts the alleged sex worker. When he confronts her, she reveals herself to be the congressman’s wife. Apparently, the couple liked roleplaying, which involved the wife wearing varying looks, and it was a big misunderstanding. Back at the office, Garza goes off on Brendon because the wife isn’t happy. Brendon and Laura have a heart-to-heart about it all after.

Seeing Double … Well, Triple

Simone’s informant gets her a lead that brings her to find what she thinks is a major arms dealer. After bringing him in, though, they run his prints and learn it’s not the guy they’re looking for. They learn that he was paid to get plastic surgery to look like the man in question. With some investigating, they find the guy who hired him. It’s quickly revealed that he’s also not the guy they’re looking for and is actually another body double. He was hired by the criminal to pretend to be him in meetings but got sick of it and hired the first guy to pretend to be him. The second body double cuts a deal and reveals where the real criminal is living. They investigate it, which leads to a shootout and them catching the guy.

To Act Or Not To Act

ABC/Eric McCandless

When Simone notices something off with Brendon, he admits that his dream director wants him to do a table read for a part. He spends the episode debating going to the table read despite quitting acting and ends up going. His reading for the part goes really well, but when he goes back to return the script he took, he overhears that the production is being financed with laundered money. He confides in Simone about what he heard and debates what to do about it. In the end, he tells Laura, and they turn the guy into a confidential informant.

Carter Makes a Choice

Tracy continues to push Carter to give her intel on Garza in exchange for a promotion that’ll put him close to his family. He considers going through with it, especially with the status of his marriage. He tells his wife about it when she stops by his apartment to pick something up, and she’s not on board with him taking that route. In the end, he decides to come clean to Garza about what Tracy’s been trying to get him to do. Garza’s aware of it and had given Carter a little test earlier in the episode. When Carter expresses a worry about Tracy making it clear that she’ll make his life difficult if he doesn’t help her, Garza makes it clear that they’ll look out for each other.

Worlds Collide

ABC/Eric McCandless

The Rookie‘s Tim and Lucy appear to help Brendon and Laura. Lucy confesses that she knows Brendon from Vampire Cop, and the two talk about it briefly before Lucy asks for a picture. Their counterparts watch in embarrassment as they happily take a selfie together.

Garza’s Health

To Garza’s dismay, Laura keeps on Garza’s case about staying on top of his health after learning about his issues with his heart. As she lays on him about it, he decides to tell Elena about what’s going on. She tells him that she won’t keep it a secret from their family but agrees to let him tell them himself in the near future.

The Rookie: Feds will be back next Tuesday, October 11 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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