‘Andor’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Axe Forgets”

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In this week’s episode of Andor, “The Axe Forgets,” Syril Karn begins to mull over what’s next for him, Dedra Meero’s secret investigation carries on, and Cassian and the crew prepare for their dangerous mission at the Aldhani garrison.

Syril Karn

Having returned home, Syril Karn mopes about the loss of his job as his mother begins to needle into him about his lack of prospects … but she has a plan for him by way of his Uncle Harlo. Later, in his room, Karn stares angrily at the young holo image of Cassian.

Mon Mothma’s secrets


We get a look into the strained relationship between Mon Mothma and her daughter, Leida, as the two bicker when she comes down for breakfast. Later, Perrin Fertha remarks that Gar Tafeed knows more about what his wife is up to than he does. She casually states that she didn’t tell him about her new “foundation” because she didn’t think he’d be interested; it’s charitable.

Suspicious activity

Despite what she was instructed by Major Partagaz, Dedra Meero continues to remain suspicious of acts of rebellion that are cropping up around the galaxy. The occurrences are “too random to be random,” and she can’t let it go.

Preparing for the mission

Cassian (or “Clem”) wakes up to find the hammocks empty and his bag missing. He momentarily panics, until he finds Skeen outside with all of his weapons laid out. Skeen notices the way Cassian’s eyes stray to his tattoos in recognition, and the two realize they have more in common than they originally thought. Afterward, Nemik shows him a navigational tool he built and begins to wax on about his thoughts on Imperial oppression.

Vel and Taramyn call Cassian over to ask for his input on their mission, and he’s baffled when he has to explain the concept of a load clutch to them. He makes it clear that he’s going to need to be the pilot. Taramyn briefs Cassian on his role for when they go undercover — he’s Imperial Private Clem, a sentry from the Alkenzi Airbase transferred for special duty — and then the team practices marching as an Imperial unit. Though Taramyn isn’t happy about it, he obliges Cassian’s suggestion to change up the formation as he smoothly rattles off which hand that he’s noticed everyone shoots with. Their training is interrupted by the arrival of a TIE fighter, which comes swooping through the field in a show of power.

A partial truth

When the team heads out for the garrison, Cassian finally asks Vel why Lieutenant Gorn is helping them in the first place. She explains that he fell in love with a local woman, lost a promotion, and lost the woman in the process as well. When they stop to rest, Skeen holds a knife to Cassian’s neck, and he grabs Luthen’s necklace, brandishing it to show the others. The group is at a standstill as Skeen accuses Cassian of being a liar, because he can’t understand why he’d bring a sky kyber crystal worth 30,000 credits to a robbery. Cassian admits that he’s being paid; the money is the only reason that he’s there.


When they arrive at the Imperial base after nightfall, they send out a signal to Gorn to let him know they’ve arrived. Skeen approaches Cassian and begins to tell him about his brother — he was a farmer, and the Empire is the reason that he died. Vel informs Cassian that in her and Cinta’s absence, Taramyn is now entirely in charge. Meanwhile, Luthen nervously awaits word from the team.

Episode 5 of Andor is now streaming exclusively on Disney+. Episode 6 will premiere on Wednesday, October 12. Stay tuned for all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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