‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 1 “Do You Love an Apple”

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Big Sky returned last night for its season 3 premiere, with new cast members Jensen Ackles and Reba McEntire. Let’s dive into what happened in last night’s episode!

Deadly Trails

The episode begins with a hiker, Mark, who goes up to the deadly trails. There, he hears music playing by a cassette player, and a man arrives holding a knife. Mark gets scared, and the man with the knife says that he was just putting a deer out of its misery. Mark runs off, but later we see the other man following him, playing the song from the cassette player and scaring him, to the point Mark falls off a cliff.

ABC/Michael Moriatis

Beau Arlen

Cassie, Jenny, and Denise are all at the office talking about Sheriff Beau. Beau walks in, handing Denise back an empty dish because she’s been making him meals. Beau asks Jenny for a ride back to work, and the two talk about Beau’s ex, daughter, and his daughter’s stepdad.

As the two are driving, they come across a man only in his underwear. That man proves to be a Corrections Officer, Harry, who says that as he was transporting a prisoner she escaped and took his uniform, gun, and car. The two get back to the station and look her up, Faith Cole. She was doing time for armed robbery. Harry ends up telling Beau and Jenny that she ended up seducing him and that’s how she ended up escaping.

Poppernak shows up and says that a store was held up and it’s the escapee. Jenny and Beau head out to the store, where they find that the owner, Bill, has gone missing. After viewing security cameras, they see that Faith took Bill hostage with his car.

Beau and Jenny find out that Bill is the brother of Faith’s ex-boyfriend, who she blames for her conviction. Poppernak gives them the address for Bill. As they’re arriving at Bill’s place, Bill falls onto their car from above. He’s breathing but doesn’t look great. Jenny goes up to find Bill’s apartment and sees a cat, but no one else. She also notices some stuffed animals around the apartment.

Poppernak calls Beau and Jenny and tells them that Faith’s ex had kids, a girl whose mom died of a drug overdose. It looks like Faith helped raise the daughter. The daughter wrote a letter to Faith telling her that they were moving to Ireland in two weeks.

Beau and Jenny arrive at the aunt’s workplace where Faith points a gun at the aunt. The daughter is there, witnessing everything. Beau and Jenny yell at Faith to put the gun down and that she doesn’t want the daughter to see it. Faith finally puts the gun down, and Beau and Jenny allow Faith to say bye.

Cassie and The Ranch

Cassie arrives at the Ramblin Camblin ranch, which is up for sale by Tonya.

Cassie arrives at a diner where Tonya and Donno are. Cassie asks about the ranch, and Tonya says she has plenty of offers. Cassie talks about the murders and the drug lab in the basement and if Tonya disclosed that to the potential buyers. Cassie says she’ll submit an offer and it will be fair.

Denise tells Cassie back at the office that years ago, her neighbor’s son’s girlfriend disappeared twenty years ago, and she was found mutilated and not by an animal.

Beau calls Cassie and Cassie asks if they’re still on for a movie night. Jenny grills Beau, who tells her they’re only friends and she’s invited to the next movie night.

Cassie is back at the diner with Tonya, and Tonya accepts the offer, making Cassie the owner of the ranch.

ABC/Michael Moriatis

Sunny Day Excursions

Reba arrives on screen with Rex Linn, as Sunny and Buck are preparing Sunny Day Excursions for guests.

As Cassie was driving to the ranch, she runs into Sunny. She gives the flyer of Mark, who is missing, and asks if she’s seen him. Sunny also introduces her son, Cormac, to Cassie. The two say they’ll keep an eye out for Mark.

Back at Sunny Day Excursions, Sunny tells Buck about the missing hiker. Guests start to arrive, which include Emily, Beau’s daughter, and Avery, Emily’s stepdad. You also meet Luke and Paige, a couple who disagreed with going glamping. Luke wanted to go to Cancun, while Paige wanted to come to Sunny Day.

Cormac, Sunny, and Buck give the guests some rules, like running the buddy system and to let them know where they’re going. Luke and Paige go off on a trail and argue about being there. They also find what looks like blood on a tree. Emily’s recording them when Sunny sees her, and Emily says it’s because she’s thinking of doing a podcast. Sunny asks Emily to help start the fire, and they go back to base.

Later that night, Sunny asks Paige where Luke is. Paige goes off to find Luke and finds him in the woods on his phone. As the two are sitting there talking, music starts. Then, blood starts to fall on Paige’s face.

Sunny and Buck show them that it’s a coyote that the blood was from. Luke actually wants to stay while Paige wants to leave.

Sunny is sitting by the fire later and pulls out the missing flyer with Mark on it. She throws it into the fire to burn it. She makes some smores and puts them on a plate, and heads out into the woods.

We see her come across the man from earlier, the one who scared Mark on the trails. She says “Mama brought you a treat,” implying this is her son.

Movie Night

After the events of the day, Cassie, Beau, and Jenny all have a movie night. Beau tries to call Emily, but she ignores the call and texts him that she’s having fun and she’ll talk to him later. Beau tells Cassie and Jenny that he feels like he’s missing out on Emily’s life.

Big Sky airs on Wednesday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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