‘Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle’ Returns to Universal Studios Orlando

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Universal Studios Orlando Resort

This fall, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will face a sinister entity as Hogsmeade finds itself cloaked in dark magic with the return of Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle.

Swarmed by Lord Voldemort’s loyal Death Eaters, the legendary Hogwarts location transforms into a breathtaking spectacle. The state-of-the-art projection mapping show will showcase special effects and out-of-this-world lighting and bring awe-inspiring moments and creatures from the Harry Potter films to the majestic Hogwarts castle.

The Harry Potter spectacular will run on select nights starting September 16 through October 31 from sunset until the park closes.

Universal Studios Orlando Resort

Guests visiting the streets of Hogsmeade will witness darkness cloak the stone walls of Hogwarts castle as they face Death Eaters, making their presence known throughout Hogsmeade. Then watch as unspeakable creatures and sinister villains of the Wizarding World, including Dementors and Mountain Trolls, become unleashed, along with a visage of Lord Voldemort on Hogwarts castle until a Patronus, a defense charm of concentrated happiness and hope, is produced.

The fun doesn’t end there! Guests can shop the new Dark Arts-themed merchandise featuring the Dark Mark during their visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; and pickup themed items, including mugs, hats, lanyards, tees, and even a Death Eater mask.

For more information about Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle and everything the theme park has to offer, visit Universal Studios Orlando’s official website.

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