‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 7 “Bad Eggs”


With Daniel back on board, this episode focuses on Chozen training the kids for whatever comes next. He, Amanda, Daniel, and Johnny continue strategizing while Silver and Sensei Kim push the Cobra Kais.

Warning: Spoilers exist in this dojo.

Valley Takeover

The episode begins with a montage showing how Cobra Kai is basically everywhere. As Daniel, Amanda, Johnny, and Chozen discuss the spread in voiceover, we see Mitch devouring some Cobra Kai brownies (which he spits out when caught), Anthony getting bullied by the usual suspects, and Daniel re-opening Miyagi-Do.

At the dealership, the four look at a table map of the valley and mark where dojos have cropped up. Johnny wants to call one of Silver’s old friends, but Daniel says they tried that. But they need to do something. And Amanda knows exactly who might help: Kreese. Neither Daniel nor Johnny wants to, but Amanda thinks he’s their best bet.

An Eggsellent Lesson

At Miyagi-Do, Sam reassures Anthony that he can do this. Across the yard, Miguel, Eli, and Demetri talk about Sam. Robby arrives and Eli is annoyed, but Miguel promises Robby is with them. Chozen starts class and uses eggs to make his point. Each of them will take one and must protect it from him. He gives them time to hide. While they do, Anthony thinks he won’t be able to defend himself, but Sam thinks he can. Robby joins them and across the way, the other trio think Robby’s moving in on Sam.

Chozen officially starts the lesson and Demetri is the first to lose. Chozen takes out each egg one by one using some truly admirable techniques. Out front, Eli taunts a little until Chozen smacks the egg right onto the windshield of the car Anthony is in. Anthony immediately surrenders. Only Sam and Miguel are left. They talk about Sam being back in karate and the awkwardness between them when Chozen gets Miguel’s egg. Sam is confident hers is safe in her backpack. It wasn’t.

Chozen is frustrated with the kids, telling them to adapt. He makes them start over but the kids aren’t optimistic. Anthony gets an idea and explains that they need to work together. So, they gather on the sparring deck, put their eggs all in one bucket hat, and circle around them. The technique works, and Chozen continues to amp them up.

An Unhappy Reunion

Daniel and Johnny are waiting to see Kreese and Johnny is ready to leave. Kreese arrives and Gabriel is at his beck and call until Kreese sends him off. Things start a little bumpy, as Kreese also does not want to talk to Johnny. When they deal with it, Daniel wants to know Silver’s plan, but Kreese won’t talk. However, he does mention the lead and Daniel realizes the newspaper was Kreese. Though Silver was not part of the plan. Meanwhile, Johnny says Kreese deserves to be in there, and Kreese says he’s innocent. Daniel offers to get him a lawyer, but Kreese doesn’t want one of his “greasy cousins.” (My Cousin Vinny anyone?) Johnny goes into the offensive, but Daniel remains calm until Kreese agrees.

While Daniel is outside on the phone, Kreese asks if Johnny really wants to end Cobra Kai when Silver is the problem. Johnny adds Kreese was just as bad, but Kreese claims he did it for Johnny. Johnny is angry (and hurt), telling Kreese he’s doing all of this to erase everything Kreese did to him. Daniel returns and says the lawyer agreed.


Follow the Leader

During warm-ups at the flagship, Devon thinks Tory is icing her out when Tory wants Devon to get out, because Cobra Kai is dangerous. Devon doesn’t believe her and thinks Tory is scared of competition. Meanwhile, Kenny is in high energy mode and Kyler tells him to slow down, while also reminding Kenny that Kyler is number one there (questionable, but okay). Silver and Sensei Kim watch from a security feed in Silver’s office. Silver needs leaders and thinks Tory is the best bet. Sensei Kim doesn’t necessarily disagree, but she thinks there may be others.

To test this, they do a new exercise. The boys and girls are split, with Sensei Odell taking the boys and Sensei Kim taking the girls. They pair up a leader and follower from each group, and they must work together to defeat the senseis. The girls are Devon and Tory. The first attempt does not go well. A bit later, no one else wants to take on Sensei Kim. Devon thinks she and Tory could again and they eventually do. They don’t beat Sensei Kim, but Tory protects Devon and Sensei Kim is not impressed. Devon says Tory didn’t need to, but Tory thinks it was her being a good leader.

Kenny and Kyler are the boys, and Kyler throws incredibly unhelpful directions at Kenny, who gets fed up and storms off. Silver stops him and tells him to go to his office. Silver brings up Kenny’s dad, and how with his dad overseas Kenny turned to his brother and then Robby for guidance. Silver can relate, but when he stopped doing that, he reached his full potential. He thinks Kenny can too. During the next round, Kenny refuses to listen to Kyler. The two briefly fight. Kenny winds up using Kyler as a literal jumping off point that allows him to land a hit on Sensei Odell.

The Third Rule of Cobra Kai

Kreese tells Johnny and Daniel about a trip he and Silver took decades ago to learn from Kim Sun-Yung himself, which we see in a flashback. A child aged Kim Da-Eun is there, too. After training, Young Kreese and Silver talk about the dojo, which Silver has bought for Kreese. He knows Cobra Kai is the best, but he wants Kreese to think bigger. This includes the top karate tournament in the world: Sekai Taikai. If they go and win, Cobra Kai will be everywhere. Kreese says no, as he just wants to focus on his students – including on who has the same first name as him. Silver understands and will follow Kreese’s lead.

In the present, Kreese reiterates that if Silver goes to the tournament and wins, Cobra Kai will go global. He explains the bigger picture and then adds he held up his end of the deal. So, as promised, Daniel slides over a folded piece of paper with the lawyer’s info. When Kreese looks, he instead finds the paper reads, “No mercy motherf**cker.” Kreese is agitated and says they can’t beat Silver without him, but they dismiss him.

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