‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 2 “Molé”

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In the second episode of the season, Hector begins to show his true colors to Miguel as Johnny and Robby come closer to finding him. Back in Cali, Tory must make a choice, and Chozen and Daniel try to gain intel.

Warning: Spoilers exist in this dojo.

Sensei Joe

The episode starts with a flashback to a child aged Chozen in a tough karate class with his uncle. His uncle realizes Chozen is skirting around the intentional pain, but Chozen continues to do it anyway, even after a scolding. Back in the present, Silver introduces the new senseis to his class. They’re going to warm the students up, and Chozen picks Tory. He can tell she’s off her game and senses she’s troubled. He explains that she can only break free if she faces the trouble, using some wisdom that sounds suspiciously like Miyagi-Do. Silver overhears some of it when he comes to check on them. He strikes up some conversation where he “learns” Chozen (aka Joe) is from Kyoto, Japan. After a brief exchange, he moves on.

After class, Tory confronts Silver about the All Valley ref and Silver doesn’t deny it. He understands his life is privileged but uses that to his advantage. Tory still calls cheating, but Silver, wordsmith that he is, manages to get Tory to stop and consider after saying she can be the future of the dojo. It seems to have worked when Tory is at home later staring down the trophy.

Hot Ones

After some massive miscommunication, Johnny’s van is towed. He’s still short on cash to get it from the impound lot. Thankfully (but maybe not for Robby’s digestive tract), he and Robby walk into a hot pepper eating contest. Robby takes part and eventually wins by eating the hottest pepper available.

Meanwhile, things with Miguel and Hector are going well, though Miguel hasn’t yet broached the “hey, Dad” conversation. In another room, he calls Carmen to update her but is angry that she deprived him of Hector. She tries to explain Hector is a bad man, but Miguel won’t hear it. Hector walks in and says something just before Miguel promptly hangs up. Carmen calls Johnny next, saying she knows Miguel and Hector are heading to a place called El Hoyo Verde.

Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

Karate vs. MMA

Miguel and Hector are at El Hoyo Verde, an MMA arena, where Hector slowly but surely begins to show his true colors as Miguel sees how popular he is. Elsewhere in the building, Johnny and Robby show up wearing FBI shirts (real professional ones that say “Female Body Inspector” on the back) asking around about Hector. One guy notices and calls to tell Hector. After he hangs up, Hector begins an aggressive line of questioning with Miguel. He goes through Miguel’s phone but stops and returns it just before he sees a photo of Carmen. He then spots Robby and Johnny, leaving before Miguel can notice.

Johnny ends up in a brawl with one of the MMA fighters, who also believes Johnny is a legitimate fed. As Johnny gets in a chokehold, Robby tosses the hottest pepper he didn’t actually eat to Johnny. He rubs the pepper in the fighter’s face, giving himself a chance to break free and take the guy out.


Miguel and Hector are back at the eatery. Hector is irritated and wants to lie low for a bit, taking a wad of cash from the register. He begins talking trash about people from his past, including Carmen (though she isn’t mentioned by name). Miguel, finally realizing Carmen was right, says he needs to go. He begins to cry as he calls Carmen to say she was right. Johnny and Robby pull up. Johnny goes to Miguel and the two tightly embrace. Miguel also spots Robby but doesn’t say anything.

Into the Snake’s Den

Chozen gets ready to have dinner with Silver. Daniel reminds him that Silver is deliberate and without honor, and he will do what he can to sway Chozen. When Chozen arrives, the wooing begins immediately but Silver doesn’t understand why Chozen isn’t on board. Chozen mentions how things didn’t work with Kreese. Silver tries to downplay it and assures Chozen things are back on track. Afterwards, Silver shows Chozen his sword collection, still trying to convince Chozen to take the sensei position. Chozen finally agrees, and the two toast the occasion with “karii.”

The next day, Tory brings the trophy, but Silver tells her there’s no class, so she leaves. Chozen notices, too, and Silver signals for the other sensies. He shares an anecdote about his friends from Kyoto who toasted with “kanpai,” not the Okinawan toast Chozen used. Silver tells the senseis that whoever takes down Chozen can have the job. Of course, Chozen takes them all on and wins without breaking a sweat. He warns Silver to stop expanding and leave Miyagi-Do and the LaRussos alone, or Chozen will have him begging for mercy.

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