‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 1 “Long, Long Way from Home”

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Cobra Kai season 5 is finally here and the stakes are ramping up. In the premiere episode, Daniel and Chozen begin to strategize against Terry Silver, whose newest dojo just had its grand opening. Meanwhile, Johnny and Robby go find Miguel, who is searching for his father in Mexico. Read on to find out what happens in the season 5 premiere.

Warning: Spoilers exist in this dojo.

Closing Up Shop

The season kicks off with a fancy Cobra Kai commercial in which Terry Silver lays out why the dojo is the premier place for karate in the valley. Meanwhile at the LaRussos’, Amanda finds Chozen swimming naked in the pool. Annoyed and also a bit mortified, she complains to Daniel, who tries to ensure her that it’s okay that Chozen is staying with them. Plus, he’s helping with the whole Cobra Kai takeover thing.

Later, Daniel tells the Miyagi-Dos that he’s closing the dojo. Everyone but Sam leaves. She doesn’t want to give up and says she can fight. Daniel doesn’t want her to, though. When he gets home, he and Chozen see more news coverage of the All Valley tournament. Daniel points out how Silver is dangerous, saying they need to behead the snake. Chozen takes this a bit too literally, and Daniel clarifies they need to expose Silver.

Are You My Father?

Miguel arrives in Mexico and is swindled by a group of guys when he asks for directions. He eventually reaches a small eatery, searching for a man named Hector Salazar. He talks to who he thinks is Hector is but to no avail. So, he calls Sam (who’s going through the tournament fight again and again). He needs help with his dad, saying that’s why he called. She gets upset and they have a small argument when Miguel hears someone say “Hector.” Miguel follows the real Hector from a distance, watching him enjoy time with his family. As they walk down the street, their son’s soccer ball goes into the road, and he almost gets hit. But Miguel saves the day, prompting Hector to invite Miguel to dinner as a thank you.

Father-Son Bonding Time

Elsewhere in Mexico, Johnny and Robby are stopped at a convenience store for snacks and a phone pre-programmed with 60 minutes, which is great for Johnny who says that’s like “300 American minutes.” (I don’t think that’s how that works, bud.) They continue driving and Johnny finally reveals the Miguel of it all. He gives Robby the option to go back home on the bus. During this moment of sincerity, though, Johnny almost gets in an accident and swerves off the road, getting the van stuck.

While Johnny fixes the tire, he admits that he knows he let Robby down, but he did that to Miguel too. He calls Carmen with an update and again promises to bring Miguel home. Back in working order, Johnny and Robby wind up talking to the same swindlers as Miguel. But Johnny picks up on it, and a father and son versus scammers fight ensues. Later, the two have a nice heart-to-heart. Johnny knows it was a mistake to bring Robby, but Robby disagrees and says he will stay.

Operation Stop Terry

Daniel and Chozen scope out the new Cobra Kai dojo that just had its grand opening. Chozen notices Silver through the window and recognizes the style from a karate master named Kim Sun-Yung (whom Silver mentioned in The Karate Kid III). Back home, Chozen explains Kim Sun-Yung’s style was Tang Soo Do, only his version was more controversial. Chozen demonstrates and emphasizes how it makes Silver more dangerous. They need more information, but to stay under the radar, they will use Silver’s methods against him.

The episode wraps up with a voiceover from Silver explaining the future of Cobra Kai. Scenes of Daniel officially closing the dojo and Miguel enjoying his time with Hector’s family play out. When we see Silver, he is talking to a line of senseis, and at the very end is Chozen.

Cobra Kai season 5 is streaming now on Netflix. Keep up with our season recaps and additional coverage here.

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