‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 12 “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane”

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In the penultimate episode of Roswell, New Mexico Liz faces her greatest challenge yet as the mist has some unexpected consequences, Max makes a decision on his powers, and Michael fights for the love of his life and to save his friends. Let’s jump into everything that happened in “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane.”

Liz vs The Science

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Max finds Liz at her lab and shows her the science that he found in Clyde’s hideout. They now know that Shivani and Clyde have teamed up and Liz quickly sends the formula to Kyle as well. Liz also whips up more mist to give Max his powers back in roughly an hour, meaning Max and the blue flame are now back in the game.

With Shivani tailing Maria to steal the console, Maria has no choice but to take it to Deep Sky for protection meaning that she can’t have it ready and waiting at the portal when Michael needs it. She undergoes hypnotherapy to induce a deep meditative state to help her reach Alex and Michael as a way to find out when they’ll need the console.

Kyle and Liz work together to fit together the formula that Shivani was working on, and Kyle begins to worry when it takes Liz four hours to recognize a tiny piece of the formula as Bonnie’s DNA (aka the very thing she worked on weeks ago). She’s stressed but also forgetting things. At Kyle’s insistence, she agrees to testing after they analyze parts of the tree for any fuel (the very thing that Michael is trying to do in the pocket world!).

Alone in the lab and realizing her memory is slipping even more, Liz tries to break into the locked cabinet and take more mist. Unsuccessful, she calls Kyle and Rosa who find her sobbing on the floor. Her memory is too far gone to save everyone. Thankfully, Maria is able to reach Dallas and get a formula from Michael on how to make the fuel in Roswell. With Michael’s help from the pocket world, Liz successfully makes the fuel.

Max Begins Training

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With Tezca the only alien who knows anything about the blue flame, she’s the one who trains Max to hone it. Liz is his greatest strength but also his greatest fear and through thinking of her, he begins training. Inside a mindscape (without his knowing), Max loses control when Tezca shows him Liz at sword point by Clyde. He explodes and (accidentally) sets the wooden fence on fire. Tezca coaches Max through fixing the fence. Much like his electricity-based powers, the blue flame is linked to his emotions and he’s able to harness that power to his advantage. Training is put on hold when Max and Isobel go through the quicksand to help Bonnie.

Kybel Fans Rise

Things remain a little awkward but Isobel simply asks for a kiss. Of course, Max chooses then to show up and steal Isobel away to help him train. They try once again to connect but don’t manage it until they are awkwardly witnessing a pep talk/love moment between Liz and Max before they go through the quicksand. Kyle, fueled by emotion, kisses Isobel square on the mouth causing quite the shocked reaction from Liz and quite the disgusted reaction from Max. Kyle looks utterly shocked at himself. Liz (channeling the energy of the fans) is ecstatic to see this development.

Michael “Plant Daddy” Guerin

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With a storm brewing in the pocket world, Dallas officiates a wedding for Michael and Alex. Just as Dallas is getting to the “I do”, Michael interrupts and refuses to marry Alex until they are home and can do it “properly.” He vows to save Alex’s life.

Dallas, Bonnie, and Michael dig around the burned alien fruit tree while Michael explains that if there was fuel in the fruit it will be in the roots of the tree as well. He plans to cook up some “alien bio-diesel” to get them home. Alex rightfully calls Michael a plant daddy while the crew dig and watch the storm rolling in. Just as they find and cut out a root, Clyde arrives knocking everyone out and taking Bonnie. He takes her to a lab in the pocket world and takes a blood sample to inject so that her ability will remove the mark on him. Clyde finally admits his end game, he wants to ascend to Jones’ throne and continue his mission.

As Michael and Alex return to the diner, Isobel and Max arrive. Everyone catches up quickly and Isobel and Max set out to find Clyde and Bonnie. They find him just as the mark on Clyde fades away and take him hostage thanks to Michael’s alien handcuffs.

Alex continues to decline rapidly but Michael whips up the fuel just as Max, Isobel, and Clyde return. Clyde points out that Theo built a failsafe for the portal, and Michael arriving triggered the storm because he carries Jones’ DNA.

Return to Roswell

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Michael, Dallas, Bonnie, Alex, Max, and Isobel arrive at the portal and begin adding the fuel. Meanwhile, Shivani stops Maria while she’s on her way to the portal with the console only to realize it was a trick.

At the site, Liz, Kyle, and Rosa fuel the console up and the portal activates. Just as they get ready to cross, Clyde breaks the cuffs and steps between them and the exit. Clyde is stronger than ever and reveals that the formula Liz created gave him trace amounts of every power Bonnie has ever taken. This includes the blue flame from Max. He extracts the fuel from the console, walks through the portal, and leaves everyone stranded though Tezca sneaks through into the pocket world.

Michael loses hope as Max uses the flame to hold back the storm. Alex gives him a serious pep talk who has Dallas summon some of the water from the tree. It works and everyone crosses through the portal (except Tezca who has the mark from Jones). Isobel and Tezca have a tearful goodbye. Max and Isobel jump through to find Clyde holding everyone on their knees.

The series finale of Roswell, New Mexico airs Monday, September 5 on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage including recaps, synopses, episode images, and exclusive interviews here.

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