‘Ten Thousand Stitches’ Review: An Endearingly Magical Tale


Following the first entry in Olivia Atwater‘s collection of Regency Faerie Tales, Half a Soul, Ten Thousand Stitches takes readers on another wonderfully eccentric and achingly sweet journey that dances the borders between the human world and the faerie realm.

Ten Thousand Stitches introduces readers to Euphemia Reeves, better known as Effie, a housemaid who works under Lord and Lady Culver at Hartfield. While this book is a separate story from the first, given that it’s set in the same universe, readers will be pleased to recognize various characters throughout. Most notably, the faerie viscount Lord Blackthorn returns, carrying the uplifting mood of the story singlehandedly with his earnest positivity as he strives to continuously better himself. Effie, meanwhile, is a strong-willed protagonist who blossoms beautifully as the story unfolds

Effie finds herself in a difficult situation when she sets her sights upon none other than the handsome Mr. Benedict Ashbrooke. Unfortunately, as a maid, Effie’s prospects for a life with such a gentleman are nonexistent — that is, until a chance meeting with Lord Blackthorn. And thus the story of her own fairytale begins. Armed with the faerie world’s quirky rules of magic, Lord Blackthorn and Effie agree to a bargain to secure her future as a Lady and embark on a quest that’s equal parts entertaining, endearingly disastrous, and ardently sincere.

Atwater’s approach to storytelling is smart, witty, and full of heart, eloquently broaching concepts of societal injustice, virtue, and the things that truly make us human in a neatly wrapped package stitched with utmost care. Readers will quickly find themselves spirited away, captivated as the threads of this tale weave in and out of its pages to construct a unique tapestry of love, laughter, and the pursuit of true happiness.

Utterly charming, Ten Thousand Stitches is Cinderella meets Downton Abbey, set within a vibrant world that feels as delightfully whimsical as something straight out of a Studio Ghibli film. For those in search of their next light, fun, and comforting fantasy read, look no further.

Ten Thousand Stitches is now available. The third novel in Atwater’s Regency Faerie Tales series, Longshadow, will be published in paperback by Orbit Books on August 16.

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