‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 5 “You Get What You Give”

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After a one week break, Roswell, New Mexico returned with more mystery and intrigue as Max learns about his hidden abilities, Isobel and Kyle make discoveries in Mexico, and Michael gets in even deeper with Bonnie and Clyde. Let’s jump into the biggest moments of episode 5!

There’s More to Max than Meets the Eye

With Jones well and truly dead, it seems Tezca has her new alien plans centered around Max and his apparent latent abilities. His handprint from healing her (not Cam) created the bond she needed to borrow some of his own abilities. Multiple times she pulls him into his mindscape where she uses her powers to awaken dormant abilities in Max including a mysterious blue flame that she borrows to burn Jones’ corpse. In the mindscape, she tells Max awakening his abilities and him realizing his full potential is essential to her plans (though we’re still unsure what those plans are).

Max pulls the same trick on her and pulls Tezca into the mindscape using their connection only to request her help in controlling the blue fire. She helps him, but he takes the new abilty and uses it to sever their connection. Sadly, when the mindscape is broken she’s there in person. Thankfully, Liz’s serum to sever her DNA from Cam works and she’s forced back into her previous body. Max attempts to use the fire on her but instead causes a few explosions and injures Liz in the process. He’s able to heal her and the moment gives them the chance to apologize to one another. Her for not pushing him to tell the truth, and him for not simply coming clean about his worries with Tezca. Before she vanishes, Tezca also says that the plans in place also involve Liz, a worrisome twist to the evolving story.

What Happens in Mexico?

John Golden Britt/The CW

Isobel arrives at the Valenti owned home where Kyle finds the pod with a mystery woman inside. She’s clearly injured so the duo team up to once again save a life. After operating, they discover old notebooks that detail it’s origins. On the same night of the Roswell crash, otherworldly things fells from the sky and the several Valenti’s gathered them into this house and vowed to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. The Valenti’s in Roswell decided to cut ties with those in Mexico to secure that protection. As Isobel points out, Kyle’s family has been protecting her family for 75 years (it’s a sweet, if rather charged moment what with Kyle’s obvious crush on Isobel). They also discover the mystery is Sonya Valenti of Santa Fe, Eduardo’s daughter and Kyle’s cousin!

When she awakens, she tells them Tezca attacked her and nearly kills her to steal a particular artifact, the board that Bonnie and Clyde have for the alien glass pieces. Sonya didn’t send the letter to Eduardo so there’s still the mystery of who wanted him to visit. However, Isobel is happy for them to celebrate uncovering this particular answer to the riddle of their families. She and Kyle sip on margaritas and dance when he finally has the courage to (in a very roundabout way, “I don’t find you repulsive”) tell her she’s beautiful. They share a kiss, but whether that will develop into anything more remains to be seen. Isobel did just get dumped by Anatsa after all.

Dallas’ Lost Memories

John Golden Britt/The CW

Dallas continues to train his abilities, partly to hone them and partly to hopefully trigger another recovered memory. Maria finds him and he shares that he had a memory of himself as a child with his father on Earth. She recognizes the symbol he sketched and together they visit an old abandoned barn (it’s the barn where Bonnie and Clyde have been hiding out!). It’s here that triggers his memory and he recalls them playing chase and then planting a seed from Oasis in the dirt. Outside, Dallas and Maria find a full grown tree growing the very fruit that Michael ate. The tree matches the sketch that Maria found in Mimi’s wedding album, hinting at some deeper connection between Dallas’ family and the pod squad.

Michael and Clyde Search for Bonnie

John Golden Britt/The CW

Ignoring the glaring fact that Michael is oddly unconcerned about Alex’s continued silence, he gets himself in even deeper with Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie goes AWOL on them and the men spend time together as they search for her. Michael comes through (to Clyde’s perspective) with the remaining alien glass piece and completes the artifact slab with it. The prisms create a 3D map of the cosmos wherein Clyde shows Michael both Earth and Oasis. Michael seems moved by the chance to actually see Oasis like this. Together, they track down Bonnie who is at a music festival. There she tells Michael she didn’t want to hurt Eduardo and she’s no longer interested in helping Clyde and Tezca with their plans. She wants freedom on Earth and plans to run. Michael talks her out of it and instead promises to protect her, essentially winning her over to his side.

Just as things seem to be going well, Dallas shows up at his house only for Michael to be unable to use his powers. He’s unsteady on his feet and completely loses consciousness, crashing to the ground.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage of the show here including recaps, synopses, and episodic photos as they become available.

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