‘The Umbrella Academy’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 “Seven Bells”


It’s the end of the world as we know it as the Kugelblitz has destroyed all but Hotel Obsidian. Read on to find out what happens in The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 9 “Seven Bells.”

More to the Moon

While we originally believed Luther was up on the moon to keep an eye for Viktor’s moon-shattering blast, turns out Reginald Hargreeves was using the moon for a whole different purpose. While Luther is fenced into his own little area, unable to pass a geo fence, out of his reach miles away is another facility. At this facility is a deceased woman cryogenically frozen, her name: Abigail Hargreeves.

The Mystery Bargain

Five is set on figuring out who Reggie was speaking to in the White Buffalo Suite last night, despite the fact he was blackout drunk while Allison is on an apologetic spree. She starts with Luther and adds in that dad has called a meeting at noon with a plan to save the universe. Luther sees her apology for what it is, a ploy to get him and Sloane to attend. Luther refuses but Sloane agrees.

Reginald heads out to work on Five, who is marveling at the Kugelblitz. He wants the world to end, especially like this. The Kugelblitz is clean and effective. Reginald reveals he’s seen the ends of worlds before and that he wishes he’d done more to help save those ones, and that’s what he needs their help with. He doesn’t want to lose another one. Five agrees to attend the meeting at noon if Reggie tells him who he was with in the Buffalo Suite last night, he assumes Ben or Klaus, but Reg insists he was alone. Not like Five was in any condition to remember, right?


In the meeting, Reggie cuts right to the chase. Mythology states the magic number is seven when faced with certain death and the universe has a built-in reset button via a portal that he built this very hotel around. They simply cross the portal and tap the button, and all will be well again (we absolutely believe everything Reggie says because he’s proven to be exceptionally honest in his entire existence as a masked alien…).

There is however, the Guardian, Diego and Lila have already met it, and that’s what complicates things. As Ben agrees, Five again tries to deduce who Reginald was talking to last night, continuing after agreement from Diego (who wants Lila to stay behind). Allison states everyone has to go, but Viktor wants a vote. They all part for an hour to think over how they’ll vote.

Allison makes her apology to Viktor, saying her pain is no excuse to hurt other people, but there’s something about their faces that knows this isn’t the true meaning of the apology.



After the tally it’s Allison, Klaus, Ben, and Lila with dear old dad and Viktor, Diego, Luther, and Sloane staying behind. A tie, leaving Five with the remaining vote. Five decides to go with his future self still, and votes to stay. However, there must be seven that head into the portal, and Reg only has four.

A Unifying Moment

Luther finds Reginald in the White Buffalo Suite and discusses why he made the choice he did. If anyone has a right to be mad at Reginald it’s Luther, he was also his most loyal son. Reginald begs for forgiveness, and Luther grants it. Only to be killed by his father’s hand (quite literally his alien appendage…).

Reginald says the only way to unite a family is at a wedding or a funeral (he’s done the funeral bit before, hasn’t he?) and the wedding didn’t work. So Luther’s funeral it is.

As Five continues to try and figure out who Reg was talking to last night, Viktor approaches and tells him that he knows Allison’s apology was a fluke. It had an ulterior motive. That’s all Five needs to jog his memory. It was Allison in the Suite last night. Sloane screaming draws their attention and they join the rest of the family in the Suite with Luther’s body.

Diego blames the Guardian, Reg was smart to mimic the wounds a curved blade would cause. Reginald comes in shocked and Allison looks at him in horror, this is clearly more than she agreed to.

The Kugelblitz has finally hit the hotel and it’s now or never. Everyone agrees to head through the tunnel to save their own skins, avenge Luther, fix the universe — they all have their reasons — but there’s one problem. There are eight, and Reggie needs only seven

Right as he’s about to crawl through the tunnel Klaus is pushed away, he’s more trouble than he’s worth. But Klaus is smarter than he seems. Before the Kugelblitz can wipe him away, he throws himself on the horns of the White Buffalo, killing himself. Let’s see what his newfound abilities can do for him now.

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