‘The Umbrella Academy’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 “Oblivion”

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Luther and Klaus are gone, and the rest of the Hargreeves have headed into Hotel Oblivion with Reginald for a mission that is sure to be exactly as the patriarch described … Read on to see how season 3 of The Umbrella Academy ends in “Oblivion.”

We’re Dead, Man

Klaus and Luther are reunited in the Void, watching TV and eating pizza in the middle of the desert. Pizza that has pineapple on it, much to the chagrin of Klaus. He has to break it to Luther that they’re dead, but Klaus is right at home.

Luther tells him that dad is absolutely a bug-alien and begs him to go back and warn Sloane and the others, but Klaus is done with the other side. This is his home. Luther punches him for abandoning the family, but who cares they’ll all be here soon enough? There’s also no pain in the Void, so have it at, Luther.

They chase each other throughout everyone else’s little pockets of paradise, ending with Luther finally getting through to Klaus, who agrees to try and get back to the others.

Hotel Oblivion

Five doesn’t buy that the Kugelblitz got Klaus, but there’s no time to argue it. They make their way to the lobby and fight over the bell, Diego knows what happens when that bell rings.

Five knows that Reginal killed Luther and Klaus, citing the way he got the family back together in the first place by killing himself. It’s perfectly on par. He also knows Allison has a big part in this. Allison, however, had no idea her brothers’ deaths were part of the plan. He assures her he had no part in it and that he’ll hold up his end of the agreement as long as she does.

Step one is finding the sigil, after that, it’s up to anyone’s best guess. Not even Reginald knows, and the team is certainly not pleased about that. Allison, Five, and Viktor go one way, Sloane, Ben, and Reginald another, with Diego and Lila rounding out the groups. Reginald, of course, leaves Sloane and Ben alone.

Five confronts Allison about the deal, he knows, and now she’s gotten Luther and Klaus killed. She won’t admit to it and leaves, Viktor chasing after her, Five following but unknowingly passing through a portal to an entirely new area of the hotel.

The same things happen to Diego and Lila as well as Ben and Sloane, who are found by Five. He’s figured it out, the hotel is virtually alive seemingly to keep them away from the lobby. A lobby where Reginald Hargreeves is found by Klaus back from the Void. He knocks him out cold and rings the bell. The battle is set to begin

There are actually four Guardians, and the teams take three of them out. Allison admits to her deal to Viktor but promises she had nothing to do with Klaus or Luther. When they all reconvene in the lobby, Klaus tells all of them the truth, Reginald owning up to it but promising them that the key to resetting the universe is in this hotel. And Five finds it moments before the final Guardian falls from the ceiling and slices his arm off, exactly like his 100-year-old self.

Sloane stands alone against the final Guardian until a familiar face returns. Luther. But he’s not really here, it’s Klaus transporting him here from the Void (finally giving Number 4 more of his comic powers!). Reginald tells Luther he did have a purpose outside of this mission, he had sent Luther to guard the most precious thing in the universe, most likely referring to Abigail on the moon. It’s starting to feel like Abigail is why Reginald was so hellbent on getting to reset the universe in the first place. He disappears when Klaus can no longer hold on.

The sigil is on the floor, seven stars for each of them to stand on, but not Allison. And it’s clear why, standing on the sigils is killing all seven of them, and Reg can’t keep up his end of the deal with Allison if she’s dead.

The hotel isn’t actually a hotel, it’s a machine meant to reset the universe, and the particles inside their bodies are the only things that can power it. A panel appears, allowing Reginald to program him what reality he wants to set. Allison stops him, slicing his head right in half, freeing her siblings in the knick of time. But the machine is set. Despite protests from her family, she pushes the button.

A New Reality

Allison returns home to find Claire and Ray, her dream come true. The others all emerge from the hotel to a brand new world in Obsidian Park, a memorial to Sir Reginald Hargreeves in the courtyard. All of them, including Luther, who now has his normal human body back, and Five’s arm and Diego’s fingers are also back intact. However, one is missing, Sloane. And so are all their powers.

Reginald was successful in resetting the universe. They all disperse, Luther to find Sloane, Klaus follows Luther, Ben grumpily stalks off, and Lila and Diego walk off into the sunset to live their lives.

Despite the memorial, Reginald is also alive and well in a skyscraper, Abigail at his side.

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