‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 “Subterranean Homesick Alien”


The fourth and final season of Roswell, New Mexico continues to pick up steam as Max and Cam are hot on the bank robbers trail, Liz makes a tough decision, and Maria faces a sad truth about herself. Let’s jump right in.

21 Guerin Street

John Golden Britt/The CW

Still believing Alex is off chasing weather balloons, Michael runs into Bonnie who is drinking at the Wild Pony. He thinks she’s binge drinking and strikes up a conversation, guitar in hand. He finds it weird she has no idea about types of alcohol, Footloose, or Kevin Bacon so as she makes a hasty exist he picks up her glass noticing the familiar triad alien mark. He’s found Bonnie.

The next day, Cam and Max inform the group that they found Bonnie and Clyde’s get away car and who the deposit box belonged to. It’s none other than Patricia DeLuca’s box leading them to ask Maria to trigger a vision in the hopes of discovering what was in it. From this meet up, everyone gets their “mission capture the dark triad” assignments. Maria triggering a vision, Liz to analyze the dirt found on their getaway car, Isobel keeping Anatsa distracted, and Dallas and Michael meeting up with Grant Green to see what he knows about the symbol from his newsletter. Michael is less than thrilled with the plan to lock up the triad. He wants to befriend Bonnie and help uncover their plans from the inside. Max is adamantly against this, at least until Liz talks him into it later.

Max tells her that his powers have multiplied since being untethered from Jones and right now he’s worried about what will happen if he has to use them agains the bank robbers. Even so, they call up Michael Cam, Liz, and Max beat Bonnie and Clyde to the bank vault, setting up a trap for them. They spray them with alien inhibitor so their powers fail, and Michael arrives to “save” them. Just like that, (after Clyde decks him) Bonnie whispers that she’ll meet him at the junkyard.

Michael arrives at the junkyard to find Bonnie. He tells her he’s willing to help them out in the future. She briefly talks about how chaotic things feel and they share a sweet moment when Michael offers to teach her guitar so she can make her own music and quiet that noise in her mind.

Liz and Shivani Team Up

Liz heads to Deep Sky to analyze the dirt off the dark triad’s tires thanks to Eduardo giving them level E clearance at the facility. The analysis leads them to the shut down oil rig that’s already swarmed with people. On-sight is Shivani and her team who has bought the place outright. Liz goes undercover to see what the teams might uncover at the sight. Dismissing her team, Shivani cuts right to the chase and tells Liz she thinks aliens are why she’s back in Roswell (she’s not subtle). She’s already well versed in alien science, so Liz cautiously agrees to work with her.

On sight, Shivani’s team find what they believe to be skin on a cactus. She texts Liz to let her know, but Liz chooses to stay home with Max rather than call her immediately. She’s prioritizing that work/life balance and we love to see it! At least until Kyle calls her and she doesn’t answer. Jones’ body has gone missing.

The Most Stressful Double Date

John Golden Britt/The CW

Keeping Anatsa out of the “alien hunt”, Max gifts Isobel two VIP tickets to a wine tasting where they run into Kyle and his date, Kiera. Kyle is clearly trying to sneak away from Isobel (what with being on a date to try and forget about his crush on her) but she insists on a double date to the VIP section seeing as they all have tickets. Anatsa also seems a less than thrilled with the development but agrees. It’s to Isobel’s detriment though because Kiera reveals that she’s an insurance agent working on the bank heist account and Anatsa immediately begins asking questions.

Kyle and Isobel team up to try and change the topic, but Anatsa is relentless. Kiera plays the video for Anatsa and when they nearly spot Max in the midst of the blowing money, Isobel (mentally) throws Kiera’s phone into a bucket of wine.

Isobel begins to crack when she confides in Kyle that she had to mindscape Anatsa and feels like a monster for it. She’s afraid to love Anatsa because of it. Kyle reminds her that she’s operating out of fear, and she’ll have to be honest with Anatsa if she doesn’t want to keep sabotaging the relationship.

Before she can tell her the truth, Anatsa asks her if there are things going on between her and Kyle. She’s hurt that Isobel won’t open up to her about things, she’s “tired of feeling like the side chick” and Isobel accidentally suggests they have some space. Anatsa leaves before she can fix it. Kyle also departs with a very drunk Kiera, taking her him then heading to the lab to discover Jones’ body is missing.

Maria Loses Her Visions

John Golden Britt/The CW

Sadly, Maria is in the worst shape of everyone as she discovers her powers are fading. She’s unable to trigger visions anymore and in a desperate attempt to help Max with the case, she steals an Epipen from Kyle’s office and uses it. It doesn’t trigger anything and Dallas catches her. She fills him in but makes him swear not to tell anyone. Dallas agrees and they set to work finding out the contents of the box in a more logical way. They search the Pony for clues and find safety deposit box keys.

They retrieve the item from the box, a mysterious glowing cube. Dallas also reminds her it’s ok to grieve the loss of her powers and let herself adjust to the new normal. He also shares that growing closer to the group has made Dallas feel closer to his father.

The two are sharing a meal when Maria gets a call that night, her mother is once again missing from her care home.

Tezca Strikes Again

Tezca is fast become a serious villain, first with sending Alex into the sand (I refuse to accept he’s gone for good) and now attacking Eduardo on the road. In a Supernatural-esque scene, she’s in the middle of the deserted road in a white dress forcing him to slam the brakes to avoid hitting her. Her eyes glow purple as she does… something. They never show us whether she’s simply searching his mind to uncover information or if he’s also going to go missing alongside Alex.

With Jones’ corpse missing, Alex still in the sand, and the gang in possession of the mysterious relic, things are heating up as the season continues. Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage of the show here including recaps, synopses, and episodic photos as they become available.

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