‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 19 “A Matter of Miles”


The penultimate episode of season 2 of Walker is here! The big family dinner between the Davidsons and the Walkers occurs, while Cordell, Cassie, and the Rangers seek answers on Miles. Let’s dive in!

The Walkers and The Davidsons

Stella and Colton plan to have the Walkers and Davidsons together under one roof, hoping it will ease the tension between the families.

Denise, Gale, and Geri are at a farmer’s market and Geri convinces them to do the dinner. Gale agrees with Geri, even with Denise’s pushback.

Liam calls Cordell about dinner, and he’s hoping the Davidsons will admit to something with the race and saddle.

Augie and Abeline go into a guitar store and Augie runs into a girl from the shop, Kit, and she gives him her card with her social handles.

The Walkers, minus Cordell, arrive at the ranch and go in for dinner. Geri and Abeline talk and the two of them hug with Abby promising to be good. Dinner is ready and the families sit down as Dan arrives with ice. As the families start talking, things get tense as the race gets brought up as well as the gardens Gale took out.

Cordell arrives and sees Bonham. Geri also walks in, and Bonham and Cordell go into the dining room. The families still argue about the race, and August finally tries to calm them down.

After dinner, Abeline and Gale talk. Abby tells Gale she has it all now, and that it’s sad it’s not enough. Geri walks in, and she and Gale talk. Gale says “I always knew we’d be together again,” and Geri gives her a weird look at the use of the word, “again”.

Geri tells Cordell about a strange moment with her and Gale, but he gets interrupted by Captain James calling.

Later, Cordell and Geri meet at the Side Step. Geri tells Cordell about the suspicion about Gale, and that maybe Gale knew about Geri all along. Nate comes by and Geri asks if Gale ever knew — or if he or Frank ever told anyone, and he denies it. They’re left with questions of how Gale knew.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Miles, Fenton Cole, and More

We pick up where we left off last episode and Cassie hugs Miles. He tells them how he and Fenton staged the whole disappearance. Miles tells Captain James it couldn’t be an official op, and that he and Fenton didn’t know who to trust. Miles also tells Cassie he doesn’t know how her gun was used.

Rita meets up with Cassie and Cassie brings her into a room and Miles is there. The two embrace and Rita can’t believe he’s alive. Rita tells Miles about her relationship with Fenton.

Captain James finds Fenton and asks him about Miles. Larry asks again and again who is after them and Fenton will not tell. They take him to the ranger station and Larry asks Cassie to take Miles to the safe house. Larry sits down to question Fenton who still refuses to give any information. Later, Larry interrogates Fenton again. Larry goes to leave for a break, and Fenton puts something in his mouth, causing him to collapse, where he’s pronounced dead.

Cassie, Miles, and Trey are all at the safe house. Miles tells Cassie he should have trusted her. He reveals someone tried to pick up his daughter from school, and that’s when they felt they were being followed and had to stage his death.

Larry arrives while Cordell is getting help. The four grab guns and get into a huge shootout with men who followed them. Cordell and the Rangers arrive, and they take down all the men. Cordell says Fenton was right, this is just the beginning.

Cassie promises Miles she’s going to find the truth.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8/7c. Tune in next week for the season 2 finale!

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