‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 “Fly”


Roswell, New Mexico returned last week for the fourth and final season, and tonight’s episode 2, “Fly”, was full of mystery and intrigue.

The Mystery Rain Explained

The glowing rain and mysterious sky colors are explained away by Liz as St. Elmo’s Fire. It’s Earth science and not alien, simply ionized protons perceived by the eye as shimmery and green. Thankfully, Liz is able to explain away the rain and sky for Sheriff Max Evans to use at his press conference.

Max’s press conference is crashed by Grant Green, who is determined to use this phenomena to promote his museum. His own weather balloon has goo with quite a familiar alien sparkle to it and meets up with Alex and Dallas to question Alex on the weather balloons which he promises are above board. Alex assures him they are and promises to look into anything odd that comes back from the field. And Dallas? Well, Dallas is assigned “keep Guerin out of trouble” duty.

The Crashdown Cafe

The CW

Isobel meets Anatsa at the Crashdown for a quick breakfast milkshake before Anatsa runs off to Max’s press conference. However, the joint is busier than ever thanks to the odd storm, so Isobel jumps behind the counter to make said shake. Anatsa doesn’t even get to try it before having to leave, and Arturo hires Isobel on the spot thanks to her “excellent milkshakes.” If only the patrons knew they were being served by a literal alien!

Meanwhile, a man looking suspiciously like an MIB extra requests Liz visit with his boss on the roof. This mystery woman is Aly Meyers’ wife, Shivani, who happens to also be a tech billionaire. She seems to be in the business of collecting scientists (aka funding research) and pitches a partnership with Liz. She brings Liz a glowing grasshopper, quite an odd ‘gift’ but I guess it’s appropriate for a scientist.

Feeling like a bad mentor, Liz reaches out to Shivani with the hopes of reaching Aly. Shivani points out that she likely learned her bad work/life balance habits from Aly who often goes MIA when she gets wrapped up in research. Shivani tells Liz that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and that balance is good. She offers to help Liz if she ever needs anything, and I think we might be seeing a lot more of her in Liz’s future. Liz decides to be real with Vanessa and asks her to meet at the Crashdown. She tells Vanessa she has potential and she shouldn’t waste it, she gives her paperwork for a scholarship. Vanessa points out that’s only tuition and Arturo steps over to inform her she is welcome to pick up shifts at the Crashdown if and when she needs money during her college years.

Glowing Grasshoppers

The CW

With the glowy grasshopper in hand, Liz of course heads straight to Michael’s lair where they dissect the insect together (they are a tad too giddy over it, I might add). Liz believes the genome has been altered by the St. Elmo’s Fire and when it’s cut open the glowing insides zip straight into the alien glass console. Her theory is the hive mind of the grasshopper is acting as a beacon.

Liz runs off to her class so Michael calls in his next best expert, Alex. He has his own theories regarding the frequency of the console and makes a huge request of Michael to let him take the console to Deep Sky and run diagnostics on it. This way he doesn’t have to run all over the desert for weeks, “Like a piece of alien tech, I don’t like to be parted from my alien.” Who can argue with that? Guerin’s trust issues run deep when it comes to the one thing he views as a family heirloom and says he’d rather keep studying it himself.

Enter Sanders, who talks some sense into Michael when he admits he’s unwilling to trust Alex with this. “That’s what it means to walk through this crazy little thing called life with someone, kid. Venturing into new territory.”

There’s nothing like a hard truth pep talk to get through to Michael Guerin. He wastes no time asking Alex to come back over and take the console to Deep Sky so they can get some real answers. “I thought that this console was my way home, a place I have dreamt of my entire life. Now I realize you are my home.” Alex promises to take care of his dreams and his heart. Michael even makes them matching necklaces from the first piece of alien glass he ever found because the pieces “want to be together.” (Excuse me while I sob over the beautiful writing and delivery of this entire scene!)

Bonnie and Clyde on the Run

Cam and Max are hot on their trail with Dallas’ help who swings by the crime scene (if the flirty eyes between Dallas and Cam are any indication, we might be setting sail with a new ship soon). Dallas points out that the base of a smashed lamp is missing, so whatever was taken must be incredibly important if they broke into a bank for it.

Meanwhile with things in the works, Bonnie and Clyde are on a road trip of sorts as they wait for further instructions about the lost relic. They decide to partake in what Earth has to offer, like patty melts and fries. Clyde is extremely critical but Bonnie is all vibes, just here for a good time while they have the chance to enjoy it. With their power to wipe people’s minds, it makes tracking their whereabouts that much more difficult.

The big confrontation finally happens at Grant Green’s bazaar, where Bonnie and Clyde believe their lost relic is likely to be. Clyde is thrilled when he sees Max who he believes is Jones and tells him they are working on collecting what he asked for. Max slips up though and Clyde throws him over a car and makes a quick getaway with Bonnie. Now, they know there are at least three aliens they must find.

Anatsa Becomes a Problem

Kyle catches Anatsa sneaking away from a hospital room where the bank robbery patients are being monitored. She tells him that it’s odd that no one can remember anything, and Kyle realizes quickly her snooping is going to be an issue. He texts Isobel who shows up to the hospital in her new Crashdown uniform of all things. Kyle fills her in and reminds her that even a white lie is still a lie in a relationship. She’s going to have to do something to put Anatsa off the scent which is going to be difficult considering she’s good at her job.

She’s also on the aliens’ trail and decides to confront Max who has had enough of her casual attitude. He reminds her that he’s the Sheriff, not the brother of her girlfriend when he’s working. As he says it, Anatsa spots Bonnie over his shoulder and runs off to confront her but Isobel stops her.

Later, Isobel is forced to mindscape Anatsa later that night and asks her to stop chasing the story. She’s torn over having to do that to Anatsa and leaves after she realizes the suggestion worked and Anatsa will now be safe.

The Last Five Minutes

The CW

The last five minutes of Roswell is always filled with a quick flash of many characters to give an idea of what’s to come and these final moments were no different. Max and Liz have a heart-to-heart where he questions his newfound power and she promises to help him as much as she can.

Cam coincidentally meets Dallas at the Crashdown where he turns down her interests. She does tell him he did a great job helping them investigate and that the pod squad is lucky to have him. Meanwhile, at the Wild Pony, Isobel sees Kyle across the place with the intent to talk to him only to see he’s on a date with a woman he met at the hospital earlier in the day. She looks upset and backs out of there quickly.

Finally, the most upsetting moment sees Alex heading outside of Roswell where the locusts have been spotted. He gets out of the car to follow them but is suddenly pulled down into the sand. Tezca stands behind him forcing him lower as he realizes she’s not a friend. She sinks him all the way down and he’s gone. At Michael’s, the glass begins to glow.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage of the show here including recaps, synopses, and episodic photos as they become available.

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