Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 17 “Torn”


Walker returns from a hiatus to dive right into the rest of season 2, as we head into the last few episodes before the season finale on June 23. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode!

Twyla and Cordell

Twyla and Cordell are together as Cordell is trying to help her find a place to live. Denise calls Cordell and tells them both to come in. She needs them to go undercover to try to take down the person who is trying to take over Serano’s territory.

Cordell, Twyla and Cassie go to a horse auction where things are going down, and Twyla helps capture the man who gets surrounded by the Rangers.

Twyla and Cordell end up spending a lot of time together afterward and end up sleeping with each other.

Later, Cordell shows up with flowers for Twyla and talks about starting a relationship with her.

Geri is at the Side Step when Cordell arrives, and she tells him she saw him and Twyla. She also tells him about telling his kids about him and Twyla. Later, Cordell is at the Side Step with Augie, and Twyla comes by. She apologizes to Augie for all the hurt she caused, and Cordell starts to try to ease Augie into Twyla being around. However, Augie blurts out that the family is good and he’s glad they didn’t say they were dating; which Twyla backs up and Cordell looks hurt and confused. Twyla later tells Cordell that it isn’t going to work out.

Cordell arrives at Twyla’s place the next day to see all of her things gone. He panics and calls it in that she’s gone. He ends up finding out Cassie was with Twyla, and Twyla tells him that she requested a transfer to the DA, and they’re transferring her away. They get one final hug and say goodbye.

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Geri and Denise

Geri tries to reach out to Denise, but Denise keeps giving her the cold shoulder. Geri arrives at Denise’s office later, and the two talk. Denise says all she can see with Geri is Frank, who murdered her father. Geri goes on to explain they were both victims, and the two agree to get drinks.

Geri and Denise are laughing and drinking at the Side Step, when Geri sees the Boar head on the wall. She says, “It’s time,” and she gets up and removes it. It was a gift from Emily Walker, and so Geri takes it down and puts it in storage.

A Love Triangle

Augie and Stella arrive at school and see Todd. Augie tells Stella he needs to tell Todd about how she feels about Colton. As they go to approach him, Stella says she needs to talk, but Todd tells her he got into the same college as her. Stella decides to talk later and puts it off.

Stella finds Colton and asks if it’s true what he feels for her. The two talk and get close, as Todd sees them. Everyone is in the gym when Todd sees Stella staring at Colton. Todd throws a basketball at Colton and hits him, and Todd says, “bad shot.” However, when Colton turns away, Todd throws it at him again. Colton then tackles Todd and the two get into a fight. Trey comes to break it up, and Todd accidentally ends up hitting him in the face.

Trey takes the boys and talks to them, and Todd tells him it was his fault. Trey realizes it’s about Stella and asks them to shake hands and squash it. Todd talks more to Trey about Stella and Colton, and Trey tells him about his breakup.

Stella and Todd finally talk, and Stella tells Todd they can’t be together. She also tells him she can’t lie in saying Colton isn’t involved. The two end on okay terms, saying they’ll see each other at college.

Stella tells Colton she broke up with Todd. They talk about the peace between their families, and they both say how much they like each other before Colton kisses Stella.

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Trey, School, and The Rangers

Trey talks to Cassie as she boxes, and Captain James walks in. He tells Trey they want him to work with the Rangers full-time but Trey asks for time to think as he loves working at the school.

Trey arrives at the station and tells Captain James he still has work to do at the school, but makes a proposition. He says that once the school year is over and the seniors have graduated, he’ll come work for them full-time. After he leaves, Captain James gets on the phone and says he found someone to fill the open Ranger position… could this mean Trey will become a Ranger?!

The Race Isn’t Over

Cordell is later home when Liam comes in, and they talk about Liam’s date with Ben. However, the conversation takes a turn when Cordell brings up a thought about the Davidsons cheating in the race.

Walker airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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