‘Stranger Things’ Releases Episode Clip and Makes Season Split Announcement


With only seven days left until the premiere of season 4, Stranger Things decided to give fans a teaser. The hit show released the beginning eight minutes of the first episode from their newest season.

The clip begins like any other picture perfect day, the sun is shining and a paper boy is delivering the morning news. We see someone getting dressed, rather meticulously. It is revealed the person is Dr. Brenner, also known as Eleven’s Papa. A title card lets viewers know what we are seeing happened in 1979, before season 1. Hawkins Lab is busy with children being observed and tested, but a certain number is absent. Viewers follow Dr. Brenner and ten as they complete a test of the child’s skills.

Suddenly screaming is heard and the door blows in knocking Brenner unconscious. He wakes to a grizzly scene, what seems to be every child and scientists has been killed. One lone child stands back to the audience covered in blood. We hear Brenner ask the child, “what have you done?” When the child turns we get the shocking reveal that it is Eleven.

This teaser clip has just made fans even more excited for the premiere of season 4r, volume one, on May 27. Also announced was which episode will be the splitting of the seasons. Volume one will end with the seventh episode and be available to stream on May 27. Volume two will be two episodes long, and will premiere July 1.

You can catch up on all past seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix. If you would like to watch the trailer for season 4, it is available here. Make sure to follow Nerds & Beyond to stay up to date!

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