‘Kung Fu’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “Destruction”

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This week on Kung Fu, “Destruction” seems to be quite an apt title as relationships and plans alike are threatened and seem to crumble. Read on to find out what happened in this week’s episode of Kung Fu.

The doctor becomes the patient

Ryan is rushed into the hospital and goes into surgery. The Shens rush into the hospital looking for information. Nicky blames herself for dragging Ryan and the rest of her family into her mission. Henry tries to comfort her before receiving a phone call from his father. After questioning her about what happened, Nicky reveals what Xiao told her about Mia being dangerous and how she wanted Ryan to watch Mia even though she didn’t believe it. The Shens are obviously upset at Nicky keeping this important information from them, and it even seems like they blame Nicky for Ryan getting hurt.

Henry returns from the phone call with his father. The Wan Zei completed their mission to find the extraction ritual in Ireland. They may still have a way to stop Tan. Nicky sends him away to go help his dad and an obviously conflicted Henry eventually goes. The doctor comes out and tells the family that they removed the bullet, but Ryan’s still unconscious, having lost a lot of blood, and sustained damage to one of his lungs. Later in his hospital room, Nicky tries to tearfully reassure Mei-Li that Ryan will pull through and that she’ll make sure justice comes to Tan, but the family is still obviously upset with her. Althea gently suggests that Nicky should leave.

Evan visits Nicky at Henry’s apartment and comforts her. He says he spoke with Althea, and that he thinks Mei-Li just needs some pace. He urges her to take care of herself while they wait to hear about Ryan, but she’s worried about finding Mia. Evan is doing what he can to find her, but Nicky already suspects she’s with Zhilan. She’s determined to keep Zhilan from using Mia to murder Tan. Taking Evan’s suggestion to meditate, Xiao appears to Nicky and taunts her about being right about Mia.

Althea and Dennis go to fetch the family snacks, and Althea breaks down. She feels bad about kicking Nicky out, her employees keep contacting her, and she’s overwhelmed with worry about Ryan, keeping busy so she doesn’t feel it. Dennis comforts her and takes her phone, telling her to be with the family. Althea walks in on Jin trying to comfort Mei-Li, who is blaming herself for Ryan’s injury. She says she stopped holding onto the family so tight and let them take too many risks.

Jin calls Nicky to update her on Ryan, who hasn’t improved, but cuts the conversation short before Nicky can get many words in. His emotions overtake him for a second, but he reigns it back in, trying to be strong for the rest of his family. Sebastian rushes into Ryan’s room, distraught. Mei-Li realizes he and Ryan are involved and invites him to stay.

While the rest of the Shens are asleep, Sebastian confesses to a still unconscious Ryan that he wasn’t planning on staying in SF long before they met and how much he’s come to care for him. He ends his speech with a love confession and begs him to wake up. Mei-Li awakens and hears everything. Ryan squeezes Sebastian’s hand. He alerts the family, who is overjoyed as Ryan wakes up.

The Shens fret around Ryan as Nicky arrives. All seems to be forgiven with her. He seems to be doing a lot better, joking about being able to say he’s been shot by an evil billionaire (he’s filled Sebastian in on what’s going on). Ryan tells her what happened wasn’t her fault — or Mia’s. He asserts that they can’t give up on her: she’s family.

Tan’s Evil Plan: Continued

Juliette questions Russell about the shooting, but he says they’re in the clear to move on with the plan, having acquired the mallet. The final step: acquiring Mia. Juliette explains there’s been a kink in another part of their plans concerning acquiring a company called Zindle — a search engine that Russell only wants for the land beneath the company’s headquarters. The seller, Eric Pascal — an influential man in the tech industry — has concerns, and Juliette doesn’t want to get on his bad side — thinking about Tan’s company she’s set to inherit. She wants to know Russell’s full plan. He acquiesces to a meeting with Pascal.

After the events with Zhilan and Mia, Juliette is still MIA, and Russell is not happy. He tells his security team that they will find her and bring her home to him. Zhilan and Mia deposit a screaming Juliette into a chair back at their hideout. Zhilan asks what Mia wishes to do to Juliette. Mia ominously responds, “we use her” before the screen cuts to black.

Going dark side

Zhilan continues to goad Mia into going after Russell Tan. She’s seen picking up a gun and telling Zhilan she’s ready.

Zhilan and Mia spar. Mia thinks its pointless, but Zhilan says they need to wait for the right moment. Zhilan ups the stakes, pulling out a knife and bests Mia, pulling back before actually stabbing her. Accessing some of her anger, flashing back to Mei-Xue and Ryan getting shot by Tan, Mia then pins Zhilan with the knife to her throat. She apologizes, but Zhilan encourages her, saying to never apologize. Zhilan’s surveillance software beeps. Tan is on the move and it’s time.

Zhilan and Mia set up road spikes to catch Tan and his convoy. Zhilan goes in guns a blazing. Mia seems on board until the action starts. A guy crawls towards her and asks for help, but Zhilan knifes him in the back. They open the car door to find… Juliette. They take her from the car, but Mia collapses as the ritual begins. Zhilan chooses to let Juliette escape and stays by a collapsed Mia. As Nicky smashes the stone and Mia recovers, Tan’s men arrive to track them and Juliette down. Mia is determined to find Juliette despite her head start.

Bye Bye Wan Zei

Daniel argues with Yuen about bringing Henry in on the mission with the recovered ritual the Amhran Na Bainte. Yuen tells him she doesn’t trust Henry. Having gained information from spying on him, Yuen tells Daniel about Mia and how Nicky and Henry have been hiding her from him. She doesn’t trust they’ll do what needs to be done as she ominously speaks of side effects and consequences from the upcoming ritual.

Henry joins them to prepare for the ritual, which will strip the power from all Jyu Sa, the bell, the mallet — everything. Daniel needs his help convincing Nicky. Coming back from meeting his dad, Henry reveals to Nicky that completing the ritual would strip the world of all Jyu Sa power. The warrior and guardian bloodlines will cease to exist and Nicky would lose all of her power and give up her destiny. Obviously still in a bad headspace from what’s going on with Ryan, Nicky agrees, saying that her legacy isn’t a gift, it’s a curse. If she can stop Tan, save Mia, and save the world, she’s in.

Meeting up at the Wan Zei’s bunker of operations, Yuen, Daniel, Nicky, and Henry agree to do the ritual at sundown. The only thing they still need is some Jyu Sa, which Henry questions. The Jyu Sa should act as a conduit for all Jya Sa energy, sucking it out and containing it in the stone. The Wan Zei will then guard it to make sure no one uses it. Henry again asks if she’s sure but Nicky insists she’s made up her mind.

Going home to retrieve the stone, Xiao appears to Nicky, telling her that she’s throwing away her birthright. Nicky doesn’t care, but The Alchemist also reveals that Mia’s existence as a hybrid is bound to the Jyu Sa, and completing the ritual will kill her.

Back at the library, Nicky tells Henry she’s out and doesn’t want to do the ritual anymore. He questions why and she tells him about what Xiao said. She doesn’t trust Daniel and Yuen, thinking they’re hiding something from them and snaps at him to call it off. Henry is upset, as he always supports Nicky even when he thinks she’s doing the wrong thing. He reminds her that he thought she should have told Mia about Suyin and the possibility that she would follow suit. Henry tells Nicky that he doesn’t need to be her equal when they’re fighting, but he does need to feel like an equal when it comes to making decisions in their relationship and partnership.

Nicky is upset Henry’s held back that he feels this way for so long and that he’s telling her this now with everything she’s got going on. She storms out the library. As she’s leaving, distracted and crying, Yuen and some other members of the Wan Zei shoot her with a dart that knocks her out. She wakes to Henry being thrown into a room in the Wan Zei’s compound; they’re both tied up. Yuen predicted Nicky would get cold feet and so she stole the Jyu Sa. Henry asks if Daniel was in on this. Yuen just raises her eyebrows and walks away.

In the forest, Daniel calls Henry, wondering where he is as the ritual is about to start. Yuen arrives and lies about how she got the Jyu Sa from a backup source, stating Nicky and Henry probably just got cold feet and they couldn’t wait on them. Henry cuts himself and Nicky free with his pocket knife, but Nicky can already feel them starting the ritual. The pair rushes to the ritual site. Henry tells Daniel about what Yuen did. Yuen is adamant that they need to complete the ritual and fulfill the original mission of the Wan Zei to destroy the bell.

Daniel urges them to find a peaceful solution, but fighting breaks out. Nicky is weakened, but still a capable warrior, and wrestles with the Wan Zei and Yuen to stop it. With the help of Henry and a last-minute assist from Daniel (who stops Yuen from trying to STAB Nicky), Nicky smashes the Jyu Sa and releases the energy back into the world.

In the car, Henry tries to apologize to Nicky, saying he never should have trusted the Wan Zei. Nicky cuts him off, saying he was right about her behavior. She confesses that whenever they’re under pressure, she feels like she has to be responsible for whatever happens so its all on her, but recognizes that’s not fair to Henry. The two make up and share a sweet kiss before Nicky receives the call that Ryan woke up.

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