‘Kung Fu’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 9 “The Enclave”


As Nicky plots to keep Russell Tan from ringing the bell and destroying San Francisco, Mia wrestles with her newfound destiny. A shocking ending could change the Kung Fu universe forever — but which character’s life is in peril? Read on to find out as the Shen family infiltrates “The Enclave”!

Taking Back What’s His

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Tan shares with Juliette that he can’t officially be in the Inner Sanctum until he passes a series of tests, which is why he wanted Fitz’s manuscript. Juliette quizzes Tan on the answers from his book so he can impress at the exclusive gala that will seal his membership. But unbeknownst to Tan, the white elite have no intention of letting him into the Inner Sanctum. They only wanted his concessions in China. They start the initiation expecting him to fail since none of them gave him the answers needed to be inducted, but the book has given him the insights he needs to pass. They begrudgingly let him in.

In a delicious moment that will leave fans wondering, “Did I just agree with the man who want to turn San Francisco into rubble?”, Tan then refuses to give back the mallet. He correctly points out that this ancient Chinese artifact should never have been in the hands of a bunch of rich white men in the first place. Tan has sent his private security team to all of the members’ homes and they are ready to strike. If any of the Inner Sanctum members try to stop him, he will unleash Fitz’s expose on the world. It’s a moment of triumph for the villain, until Nicky and Henry step in …

Pursuing Passions

Mei-Li is onboard immediately with Althea’s plan to have Harmony Dumplings cater the event as their way into the gala (more on that later), but she is stunned when the director of cuisine responsible for vetting the caterers turns out to be Roy Lorenzo, a famous food writer. Meanwhile, Henry and Jin have a heart to heart as Jin shares the story of how he immigrated to the U.S. and was forced to give up his dream of pursuing art. This mission is giving him the chance to explore his talents once again. We get a hilarious montage of Mei-Li and Jin working on their projects.

Roy arrives early, forcing Althea to stall while Mei-Li panics. But all the worry is for nothing as he loves Mei-Li’s dish (though she now has to make 2,000 copies). Jin and Henry go to Victor for help getting a rare silk they need for the replica. Jin gently asks Victor if they can use the fabric from a family heirloom, confessing that it will destroy the artifact to do so. Victor trusts Jin, so he hands it over.

Blood on the Dance Floor

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Henry and Nicky discuss Tan’s plan as he makes her breakfast in bed (best boyfriend ever?). He pushes her to tell Mia the truth about her destiny, but Nicky wants to bring Mia a win to soften the blow first. Henry found a news article that mentions the mallet. It is only brought out at an annual masquerade gala for the Inner Sanctum. They have three days to sneak into the gala and stop him.

The group plots to replace the original mallet with a replica. While Evan and Althea both have reservations given the exclusivity of the event, Althea suggests she and Dennis may be able to get tickets. But the mallet is a trickier question, and Nicky suggests the unthinkable: bringing in Mei-Li and Jin. Jin takes the news better than expected, agreeing to help as long as Mei-Li is made aware. Nicky puts Mia on lookout duty, which only makes Mia even more conflicted about her role.

Mia tries on a ballgown as Nicky tries to connect with her. Mia broaches the idea of just having her kill Tan, reasoning that since he’s after her, she can end this. She also lets Nicky know that she is aware of the prophecy and feels betrayed that Nicky didn’t tell her before Zhilan. She’s worried Nicky doesn’t believe in her, but Nicky insists that Mia can choose her own path. Nicky shares the truth about the prophecy with Ryan so that he can keep an eye on Mia, worrying that her nature will overcome her. But Nicky doesn’t realize Mia has overheard it all, only missing the part where Nicky calls Mia a good person.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Evan and Althea head to the gala as guests while the rest of the family works in the kitchen. Nicky and Henry dress up to pose as invited guests, using their Mandarin to convince the (majority white) rich guests that they’re “Chinese money.” Mia spots Tan from across the room and is unnerved, clearly conflicted about sticking with the plan.

Henry and Nicky go after the mallet while Mia and Ryan talk. She’s scared of what will happen once the plan succeeds, fearing she’ll lose her place in the family. While the initiation ceremony goes on, the duo swap the mallet. But they accidentally interrupt the ceremony after Tan takes over, and he realizes something is off. The Inner Sanctum call security, and Nicky and Henry are forced to fight off the team themselves while Ryan tries to tip her off about what’s coming.

Mia wants to jump in and help, but Ryan urges her to stay out of it. Mia sees Tan fleeing the scene and sees her chance to be a hero, ditching Ryan. Ryan alerts Nicky, who rushes after Mia and Tan. But when Mia confronts Tan, thinking he won’t hurt her because he needs her, Ryan is the one to reach her first. Tan shoots him in the chest as Mia sobs, believing she has lost her family forever now. Nicky reaches a gravely injured Ryan as Mia runs.

Mia goes to Zhilan, in agony at what she perceives to be her failing to protect Ryan and thinking he’s dead. Zhilan tells Mia she did the right thing and that between the two of them, they will kill Russell Tan.

Kung Fu airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find our other coverage of the series here!

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