Tuesday, March 21, 2023

‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Adds Bruce Greenwood To Cast

TELEVISIONNETFLIX'The Fall of the House of Usher' Adds Bruce Greenwood To Cast

After a big casting change for Netflix’s upcoming Edgar Allan Poe adapted series The Fall of the House of Usher earlier this month, Bruce Greenwood has been announced as a new addition to the cast. Greenwood replaces Frank Langella as Roderick Usher, the firm patriarch of the Usher family.

The limited series, inspired by the works of Poe, receives its title from the short story of the same name originally published in 1893. While details on the series are scarce in its beginning, Netflix did announce that the series will tell its story across eight episodes. Mike Flanagan, the genius behind other terrifying Netflix series such as Midnight Mass, describes the limited series as a “modern remix” of some of Poe’s most well-known stories.

Flanagan will be the writer for the fifth series under Intrepid Films for Netflix following the success of The Haunting of Hill HouseThe Haunting of Bly ManorMidnight Mass, and upcoming series The Midnight Club. In addition to writing, Flanagan will direct half of the series’ episodes, with frequent collaborator Michael Fimognari directing the other half. Trevor Macy will serve as executive producer.

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You can follow along with our House of Usher coverage here, including previous casting announcements to check out the impressive ensemble.

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