Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 15 “Bygones”

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A familiar face returned in tonight’s episode of Walker, and Cassie and Cordell get to work on a case. Let’s dive in!

Hawk’s Shadow and a Visit From An Old Friend

Cassie and Cordell are scoping out a suspect as they watch Hawk’s Shadow, a 90s show. Cordell tells Cassie Geri is on a girl’s trip with Denise and Gale.

The suspect comes out of the building, accused of being involved in a cryptocurrency crime. He runs, but Cassie and Cordell chase him. He runs into a building, and the two go around the back as he runs out and Cassie and Cordell catch him. Cassie yells, “CA-CAW” like the show as she takes him down.

Cordell arrives back to the station, and Larry tells them about the case, and that the middle man is Eric Davies, Twyla’s ex-husband. As they’re talking about it, Twyla is brought in to help with the case. Larry tells her if she helps, they’ll vouge for her with her parole. She tells them where they can find him, but Cassie recommends sending Twyla in, too.

Twyla and Cordell go to find Eric at the Country Club. He hands her a purse with a microphone and a burner phone with her old number. Cassie is inside posing as a bartender. The two arrive and see Eric sitting at a table, and they talk privately with him. Cordell tells him they want in with the crypto scam. Eric tries to say that Twyla and Cordell are a thing, and that, “if they can’t be honest with themselves, they can’t be honest with him.” He walks away, but Twyla gets up and says let her handle it. She goes to talk to him, but leaves her purse with Cordell and doesn’t have the mic on her. Cordell thinks she’s crossing them again, but she comes back and says that Eric is in, and will text her details of a meeting later.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cassie pulls Cordell aside and asks if his being suspicious about Twyla is because of feeling betrayed by Geri. She tells him his feelings are clouding his judgment. Twyla’s burner phone goes off, and Eric arranges the meeting. They want cash, though, not crypto in exchange for counterfeit money. Cassie asks if she trusts him, and he says of course.

Cordell and Twyla arrive at the meeting spot, and Cassie arrives with the bag that has the money and a tracker in it. Twyla asks Cordell why he always thinks the worst of her, and he says he doesn’t, and he meant to visit her in prison. Eric and a few men arrive at the meeting spot. Twyla hands him the bag of money. Eric takes Twyla and holds her with a gun to her face. He takes Cordell and Cassie’s guns, too. Eric lets go like it’s a scam, and she tells him that she’s running with Eric off into the sunset. One of Eric’s men finds the tracking device in the money bag. Twyla has the gun, before she leans back and hits Eric over the head, giving Cordell and Cassie enough time to take down the other men. Twyla gets up, saying she’s good before she and Cassie “CA-CAW!”

Larry, Trey, and Augie

Larry is seen having lunch with his ex-wife, Kelly, and it’s revealed they’ve been seeing each other again. She asks about going on a vacation in the summer, and he isn’t sure what to say. She starts to talk but he tells her he knows he needs to be more present.

Larry goes to the Side Step and talks to Trey as they play darts, and Augie comes over. The three of them talk about girl problems.

The three of them later go to a rage room, where they have tools and get to smash things. Trey tells Larry when he’s swinging to yell about his day, and he yells about yogurt. Then, he starts to get deeper about his day. The three finish in the rage room, and Larry tells him he thinks some of the Rangers could use his help with his anger management techniques.

Larry meets for much again with Kelly and tells her that law enforcement isn’t just a job, it’s who he is. They talk about the vacation, and he said he should have told her that the thought of that vacation made him feel whole again. He asks if she’s still in, and she grabs his hand and says yes.

Twyla and Cassie walk out of the courthouse and she thanks Cassie for speaking on her behalf as she’s released on parole. Cassie tells Twyla that Cordell can, “be a big old dummy sometimes, but he means well.” Twyla makes her way over to Cordell, who is sitting on a bench nearby. He apologizes, saying he should have trusted her more.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Walkers

Abeline, Bonham, and Liam are looking at a new Ranch, but nothing is coming up in their search. Stella’s on the stairs in the rental house when she gets an email that she was accepted into college. She tells them she hasn’t heard back yet. She also lies to Abeline saying she’s going to hang out with Todd, but we see her tell Todd she’s with the family.

Stella is next seen with Colton and they’re walking together on the Walker, now Davidson, ranch. Colton tells Stella his Dad tore down a fence between the pastures. Stella notices hemlock on the side of the road which can be poisonous to horses. She’s concerned about the fence being torn down leading to more. Colton runs to call Dan, while Stella calls Bonham.

Bonham races up to the ranch to find Colton, Stella, and Dan. They work together to clean up all the hemlock. Dan tries to make small talk, asking Bonham about his cancer treatments. Dan also shares that he lost his parents to cancer. Dan tries to ask Bonham for help with the ranch, and Bonham says not in a million years. Bonham does say that “since he’s an idiot” he’ll come back out and help.

Bonham sees an email on Stella’s phone from the college and asks her if she got in. She tells him, yes, and she says with everything going on, it doesn’t seem like great timing. Bonham says she’s gotta tell her Dad, no matter what she decides to do.

Walker airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW. If you miss it, you can watch it on The CW app starting the next day.

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