Sony Confirms Third ‘Venom’ Film

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Sony Pictures

Eddie Brock and Venom aren’t finished yet.

Today, during CinemaCon, Sony unveiled a sizzle reel to showcase upcoming projects and confirmed that another Venom film is on the roster. No additional information has been revealed about it yet at this time.

The Venom film franchise follows the escapades of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a journalist that accidentally becomes the perfect host for the alien symbiote Venom. The second film, Let There Be Carnage, finally made its way to theaters last October after an array of pandemic-related delays. It saw Eddie and Venom take on a new threat: the symbiote Carnage and its host, serial killer Cletus Kasady.

However, the last time that audiences saw Eddie Brock and Venom was actually during Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s mid-credits scene, which picked up where the credits scene of Let There Be Carnage left off. The two briefly found themselves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at which point Eddie decided that he wanted to go and have a chat with Peter Parker. Before he could do so, Doctor Strange’s spell kicked in and sent him back to his own universe … leaving a tiny piece of Venom on top of the bar in the MCU.

It remains to be seen what glorious adventures Eddie and Venom will get up to in the upcoming third film in the Venom franchise.

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